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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3

I am still not very mentally well but I did manage to see GOTG 3, a film I’ve waited so long for. It’s very, very good. (Spoilers from here on!) I admit I did really want Gamora’s Infinity War death to be “undone” in some way, I’m still bitter about that even after all this time, but at least she’s alive and has a family of her own and is on good terms with the Guardians now.

I REALLY REALLY LOVED that Gamora told Nebula “There are little girls like you all over the galaxy, we can help them” back in Vol 2 and this movie ended with both of them helping little girls escape a monstrous god-like being. OH my heart.

I have no idea what Adam Warlock is like in the comics, I gather nothing like how he is in this movie, but he was hilarious and I wish he was in the movie more. I have a newfound appreciation for Will Poulter’s comedy skills.

I loved Peter Quill in this movie, I have loved him in every GOTG movie despite him being played by Chris Pratt, and I’m very glad that he’s going to stick around in the MCU for a little bit. I really want him to be bisexual now like he is in the comics. Genuine suggestion: since there was that big and touching scene at the end of Adam Warlock saving his life, why not pair him up with Adam?

ALSO: Shout out to the taxi driver who drove us to the cinema who was a fellow theme park history enthusiast! That was super nice, I hadn’t had a fun conversation with a stranger for a while really.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special


I was looking so forward to this and, thank god, it didn’t disappoint. I was worried it would go all schmaltzy, as holiday specials tend to (I’m not really a big Christmas person so all the Cheer(tm) just bounces off me.) But it was lovely overall and it was so nice to see Mantis finally get her moment in the sun. Er, snow.

I liked that the Peter Quill rehabilitation tour is continuing! (not the Chris Pratt rehabilitation tour. Screw that guy.) When Kraglin called him the greatest hero in the galaxy my heart went all wibbly. Man, it’s so so hard loving Quill and hating Pratt, but what ya gonna do.

I did NOT like that Rocket’s fixation with Bucky’s arm was brought up again, even assuming Bucky gave it away willingly cos he got a new one or whatever, it’s a joke that has its roots in ableism and it really needs to die already.

About a month before this aired I learned Yondu was gonna be in it and I was like “???!?!?!” They managed to work him in there in a very pleasing and appropriate way, but I do wish they’d managed to do the same for Gamora somehow.

The big spoiler! Mantis has been Quill’s sister all along and that’s what a lot of the plot revolves around. It does fall a little flat if you’ve seen the behind-the-scenes stuff from GOTG Vol 2 and know that was supposed to be the idea right from the beginning, though. Here’s a little photoshop manipulation of Ego and Mantis’ mother that I did years ago, based on the deleted scene of them.

GOTG Vol 3 inches ever nearer. :) Hey maybe Mantis can learn more about her mother in that one.


I’m into thorquill specifically because I think it’s hilarious to stick it to chris pratt, but the more I think about it the more I’m on board. hear me out:

1. rivals to lovers

2. peter’s excited “here it comes” before thor gave his catchphrase

3. thor stalling as much as possible bc he wanted peter to tell him he loved him too

and, most importantly,

4. uncle peter

MCU fanfic: Peter and Peter

Man my fanfiction has been all about the Peters recently hasn’t it? This one stars Peter Parker but is actually about Peter Quill. There is no point in loving Quill because everyone on the internet and beyond loathes him, but I do it anyway.

Title: Peter and Peter
Fandom: MCU/Spider-Man/Guardians of the Galaxy
Summary: In the immediate aftermath of Tony Stark’s death, Peter Parker suddenly runs into a weird dude.

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