GOTG 3 new trailer!

Guardians of the Galaxy remains not just my favourite MCU franchise, but one of my favourite franchises period… so OH MAN I wish I liked this trailer better. I mean, it’s not terrible? It’s got lots of Gamora which is obviously good! But if they actually push a Peter/Nebula romance and it’s not just a throwaway joke… There will be violence.

Five Thoughts on “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”

I held off on seeing this for a bit because, well, it’s a movie about grief, and about the death of a real person as well as a fictional character, and I wasn’t sure how I was gonna handle it. I’m glad I saw it though.

Spoilers (big ones) after the poster.

1. There was a brief period of time where I wondered, “Wait, is Nakia gonna be in this movie for more than a cameo?!” but no she got to join in the big fight at the end! And wear some absolutely stunning outfits! I am trying to work out the timeline with regard to her son though. I guess Nakia must have been pregnant during Infinity War, thus retroactively giving us a reason she wasn’t in it?

2. Poor Queen Ramonda might be the clear winner of the “who in the MCU has suffered the most” contest. Loses husband. Loses son briefly while nephew takes over her kingdom and destroys all she knew. Loses son AND daughter in the Snap. Gets both children back, only to lose son for good this time. Sends one of her closest companions away in rage and never gets a chance to reconcile with her. Dies not knowing if she was successful in saving Riri or even if her daughter is safe from Namor’s wrath. Jeeeeeeeez.

3. It was great to see Michaela Coel but I have a suspicion a lot of her character was left on the cutting room floor. Hey, unless she’s gonna be the main character of that Wakanda-based TV show that was announced ages ago and this was just a test run so to speak? That would be awesome. Oh, and it was also great to see Michael B. Jordan absolutely killing it in his three minutes of screentime! I was NOT expecting that so I’m so glad I wasn’t spoiled for his cameo.

4. I wondered a few times throughout this movie, “Why is everyone so focused on getting vibranium? There’s alien tech lying around all over the place and it probably has a lot of the same properties!” Maybe that’s the point though, that everyone wants something Africa has even though they don’t need it.

5. This movie took pains to avoid saying what T’Challa actually died of. I don’t know if they’re leaving it up it in the air to pay tribute to Chadwick Boseman and the fact he kept his illness private, or if they plan to build it up to something, like “everyone who was Snapped ended up with their DNA changed, some died but some (the X-Men) became mutants” that sort of thing. Not sure how I feel about that…



I’m sick and tired of the MCU fandom acting like this man doesn’t exist:

And please don’t explain to me how Phastos isn’t as popular because he’s a “side character”, or has less screen time because Phastos has the exact same screen time in Marvel’s Eternals than fandom’s sweetheart Druig, yet you’ll never see anyone call Druig a side character.

I know what you’re trying to do, and I’m with you, I hate Disney as much as the next person but stop with the:

“There’ll never be a Gay character in the MCU” There already is.

or the “Thor Love and Thunder is the gayest MCU project” No it’s not.

It’s amazing how people will praise shows for their “groundbreaking” LGBT+ representation when there have been other forms of medium that have explicit LGBT+ representation. Like they had Phastos kiss his husband on screen, and they didn’t kill him off in the end of the movie. Yet people will simp over Druig who is quite problematic if you really think about it.

Like the dude brainwashed an entire community for centuries, and it was framed as if it was a good thing. I know Wanda’s not necessarily a good person. She’s made mistake, but Westview was an accident and she did let them go in the end. Multiverse of Madness is a whole other thing, but I can definitely sympathize with Wanda more than Druig.

Besides that, there are more blatantly obvious forms of LGBT+ representation that is in media and people keep ignoring it. Don’t.

The reaction to Phastos still absolutely infuriates me. “Oh, we just don’t think we can count him as a gay character because he gave humans the power of technology and they used it to make atomic bombs! That makes him no better than a weapons manufacturer!” Buddy, I have some bad news for you about Iron Man.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special


I was looking so forward to this and, thank god, it didn’t disappoint. I was worried it would go all schmaltzy, as holiday specials tend to (I’m not really a big Christmas person so all the Cheer(tm) just bounces off me.) But it was lovely overall and it was so nice to see Mantis finally get her moment in the sun. Er, snow.

I liked that the Peter Quill rehabilitation tour is continuing! (not the Chris Pratt rehabilitation tour. Screw that guy.) When Kraglin called him the greatest hero in the galaxy my heart went all wibbly. Man, it’s so so hard loving Quill and hating Pratt, but what ya gonna do.

I did NOT like that Rocket’s fixation with Bucky’s arm was brought up again, even assuming Bucky gave it away willingly cos he got a new one or whatever, it’s a joke that has its roots in ableism and it really needs to die already.

About a month before this aired I learned Yondu was gonna be in it and I was like “???!?!?!” They managed to work him in there in a very pleasing and appropriate way, but I do wish they’d managed to do the same for Gamora somehow.

The big spoiler! Mantis has been Quill’s sister all along and that’s what a lot of the plot revolves around. It does fall a little flat if you’ve seen the behind-the-scenes stuff from GOTG Vol 2 and know that was supposed to be the idea right from the beginning, though. Here’s a little photoshop manipulation of Ego and Mantis’ mother that I did years ago, based on the deleted scene of them.

GOTG Vol 3 inches ever nearer. :) Hey maybe Mantis can learn more about her mother in that one.

Casting Mephisto

ALLEGEDLY Sacha Baron Cohen has been cast to play Mephisto aka Marvel’s version of the devil, and that’s not terrible casting at all but I was sort of hoping for something more… out of left field, I guess? Like, Mephisto appears in a MCU project, turns around and the audience goes “What the fuck?” That. I even had a mini-shortlist at one point, believe it or not-

The “Would work but only if no-one knew about it beforehand” selection:

  • Tom Hanks
  • Meryl Streep
  • Morgan Freeman

The “beloved icons who you’d never expect to show up as the literal devil” crowd:

  • Dolly Parton
  • Mark Hamill
  • Keanu Reeves


  • Martin Scorsese