final space

Final Space 3×13

Oh, it ended on a cliffhanger before we even know if the show is getting renewed! Arrrrgh.

Ash’s journey from cute little kid to unhinged murderous adult has been an interesting ride but I still feel there ought to be more to it. “Good guy joins forces with the bad guy even though it’s very clearly the bad guy fucking everything up” has never really made all that much sense to me. The lack of Evra in the finale also baffles me, where is she? Is she that disconnected from human affairs? I don’t think Ash’s story can feel complete without her.

Thankfully, despite coming close to the edge there with Little Cato, Ash was not successful in turning anyone else to the dark side. I’m going to start calling her Ashakin Skywalker. (Actually I already have.)

Gary and Quinn were perfect in this episode as usual, oh man it never actually occurred to me they hadn’t said “I love you” yet. Also I loved that little moment at the beginning where Gary is just sitting on the bed contemplating and waiting for the action to start. It seems so rare that adult animation shows just like… slow down and stop and let an animated character “act” you know?

I’m not actually afraid for Mooncake (assuming another season does materialise) simply because he’s the character on all the merchandise, the cute little pet of the cast, and even a show as willing to break the rules as Final Space is probably isn’t going to kill off, you know, the “puppy.”

Man, please let there be more of this show. In the meantime why not go congratulate Olan Rogers on all the amazing work he’s done so far:

Final Space 3×12

Oh the timeslot has moved has it? Well that doesn’t bode terribly well for a fourth season I suspect, sigh.

The penultimate episode and everything has gone as wrong as it possibly could have. (But, no more Tribore, thank god.) Little Cato now knows the truth and Ash has gone full-on Anakin Skywalker, come-to-the-dark-side speeches and everything. I’m not so sure about her about-turn here, she seemed to be improving since meeting Evra so it feels like there’s a scene missing here. Just something more to bridge the gap between Good Ash and Evil Ash, I guess.

Everything between Gary and Quinn was very sweet here, it’s just a shame we haven’t really spent a lot of time delving into Quinn’s innermost thoughts this season. I really thought we’d get to know more about her past and her sister but we didn’t, and with one episode to go we may never will. I did love the little detail of Gary’s prison sentence holding the key to (what was almost and I guess still might be) the way out of Final Space though, it was a nice little way of tying his and Quinn’s relationship into the bigger picture.

Sheryl doesn’t deserve to be called anyone’s grandma as she’s still done very little to earn her redemption. Also she’s seemed so surplus to requirements this season I wonder if she’ll just die in the season finale. I assume somebody has to after all.

I wonder if Little Cato’s mother/the Queen of Ventrexia really was named “Apricot.”

Final Space 3×11

Jeez Avacato is a bit of a dick in this one isn’t he? That sounds like a bit of an odd thing to say about a character who has commited multiple murders and assassinations but there ya go. One tends to overlook his war crimes because he’s a cat and cats are just like that.

Elsewhere we meet a dead Gary in a horrific and yet IMHO rather touching scene, and also Bolo gets his head ripped off before the opening credits have even rolled! Yikes. Sorry I spent this whole season thinking you were bound to be revealed as super evil, Bolo. This whole episode was a great tribute to zombie movies and I note it had very few out-of-place jokes, excellent.

I was convinced this episode being called “The Dead Speak” was a reference to the now-infamous opening crawl of The Rise of Skywalker. Perhaps it is? Also upon seeing the title I was hoping Fox would be the dead person who got to speak, but no, awwww. :(

Final Space 3×10

It’s raining Garys! Hallelujah!

A very tense, EXTREMELY aesthetically pleasing episode there. Lemme just find some more shots so I can show you what I mean.

So this was a “The characters think everything is going to be finally okay but then it gets even worse than it was before” episode, always an emotional rollercoaster but even more so now since no-one knows if the show will be renewed. :/

I spent this whole episode expecting Sheryl to die (I don’t think she really deserved that hug. I miss the days when I loved to hate her) but poor Kevin Van Newton bit it instead. RIP Kevin, we hardly knew ye. What a great death scene though.

And… his last words were interesting? “Salvation comes in the blink of an eye,” was something Quinn said to Gary when no-one else was around, and yet… Oh dang was Kevin a future Gary all along?! I always really liked that theory. Godspeed (or Goodspeed?) Kevin.

Final Space 3×09

Good lord, they did it! They made me feel sorry for Clarence!

I doubt I’ll ever like him but I’m a sucker for a good redemption=death sequence. Also gosh, we lost Todd too! (he had it coming even more than Clarence.)

Tribore played a big role in this one and for once I found him tolerable, hooray. I wonder if that’s the last we’ll ever see of him… I kinda hope so?

Things are progressing so fast I almost wonder if this really will be the final season after all. I really hope not, unless Olan Rogers is able to end the series how he chooses. There’s still a lot of unanswered questions though. For a start, where is Evra? (Also what is Evra, but…) Shouldn’t Ash want to take her along as well?

I saw that ending coming from a mile away, and “Where you go I go” had me audibly going “awww” at the screen.

