final space

Final Space 3×08

So I feel this season has been quite hit-and-miss so far but this one is DEFINITELY a hit, what a great episode, wow. As soon as the serene spot the crew picked for Fox’s funeral turned out to be a simulation I knew something special was coming.

So now we have our LGBT character I guess, and it’s Ash! I absolutely loved how her sudden bond with Evra helped her heal and I really hope that whatever Evra is it’s not something sent from Invictus. Their connection was so sweet, oh man don’t let it be ruined.

When I first saw the trailer for this season I assumed the Gary-Avacato fight would be something to do with Invictus possessing one of them, but nope, it was just them. Probably good they got it all out of their systems but now Gary knows the secret of Little Cato’s parentage and that’s not going to end well, oh man.

This episode was full of beautiful moments – Mooncake sending off the coffin, the whole concept of the Hidden Lights – but I think my actual favourite moment was Little Cato’s speech at Fox’s funeral. It was so sad and so bittersweet. My hope for the end of Little Cato’s story now is that he returns to Ventrexia and ends the war in honour of Fox. Assuming we even get an ending for any of the characters, apparently this show’s renewal hopes are not fantastic, sigh. I wish more people were watching it, they don’t know what they’re missing.

Final Space 3×07

(big spoilers ahead, obviously)

Awww man. I thought this character death was by far the most likely one and yeah, there we go. Poor poor Fox.

I do really wish they’d given Fox a bit more development before killing him off. In this episode we finally learned the most tragic aspect of his tragic backstory but there isn’t time to do anything with it before he goes. I expected the last shot of this episode to be Ash removing Fox’s machine gun arm and I’m kinda disappointed that didn’t happen?

Ash is full-on dark side now I guess. I don’t think it’s so much the horror of seeing Gary specifically kill her brother, she knew it wasn’t him in control, it’s more that it’s so consistently her who keeps losing people I guess. She’s lost a sister, a father (albeit a terrible one), a friend/mother-figure and now the brother who she probably loved more than anyone else around. I wonder what’s going to snap her out of it. I suspect and hope it’ll be Quinn.

Poor poor Gary as well. His expression at the end of this episode, oh man.

Final Space 3×06

Adult Swim tweeted this the other day which I reckon gives a good indication of how the rest of this season is gonna go.

Hmm, this was one of the weaker episodes so far I think, especially considering how good last week’s episode was. The more I think about it the more I’m not a fan of Ash’s sudden redesign because it makes no sense whatsoever, why is Invictus giving her a cool new undercut and a new eye suddenly a priority. If there had ever been some indication that Ash was unhappy having only one eye or there had been some trauma linked directly to that, that would be different, but there never was.

Olan Rogers did try to explain it on Twitter:

but I dunno, it was just a thing that came so completely out of nowhere.

And again lots of Tribore bits in this episode and again ugggggh. Also “being able to contact the dead” is a really random thing to throw into a comedy bit when the stakes are so high elsewhere in this universe.

This was sort of a meh episode I think (can’t win ’em all) except for the very touching, very poetic expression of love from Gary to Quinn at the end.

Final Space 3×05

Okay that’s definitely my favourite of the season so far. Beautiful imagery, very little jarring comedy interruption, and QUINN BACKSTORY!

I came out of this episode both with a greater understanding of her and feeling so terribly bad for her, because her relationship with her sister didn’t exactly seem great and her relationship with her mother DEFINTELY did not. The concept of leaving a small child locked in a morgue to teach them responsibility is, uh, the opposite of good parenting and I wonder what Quinn’s relationship with her mother was like after that.

Avery’s death (or maybe ‘death’) looked a lot like John’s in a way, especially with the family member looking on unable to do anything about it.

Ash was fantastic this episode, but then again “grieving girl who has enough superpowers exploding out of her to destroy the world” is a favourite trope of mine. (See also: Wandavision.) I’m sure she’ll be back before too long.

