Uncanny Valley

When I was 17 I went to New York. It was one of the best experiences of my life! Unfortunately smartphones were yet to exist and all I had was a digital camera that held about 20 photos at a time. This here was one taken of me:

And obviously it’s super blurry! But here’s the thing, recently I learned of an app called Remini that tries to unblur images. So I ran this picture through that and did a bit of Photoshop and got this:

You can probably tell the app had to rebuild my eyes from scratch, right? And now whenever I look at the photo up close I get an uncanny-valley feeling because I know what my eyes look like and those aren’t my eyes. I mean, generally eyes are pretty much the same right? And yet I can tell, despite the face being okay, that the eyes came from a computer.

Though I suppose if you were a philosopher you could consider, when I look at a photo am I ever looking at my own eyes?


Some absolutely obscene, incomprehensible, I-can’t-believe-I’m-hearing-this scenes in London today.

Get your jab. Thank your doctor. Ostracize these people. I don’t really have much else to say, I’m in that state of appalled-ness where your brain just turns off. Also noting that unlike the Sarah Everard protest, seemingly no-one got smacked around by the police here.

Double jabbed

This time around things went much more smoothly. We were driven there by a very nice and helpful taxi driver, which is always good, and at the hospital there was barely any waiting at all.

I feel a bit nauseous and tired but that’s only to be expected. VERY glad I’m fully vaccinated, now go and get yours if you haven’t already!

The Descendants of Dido Elizabeth Belle — All Things Georgian

A question that is frequently asked is, ‘are any of Dido Elizabeth Belle’s descendants still alive?’ The answer in short is no. Today, I thought it worth providing a somewhat lengthy, but nevertheless potted genealogy, to explain how her family line died out. Be prepared, it’s not always an easy read in parts. At the […]

The Descendants of Dido Elizabeth Belle — All Things Georgian

Belle is one of my favourite movies, and here’s a fascinating post what happened after the credits rolled (so to speak.)

What A Tragic Waste!!! — Filosofa’s Word

I’ve made no secret of my feelings about millionaires and billionaires who hoard their wealth rather than using it to help people in need.  I’ve also made no secret of my feelings about space travel in this, the 21st century, but in case you missed it, I think it is a complete and total waste […]

What A Tragic Waste!!! — Filosofa’s Word

There is a part of me that still hopes, perhaps in some very far-off future humanity as a whole may have access to space. We’ll be able to fix the planet we live on and then (peacefully) take what we learned and head off to see what’s out there.

Jeff Bezos et al have alas disqualified themselves many times over from the phrase “humanity as a whole.”