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James Gunn and co on Guardians of the Galaxy 2

The Guardians of the Galaxy crew did a watchalong of the second movie just like I wanted, and it was at 2am my time. Aw no. But, just like last time, I decided to put all the most substantive tweets together!


James Gunn and co on Guardians of the Galaxy 1

Apparently there was a watch-along of the first GOTG yesterday and James Gunn and the cast shared some stuff! I missed it all being in the wrong timezone and all, but here’s the highlights! I had a blast reading them, I hope they do Vol 2 next.

(Awww. :( )

I really don’t like that Quill ran out on his grandparents, never have, but it does make for good fanfiction fodder I guess. I doubt they were close.


MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

I had an absolute blast reading this. I DO want a Ravager spin-off SO DAMN BADLY and also that “jerk-off” line should have been in the movie.

Toni Watches:

Well if it isn’t the Guardians of the Galaxy, back for another funny, action-packed comedy adventure, shockingly rooted in deep, painful and beautiful emotion. On a scale of 1 to MY HEART EXPLODED, how awesome was it to see the gang again? The sequel was highly anticipated after the success of the original, which, let’s be honest, was a bit of a gamble in itself.

Sequels are hard, especially when the original was so beloved. But, Vol 2 knocked it out of the park, bringing us everything we have come to expect from this rag-tag group of lovable dickheads.

AND it solved the mystery of Quill’s parentage!

The movie began with a peek into the whirlwind romance of Peter’s parents, with her being awesome and him being CGI. He showed her a glowing flower-type thing in the forest (I’m sure it’s nothing), and then they made out a bunch.


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Happy International Women’s Day!

To celebrate the occasion, here’s some of my favourite ladies from fiction!

Row 1: Amy Pond (Doctor Who), Sephy Hadley (Noughts and Crosses), Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy/MCU), Rose Tico (Star Wars), Elsa (Frozen/Disney), Melissa Chartres (The Last Man on Earth)

Row 2: Eowyn (The Lord of the Rings/Middle Earth), Quinn Ergon (Final Space), The Thirteenth Doctor (Doctor Who), Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time), Jane Foster (Thor/MCU), Amy Santiago (Brooklyn 99)

Row 3: Brook Soso (Orange is the New Black), Nebula (Guardians of the Galaxy/MCU), Erica Dundee (The Last Man on Earth), Kitty Winter (Sherlock Holmes), Rose Tyler (Doctor Who), Briony Tallis (Atonement)

Row 4: Meredith Quill (Guardians of the Galaxy/MCU), Missandei (Game of Thrones), Rey (Star Wars), Donna Noble (Doctor Who), Carol Pilbasian (The Last Man on Earth), Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame/Disney)

Row 5: Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones), Ash Graven (Final Space), Tiana (The Princess and the Frog/Disney), Sophia Burset (Orange is the New Black), Misty (Pokemon), Clara Oswald (Doctor Who)

Row 6: Bill Potts (Doctor Who), Mary Brown (Paddington), Mako Mori (Pacific Rim), Gwen Stacy (Spider-Man), Jackie Tyler (Doctor Who), Ursula Ditkovich (Spider-Man)

Row 7: Yaz Khan (Doctor Who), Mary Jane Watson (Spider-Man), Marceline (Adventure Time), Michelle (10 Cloverfield Lane,), Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow/MCU), Mantis (Guardians of the Galaxy (MCU)

Row 8: Eponine Thenardier (Les Miserables), Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls), Sandra Kaluiokalani (Superstore), Padme Amidala (Star Wars), Martha Jones (Doctor Who), Jasmine (Aladdin/Disney)

Row 9: Beru Whitesun (Star Wars), Nakia (Black Panther/MCU), Diana (Wonder Woman), Chummy Browne (Call the Midwife), Rosa Diaz (Brooklyn 99), Leia Organa (Star Wars)

Older stuff

Over the past few days I’ve been archiving lots of older stuff (from the bits of my old tumblr/twitter/facebook that the Internet Wayback Machine caught.) After all, the clue’s in the OVERLY DEVOTED Archivist name. So I thought I might post links to some choice older nonsense here, meticulously labelled, for your viewing pleasure.

Les Miserables

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Guardians of the Galaxy

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Snippets of interesting stuff from the GOTG Vol 2 commentary (2017)
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Attn: MCU on Harry Osborn (2015)
On Parksborn (2014)
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Old But Surprisingly Good Fanfiction

What’s Left Of You (GOTG)
Goodnight (GOTG)
The First Casualty (Star Wars)
Pretty Dresses (Star Wars)
Humanity in the Abstract (Adventure Time)
Don’t Ruin It (Steven Universe AND Les Miserables! Yes really.)


Guardians of the Galaxy: Dream On (2017)

(thanks for enriching my life with this, anon!)



I know these last few months have been hard for you, and I know it’s because of the special bond that we share. But I’m going to a better place and I will be okay and I will always be with you. You are the light of my life, my precious son, my little Star-Lord.

Love, Mom.


Guardians of The Galaxy (2014 // Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

I do think Peter Quill’s trauma tends to be a bit overlooked in fandom. When you realise how long the list of traumatic things is, and how many of those things are discomfortingly realistic I guess, it kind of… jumps out at you. (trigger warnings: child abuse , child murder and some discussion of rape. spoiler warnings: Infinity War.)

