The very best

My childhood hero Ash Ketchum is now World Pokemon Champion!

Brock has become a Pokemon doctor. :’) and Misty is a gym leader!

Seeing that the episode was shown on the big screens in Tokyo, man I love that! I’ve always wanted so badly to see Tokyo for myself as well.

Man, 12-year-old me would so happy to hear about this.

(Look at all that stuff! I still have some of it! Maybe some day I can pass it down to a kid.)

Happy Pokemon day!

So yeah turns out we’re getting a WHOLE NEW GAME very soon!

Oh my gosh I love them. I think I like the fire lizard?? frog??? best. He’s shaped like a friend.

Anyway I also spent some time today playing Pokemon Go and Pokemon Arceus, naturally. (lucky that Pokemon Day fell on a Sunday right?)

Arceus is SO GOOD! I’m taking my time with it. I just love running around and exploring the world.

In fact, it’s…

Meet the trans Pokémon voice actor who quietly broke boundaries and inspired countless fans

Any Pokémon fan can recall the voice of Team Rocket’s sidekick Meowth, but fewer might know about the trans actor behind the beloved character. Meowth is one of the few Pokémon throughout the show’s decades-long history to ever speak, and the cat-like creature remains a distinguished feature in the series. Pokémon has captured the imaginations…

Meet the trans Pokémon voice actor who quietly broke boundaries and inspired countless fans — PinkNews | Latest lesbian, gay, bi and trans news | LGBT+ news

This woman was one of the voices of my childhood. I wish she was still around so she could see what an impact she had.

Happy 5th birthday, Pokemon Go

The game itself tells me the anniversary was yesterday, but I don’t remember Britain getting the game until pretty late on and I have no idea of the actual day. I guess that means I can celebrate the birthday whenever! Here’s some of my favourite snaps I’ve taken over the past five years.

In a way these silly Pokemon photos double as a little photo album of places I’ve been over the past few years. Every picture has a memory attached, however faint, which I’m very grateful for. Happy birthday POGO!