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“Obsidian” Comic-Con Panel Highlights! *SPOILERS*


If you’ve missed it, Adventure Time was featured this year at the (virtual) San Diego Comic-Con. The video is right here:

If you do not have the opportunity to watch the panel, I’ve jotted down some highlights. Read on for more (but be warned, as there are spoilers):

  • Distant Lands was an “older idea” that
    has its origins during the final season of AT.
  • The BMO space story and Bubbline story, in particular,
    were envisioned as miniseries “to fill out the back-half of a longer season.”
  • The writers didn’t want to focus on Finn and
    Jake because their story was “mostly done—and that was the series.”
  • When envisioning miniseries during the final
    season, many proposed miniseries revolved around characters that the writers
  • The producers chose to start with a BMO episode
    because it is an “easy access point.” Adam also argued that, due to BMO’s
    kid-like perspective, “the episode [would] feel younger by default.”
  • “Baby Finn and Jake… I love the look of baby
    Finn and Jake.”—Niki Yang
  • According to Niki, “BMO always bounces back!” is
    her favorite line because “we live in such a strange time,” and that line
    suggests that “we will bounce back together.”
  • Curda believes that after BMO departs Y5′s satellite world, she was able to reorganize her world and make significant social and political change.
  • “Obsidian” will touch on pre-series events and post-finale events.
  • In regard to the previous point, Olson said: “It was really cool to be able to see some of the things in the past that happened between them and how it will affect their, future moving forward.”
  • Oslon was “really excited” when she read the script for “Obsidian,” and she thinks that fans will be able to “tick off a lot of questions.”
  • The name ‘Obsidian’ is “a metaphor” and the “most powerful fusion” (SU joke, haha), but it has mostly to do with the location of this episode, which takes place in the Glass Kingdom. Adam explains that the name was chosen because obsidian can be protective, but it can also be weaponized (just like Marcy and PB’s characterizations); he also notes that obsidian can be a “cleansing” material, and this episode will explore some of their “older conflicts” while also considering what their relationship would be like “down the road” after the finale.
  • Olivia Olson argues that, prior to the 2014 panel in which she dropped the Bubbline bomb, she was being “highly speculative” and investigating for her book.
  • “Obsidian” is going to give us a chance to see “so many sides of Marceline.” Much of the episode is focused on her “getting over some of the barriers that she’s put in place for herself.”
  • “Obsidian” features several new songs, composed by a number of “amazing songwriters.” Many of these songwriters were working hard to replicate Rebecca Sugar’s signature style; they also try to show how Marceline has grown as a songwriter over the years (including from when she was a kid, when she was an “angry punk,” and now as an adult who still has some issues to focus on).
  • All of the songs were composed before the episode was storyboarded.
  • Adam and the writers wanted a song in the episode because otherwise, it would be a “missed opportunity.”
  • It was “an emotional day” for Olivia when she recorded a specific song, and it caused everyone in the recording studio to tear up. She “hopes we get a similar reaction” from the fans.
  • There are new characters in “Obsidian,” including characters who show up in the beginning as analogs for Finn and Jake. One of them is called “Glass Boy,” and he is a Finn-esque “instigator” who gets PB and Marcy to talk about their past. Also, Glass Boy is voiced by Michaela Dietz, who played Amethyst on Steven Universe!
  • The final two specials focus on topics/characters that weren’t explored that well, or might have been explored if the show had gone on for longer.
  • Adam notes that the writers didn’t want to go “so far a-field” and focus on D-list characters. The main characters in the final two specials will be major (duh).
  • One of the songs is called “Monster.” It seems to be one of the ‘big’ ones, and of course focuses on Marceline and Bubblegum’s relationship… but who wrote it? That’s a mystery…

Those are the big ones that jumped out to me! Let me know if there were some other cool facts and tidbits that I should’ve added!

Adventure Time: Distant Lands “BMO”

Adventure Time is back! And I got to see it the day it was released which almost never happened when the original show was on! Hooray!

I loved it. It was cute, touching and completely off-the-wall bizarre in the way only Adventure Time can be. Also there was not one but TWO twists, the last one comes right at the end and threw me for a complete loop until I realised no-one ever actually said in what timeframe Distant Lands takes place and the other one is… you’ll see. It’s not outright said but it’s VERY obvious.

Man I didn’t realise how much I missed Adventure Time. Sure there are the comics which are still ongoing (I think) to fill the void a little, but when that weird, wonderful show went away it left a hole.

five favourite fictional fathers

In celebration of today’s occasion here’s five of my favourite dads who are not real, in no particular order:

Harry Osborn

If you’ve only ever seen the Spider-Man movies you may not know that Harry Osborn is a Dad, but he very much is. He has two sons, Normie and Stanley. Normie is named after Norman (Harry doesn’t seem to have ever gotten a chance to rethink that, oh well) and Stanley is… possibly named after Stan Lee? Who knows. Stanley is also never drawn as mixed race even though his mother is black, sigh.

Yeah you can probably tell I don’t really do comics anymore but I love Harry in almost all his forms and he deserves more recognition of the fact that he managed to be a pretty good dad when his own childhood was abusive as hell.

Rory Williams

Rory is more on this list for what was, sigh, his eventually almost completely untapped Dad Potential. We knew he’d be a good dad. Amy knew he’d be a good dad. Then he BECOMES a dad and nothing. He gets one scene with a baby and barely gets more than a couple scenes with his magic time-travel now-adult daughter. It’s so terribly unfair, why? God season six of Doctor Who was a MESS.

Thankfully the showrunners did at least release one canon story of Rory being a dad, this from the Doctor Who Lockdown project. Arthur Darvill came back and everything. That’s something. But gah.

Jean Valjean

I shall ignore the BBC’s Les Mis adaptation, as you should, and focus instead on the JVJ/Cosette relationship as portrayed in the book and musical. It is probably not exactly HEALTHY but it is good. It is also of course very, very Miserable.

“And remember, the truth that once was spoken, to love another person is to see the face of God…”

Simon Petrikov

EVERY DAY I FEEL SORRY FOR SIMON PETRIKOV! He had SO MUCH bad stuff happen to him, not least the actual apocalypse, and yet he was still a good adoptive father to Marceline for as long as he was able. Please watch Adventure Time if you want to see one of the most tragic character arcs to ever exist in cartoon form.

(There are many people who think that Simon’s condition is a metaphor for Alzhemier’s or dementia and I’m among them. Sadly the real thing can’t be taken away the way it was in the show. :( )

Yondu Udonta

Ah, Yondu. Forever my problematic fave. He is not remotely deserving of a World’s Best Dad mug but hey, he knew that, and he did his best to apologize to Peter before the end, and basically just oh my god his death scene I can’t even now I just dissolve into a puddle of tears.

(There is so much meta about Yondu and his arc all over this blog, if you’re interested in that sort of thing.)

Bonus round! All the Star Wars dads. I can’t really choose between them because since Star Wars is basically a story about fatherhood they all have their roles to play. So a little shout-out to Anakin (the other problematic fave), Han Solo, Bail Organa, Qui-Gon Jinn (read Jedi Apprentice ok?), Jango Fett, Galen Erso, Lando Calrissian, Owen Lars, and so many more I forgot.

Happy Father’s Day!