  • Peter was born to Meredith, a human woman, and in GOTG Vol 2 he learns his father was a god called Ego. Ego not only killed millions of Peter’s half-siblings throughout the past millennia, he also killed Meredith when he realised he’d grown to love her too much. (Remind you of anything?) Peter had to watch his mother die of the cancer neither of them knew Ego had given her.
  • The circumstances of Peter’s conception are… I think it’d be fair to say they’re the sort of thing that would haunt you. Meredith had a consenting romantic relationship with Ego and got pregnant with Peter, but Ego neglected to tell her what he really was (beyond “a spaceman”), what he planned to do with her planet, or what he planned to do with her child. Especially considering how young Meredith was – in the opening scene of GOTG Vol 2 the script gives her age as 18; she might have been even younger when she first encountered Ego – she was utterly taken advantage of by him. I honestly don’t know if you’d call it rape by deception, but it seems to be not a million miles off. Meredith’s trauma feeds into Peter’s, too. Had something terrible not happened to her, his mother, he wouldn’t exist. It’s a horrible thing to think about.
  • Peter grew up a bullied kid, being picked on by schoolmates even as his mother was dying in hospital. Watching a parent slowly die of cancer is horrible at any age, and Peter was only eight.
  • Peter’s too scared to hold his mother’s hand as she dies, something that haunts him well into adulthood.
  • Immediately after Meredith dies, Peter is thrown into a world of cutthroat pirates and mercenaries. He can’t go home again, can’t see his grandparents again, and has to learn to steal to earn his keep. He grew up in a secure, safe place and now all that security has gone.
  • Yondu loved Peter, true, but up until the last few minutes of his life he was an awful father. He may have thought that “beating the crap out of [Peter] to teach him to fight” was thoughtful parenting, especially considering his own background, but honestly… it’s abuse.
  • Peter loved Yondu too, despite this, and then had to watch him freeze to death in the depths of space to save him.
  • Ego not only killed Peter’s mother and millions of half-siblings that he’ll never know, he tortures Peter as well. At the same time he starts using Peter as “a battery”, he’s killing people all over the galaxy. In addition to whatever pain being used as a battery causes, Peter might have seen or even felt all those people die.
  • After Ego turns to dust in his hands, Peter closes his eyes and accepts his own death, and would have met it if Yondu hadn’t saved him.
  • The fact that out of millions of Ego kids, Peter was the only one
    who displayed the correct powers and was allowed to survive, that’s got
    to lead to some unbelievable survivor’s guilt. He’s essentially the last survivor of a horrible sort-of-eugenics program.
  • Finally, after all that, Peter embarks on a romantic relationship with Gamora. She dies (or, I fucking hope, ‘dies’) at the hands of her own megalomaniacal god-like father, because he decided he loved her so much that she was a worthy sacrifice. Just like Ego had done with Meredith, after he abused and hurt her and Peter couldn’t stop it. He couldn’t stop it this time either.

Y’know after Vol 2, there was a brief wave of people saying “God, Peter’s been through so much, it’s amazing he hasn’t completely snapped.” That one scene in Infinity War which people are calling him a villain or a man-child over? That was him snapping.

The fact that Meredith got a mention in Infinity War made me wanna finish writing that fanfic I planned exploring her life. I have total writer’s block, unfortunately, so this is all I have so far. I figured I should post it here just in case it’s all I ever have:

[Background: Meredith just found out she’s pregnant and has informed her parents and brother. Also, I too subscribe to that headcanon I keep forgetting isn’t canon, that “Jason” was probably the name on Ego’s driver’s license.]


“Who’s the father?”

“Jason,” Meredith said, although the name came out in such a panicked jumble that it sounded more like “j’son.”

“And where,” said her father, his hands noticeably quivering, “is Jason now?”

“I don’t know,” Meredith mumbled, thinking of the spaceship.

“What’s his last name?” her mother interjected.

She felt like she was standing on the outskirts of Hell as she looked at the floor and whispered “I don’t know that either.”

“Oh, Meredith,” said her mother. “You didn’t even…” She took a deep breath as if to compose herself. “I’m so disappointed,” she said. “So, so disappointed.”

Her father suddenly decisively took her mother’s hand and lead her into the other room.

“We’re gonna talk about this privately,” he said. “Stay there.”

Meredith had no idea why she wasn’t included in the “we’re”, but she clearly wasn’t gonna be for a while. Her father closed the door on her. Thomas spoke up for the first time.

“How old was he? Don’t say you don’t know.”

Meredith absolutely knew that one. And couldn’t say. “Thirty,” she muttered.

“Bastard,” Thomas said flatly.

For the next few minutes there was muffled conversation from behind the door, and Meredith stood still as a statue.

Her mother marched out first, and her father tried to hold her back, but she was having none of it.

“You’ll have an abortion.”

“That’ll go down mighty well with your church-going friends,” Meredith said.

“Don’t you dare be sarcastic to me. How can you want this kid? Are you insane?”

“Honey, it’s up to her,” said Meredith’s father, although he said it very quietly.

In a fair world Meredith’s life wouldn’t have hung on that decision, but it did. And it wasn’t. “I want the baby.”

Meredith’s mother pursed her lips.

“Are you sure?” her father asked, rather desperately.


“Do you want a baby,” he said, picking his words very carefully, “or do you want Jason’s baby?”

“I want my baby.” They were fightin’ words.

“You won’t want it in a few years,” her mother said, almost wringing her hands. “Hell, you won’t want it in a few months, when you start to show – you sure as God is my witness won’t want it when people stare at you on the street sayin’ there’s that little whore with the bastard child-“

“Mary!” Meredith’s father snapped.

“It’s not what I think! It’s what they’ll think!”

“Since when have you or I given a damn about what anyone else thinks, Mom?” Meredith asked. “Actually, if we’re doin’ questions, when d’ya think would be the right time to tell the kid his own grandmamma was callin’ him an “it” before he was even out the womb?”

Mary’s mouth opened and closed like a fish’s. It was almost funny.

“You think it’s a boy, huh?” Thomas said, speaking up before anyone else

“Just’a feeling.”