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Twelve Questions I Still Have About the Kindred Saga — harryosborn.net

It’s been several months now since the conclusion of Nick Spencer’s run on Amazing Spider-Man and the end of the Kindred Saga, as it’s called now. Am I still salty? Oh god I’m still salty. Here’s 12 questions I still have about the whole sorry show. Perhaps some of them will be answered one day? […]

Twelve Questions I Still Have About the Kindred Saga — harryosborn.net

I wrote this today! Guess the saltiness will last a good while yet.

Edge of Spider-Geddon #4: The one where Peter Parker actually (probably) is into guys

Edge of Spider-Geddon #4: The one where Peter Parker actually (probably) is into guys


Andrew Garfield said once,

“What if MJ is a dude? Why can’t we discover that Peter is exploring his sexuality? It’s hardly even groundbreaking! …So why can’t he be gay? Why can’t he be into boys?”

Well… not all that long ago a comic came out where it was hinted a version of Peter was into boys. Or one boy in particular.

Amazing Spider-Man #74

Perhaps you’ve been following my complete mental clusterfuck rage over this story. Nick Spencer’s last issue dropped yesterday, I read it today. And after all that… This godawful story ends on a horrible damp squib. It was depressing, it was pointless, it made no sense. Nothing made sense. It contradicted long-past stories and recent stories and itself.

My only solace is that Harry was never actually a demon after all, just suffering in hell. I know how he feels.

Spider-Man Lotus

Today the teaser trailer dropped for Spider-Man Lotus, a fan film project! It looks really good.

I’m absolutely OVERJOYED to finally have a live-action Harry who looks like his comic book counterpart! Love the shot of him standing in Times Square, which is one of my favourite places in the world. Love that MJ’s smoking, her counterpart in the mainstream films never got to do that. Love the suit! Love EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS in fact.

You can follow the creators on YouTube and Twitter if you wanna support them! I actually contributed a bit of money at the beginning and I think I made a good choice…


Venom vs the Green Goblins in Mini-Marvels

Norman Osborn and Harry Osborn work as the father and son team in this lighthearted Mini Marvels AU comic. Also, in this AU, Spider-Man and Venom work as paperboys when they are tasked in delivering newspapers to anyone. The Osborns attack the paperboy whom they mistook him for Spider-Man from a distance. Just as Harry Osborn charge in, he stops at his tracks when he realizes that he made a big mistake as this paperboy is not Spider-Man. It turns out to be Venom who is working as a substitute paperboy whenever Spider-Man is not around. This is also Venom’s first day as a paperboy and he’s trying very hard to deliver the newspaper but with little success. 

– Mini Marvels Ultimate Collection trade paperback