Final Space 3×08

So I feel this season has been quite hit-and-miss so far but this one is DEFINITELY a hit, what a great episode, wow. As soon as the serene spot the crew picked for Fox’s funeral turned out to be a simulation I knew something special was coming.

So now we have our LGBT character I guess, and it’s Ash! I absolutely loved how her sudden bond with Evra helped her heal and I really hope that whatever Evra is it’s not something sent from Invictus. Their connection was so sweet, oh man don’t let it be ruined.

When I first saw the trailer for this season I assumed the Gary-Avacato fight would be something to do with Invictus possessing one of them, but nope, it was just them. Probably good they got it all out of their systems but now Gary knows the secret of Little Cato’s parentage and that’s not going to end well, oh man.

This episode was full of beautiful moments – Mooncake sending off the coffin, the whole concept of the Hidden Lights – but I think my actual favourite moment was Little Cato’s speech at Fox’s funeral. It was so sad and so bittersweet. My hope for the end of Little Cato’s story now is that he returns to Ventrexia and ends the war in honour of Fox. Assuming we even get an ending for any of the characters, apparently this show’s renewal hopes are not fantastic, sigh. I wish more people were watching it, they don’t know what they’re missing.

Final Space 3×07

(big spoilers ahead, obviously)

Awww man. I thought this character death was by far the most likely one and yeah, there we go. Poor poor Fox.

I do really wish they’d given Fox a bit more development before killing him off. In this episode we finally learned the most tragic aspect of his tragic backstory but there isn’t time to do anything with it before he goes. I expected the last shot of this episode to be Ash removing Fox’s machine gun arm and I’m kinda disappointed that didn’t happen?

Ash is full-on dark side now I guess. I don’t think it’s so much the horror of seeing Gary specifically kill her brother, she knew it wasn’t him in control, it’s more that it’s so consistently her who keeps losing people I guess. She’s lost a sister, a father (albeit a terrible one), a friend/mother-figure and now the brother who she probably loved more than anyone else around. I wonder what’s going to snap her out of it. I suspect and hope it’ll be Quinn.

Poor poor Gary as well. His expression at the end of this episode, oh man.

Final Space 3×06

Adult Swim tweeted this the other day which I reckon gives a good indication of how the rest of this season is gonna go.

Hmm, this was one of the weaker episodes so far I think, especially considering how good last week’s episode was. The more I think about it the more I’m not a fan of Ash’s sudden redesign because it makes no sense whatsoever, why is Invictus giving her a cool new undercut and a new eye suddenly a priority. If there had ever been some indication that Ash was unhappy having only one eye or there had been some trauma linked directly to that, that would be different, but there never was.

Olan Rogers did try to explain it on Twitter:

but I dunno, it was just a thing that came so completely out of nowhere.

And again lots of Tribore bits in this episode and again ugggggh. Also “being able to contact the dead” is a really random thing to throw into a comedy bit when the stakes are so high elsewhere in this universe.

This was sort of a meh episode I think (can’t win ’em all) except for the very touching, very poetic expression of love from Gary to Quinn at the end.

Final Space 3×05

Okay that’s definitely my favourite of the season so far. Beautiful imagery, very little jarring comedy interruption, and QUINN BACKSTORY!

I came out of this episode both with a greater understanding of her and feeling so terribly bad for her, because her relationship with her sister didn’t exactly seem great and her relationship with her mother DEFINTELY did not. The concept of leaving a small child locked in a morgue to teach them responsibility is, uh, the opposite of good parenting and I wonder what Quinn’s relationship with her mother was like after that.

Avery’s death (or maybe ‘death’) looked a lot like John’s in a way, especially with the family member looking on unable to do anything about it.

Ash was fantastic this episode, but then again “grieving girl who has enough superpowers exploding out of her to destroy the world” is a favourite trope of mine. (See also: Wandavision.) I’m sure she’ll be back before too long.

Gary’s speech about death and memories at the end of this episode was really, really lovely. One of the best scenes in the whole show I think.

Final Space 3×04

Hooray an Ash-centric episode! Well sort of. Oh man I felt so sorry for her at the end of this one. She must feel like she’s lost a sibling all over again. Also man this whole series really likes taking Fox out of action, when will he get something to do?!

This season is going by so faaaast. I’m worried about Quinn, I know Olan Rogers is too smart to kill her off but I still worry about her. Awww the moments between her and Gary in this episode were so sweet, but they’re also the very brief calm before the storm I suspect.

I still find Biskit annoying, sorry. I don’t even see any reason for him to be around right now. And Tribore, UGH. He doesn’t fit into this darker new season AT ALL and I’d much rather he wasn’t there. He’s just so incredibly annoying and also oh yeah he let a load of people die and will never face consequences for it cos it was supposed to be a Funny Moment I guess? Sigh. I love this show but post season one it was never really great at balancing the comedy with the seriousness. Sometimes it really just feels like two different shows squashed together.

I want to go back to the Avacato-Little Cato plot asap please! Oh it’s going to be so heartrending when LC finds out the truth.