Gary’s speech about death and memories at the end of this episode was really, really lovely. One of the best scenes in the whole show I think.

Final Space 3×04

Hooray an Ash-centric episode! Well sort of. Oh man I felt so sorry for her at the end of this one. She must feel like she’s lost a sibling all over again. Also man this whole series really likes taking Fox out of action, when will he get something to do?!

This season is going by so faaaast. I’m worried about Quinn, I know Olan Rogers is too smart to kill her off but I still worry about her. Awww the moments between her and Gary in this episode were so sweet, but they’re also the very brief calm before the storm I suspect.

I still find Biskit annoying, sorry. I don’t even see any reason for him to be around right now. And Tribore, UGH. He doesn’t fit into this darker new season AT ALL and I’d much rather he wasn’t there. He’s just so incredibly annoying and also oh yeah he let a load of people die and will never face consequences for it cos it was supposed to be a Funny Moment I guess? Sigh. I love this show but post season one it was never really great at balancing the comedy with the seriousness. Sometimes it really just feels like two different shows squashed together.

I want to go back to the Avacato-Little Cato plot asap please! Oh it’s going to be so heartrending when LC finds out the truth.

Final Space 3×03

So I knew ahead of time that this episode contained Baby Cato Even Littler Cato, but I did NOT expect the twist regarding his backstory and oh no. Oh no.

Wait was this episode called The Ventrexian as a deliberate nod to The Mandalorian? Killing machine suddenly finding himself having to protect an adorable, helpless child… It fits I guess.

So yeah! Avocato killed LC’s biological parents before deciding to raise the baby as his own and this has BIG RAMIFICATIONS! Little Cato is inevitably going to find out and oh god. I suspect Fox will be involved in that part of the plot too since it’s his people Ventrexia were at war with. (And frankly it’s long past time he got something to do.) And what became of the other son Avacato talks about in the past tense? Is he dead? I think we’re supposed to believe that’s the case… or is he still out there somewhere?

As you can probably tell I was very invested in this so it’s a bit disappointing to me that the rest of the plot seemed kinda meh, I didn’t dislike the Gary and Quinn bits but oh look Biskit is there and I just find him super annoying, I’m sorry. Can we replace him with the sentient cookie machine?

Gosh I’m looking so forward to learning where this all ends up!

Final Space 3×02

This was supposed to be a lighthearted episode, if I remember rightly, but it opened up a lot of big questions nonetheless. The Lord Commander is back (noice), Avacato probably still has Invictus within him and now Bolo has a super cool space sword.

Biskit debuted in this episode and everyone was looking so forward to him but I don’t find him all that cute or engaging, sorry! Maybe he’ll get better as we go along? I mean, he is a cat, that’s always a plus.

I’m really glad Nightfall is still part of the story and still being mentioned, she’s kinda completely a separate entity from Quinn at this point which is terribly confusing but I hope it leads to some good Quinn moments later. What I really want is for Quinn and Ash to have a conversation about her, though that probably should have happened back in episode 1 to be honest.

I’m really going to miss HUE in his robot form. His design was so adorable. Awww. :(

Final Space 3×01

Gosh I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve seen these characters. A great first episode for this season! Properly gruesome and dark, honestly the jokey bits just feel completely out of place now. (Apologies to Tribore and Tribore’s mysterious adult child.) We’ve lost a couple of robots already, aww man. Ash’s putting that giant bot-brain-thingy out of his misery was an interesting moment and I have a horrible feeling it’s foreshadowing for something much, much worse later.

Quinn appearing to have a part of final space in her (right?) also qualifies.

It amuses me no end this episode’s blatant nod to the Garycato shippers. I suppose there’s no way Olan Rogers hasn’t encountered all that jazz at this point. Uh, congrats to you guys? This might be the last happy moment between those two for a while and I feel your pain.

This show has gotten even more surreally beautiful this season. The designs for the Titans are gorgeous. And I never get tired of shots of Gary and Quinn holding each other while the world ends around them.