Bobby Ball dies of COVID-19

Sigh… this is gonna be another week when it’s RIP notices all the way down, isn’t it? I used to watch Bobby Ball in Not Going Out, I’d always be sure to catch that show.

This really sucks. A horrible reminder of how serious COVID still is, I guess. I’ll just leave you with a clip from one of my favourite episodes.

RIP, DeOndra Dixon

She was Jamie Foxx’s sister who had Down’s Syndrome. I’ve seen some of the things she was involved in and she seemed so cool.

She was only 36, it’s such a damn shame. I feel so bad for the family.

world war K

I am LOVING the snark about Kim Kardashian’s latest inability to read the room!

But my FIRST THOUGHT upon reading her unintentionally hilarious tweet? “This is… this is literally a chapter of World War Z.

Drug-Addicted Socialist Hedgehogs

A absolutely wonderful Twitter thread sprung up a couple days ago, just as it was coming out how many Tories had voted for children to go hungry. Observe:

Nadine Dorries is pro feeding hedgehogs but not children. The reaction is… gosh it’s exactly what you’d hope for.

(Yep, pearls.)

Well, you get the idea.

You probably shouldn’t actually put food out for hedgehogs. My family did just that once and the poor hedgehogs just fell in the nearby fish pond and drowned. Bless ’em, they’re not smart animals. Though probably smarter than Nadine Dorries.

It’s 27th October

This time two years ago was a strange, strange night. First I heard the news coming in of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. I can’t remember the name of the shooter, it’s on Wikipedia but I forgot it the minute I clicked out, which is good.

I couldn’t stick around because we had prebooked tickets to a Halloween party. But on the way back through Leicester city suddenly there were all these sirens, far more than normal, enough to know something had gone horribly wrong. When we got back it turned out there had been a major helicopter crash.

So for a few days after that the whole city was grieving one bad thing and the whole world (it seemed) was grieving an entirely different bad thing. It was not a good time.

fourteen favourite shots: Titanic

I’ve been on a bit of a Titanic kick recently. I screencapped the movie and I remembered how utterly sad and fascinating I find that story.

I know the film gets a lot of flack but the performances! God the performances are so good. Kate Winslet says so much with just her eyes, see shots 3 and 4 for example. Also Jonathan Hyde’s acting as J. Bruce Ismay is so very underrated. The scene where he escapes the ship, ahead of people who deserved it more… oh man. That’s one of my favourite parts of the movie.

Also how great is the fading transition which makes Jack and Rose into ghosts on the decaying ship?

But I think my favourite shot in Titanic is the first one in this set, of Jack and Cal and the unnamed father standing over the lifeboat. Jack and Cal never existed, but that guy – based on what he says to his daughters in that scene, he would appear to be Benjamin Hart. Who did very much exist, and died on the ship that night.