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A Finn-ale

So after the John Boyega interview where he rightly complained about Finn being sidelined, I wondered, there must have been a way to write him into the Rise of Skywalker finale and de-sideline him, surely?

So what I would have done is this:

Finn goes with Rey to Exegol. (From here on, Finn’s original role in the movie is taken by Rose.) He has a lightsaber with him, Luke’s lightsaber, which counts as his now. Rey has Leia’s. He’s completely untrained but willing to fight to defend the galaxy anyway. Even if he’s not necessarily Force-sensitive, he’s still willing.

There, Palpatine immediately captures Finn, realising right away that he must mean something to his granddaughter. He torments Rey by telling her this wouldn’t be the first time he’d turned someone into a Sith by using their love for another.

Palpatine shocks Finn once with Force lightening and this is enough to make Rey crumble. She tells Palpatine that he can do whatever he wants, just spare Finn. There you go, almost the exact same way Anakin fell…

…except Finn isn’t having it. From behind whatever Force-field Palpatine has him in he tells Rey that he would rather die than see her become a Sith and the galaxy in darkness. He tells her he’s spent all his life trying to find agency and he’s damn well not about to let it go now, even in the face of death. Hey turns out Rey and Finn were the Anakin and Padme of their generation, not the Han and Leia, except they’re not about to make the same mistakes.

Palpatine just laughs evilly at this, as he usually does, and is about to deliver the killing blow to Finn but THEN Ben Solo enters the picture! He strikes Palpatine from behind, causing enough damage to free Finn from his clutches. Now the game has changed! Rey, Finn and Ben go 3-1 against Palpatine (albeit probably with some confusion on Finn’s part as to why Kylo Ren is there.) They’re doing pretty well for the first few minutes! Then Palpatine aims some lightening at Rey. Finn somehow deflects it away from her but instead it hits him full-on.

Rey thinks he’s dead and is horrified and grief-stricken, but she can hear the voice of Anakin Skywalker in her head telling her not to give into her rage. She listens, and Ben can not only feel her emotions but suddenly hear the voice of his grandfather as well. This distracts him so much Palpatine is able to shove him into the pit and remove him from the fight.

NOW Rey, all alone and thinking her true love (Finn, not Ben) is dead, finds herself able to do what it took Anakin a lifetime to understand. With all the ghosts of all the Jedi working through her, she calls on the Light Side and defeats Palpatine once and for all. Only then does she run to Finn and allow her emotions to take over. He definitely appears to be dead and she sobs while holding him.

Then Ben comes climbing up out of the pit. He looks at the scene before him and realises what he has to do. Without a single word said, he kneels down and he Force-heals Finn. Rey watches in bewilderment. Finn sits up with a gasp, instantly falling into Rey’s arms. Rey exchanges a look of intense gratitude with Ben and then realises he’s given all of his lifeforce over to Finn. He’s dying. She takes his hand, but does not kiss him, as he dies and disappears.

At the end of the movie both Rey and Finn (and BB8) return to Tatooine. Finn wonders how he was able to deflect the lightening away from Rey back on Exegol, and Rey ponders that maybe it’s a person’s willingness to sacrifice, rather than any training or even any Force sensitivity, that makes them a true Jedi. She names herself “Skywalker” and Finn says he would like that name as well, which sounds an awful lot like a proposal.

The sun sets as Luke, Leia AND HAN watch the new generation from the afterlife. All is finally well in the galaxy.

-The end.

Yen Press Announces Two New Star Wars Manga — Graphic Policy

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Yen Press Announces Two New Star Wars Manga — Graphic Policy

Oh gosh, that Leia art, I love it.

Happy International Women’s Day!

To celebrate the occasion, here’s some of my favourite ladies from fiction!

Row 1: Amy Pond (Doctor Who), Sephy Hadley (Noughts and Crosses), Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy/MCU), Rose Tico (Star Wars), Elsa (Frozen/Disney), Melissa Chartres (The Last Man on Earth)

Row 2: Eowyn (The Lord of the Rings/Middle Earth), Quinn Ergon (Final Space), The Thirteenth Doctor (Doctor Who), Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time), Jane Foster (Thor/MCU), Amy Santiago (Brooklyn 99)

Row 3: Brook Soso (Orange is the New Black), Nebula (Guardians of the Galaxy/MCU), Erica Dundee (The Last Man on Earth), Kitty Winter (Sherlock Holmes), Rose Tyler (Doctor Who), Briony Tallis (Atonement)

Row 4: Meredith Quill (Guardians of the Galaxy/MCU), Missandei (Game of Thrones), Rey (Star Wars), Donna Noble (Doctor Who), Carol Pilbasian (The Last Man on Earth), Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame/Disney)

Row 5: Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones), Ash Graven (Final Space), Tiana (The Princess and the Frog/Disney), Sophia Burset (Orange is the New Black), Misty (Pokemon), Clara Oswald (Doctor Who)

Row 6: Bill Potts (Doctor Who), Mary Brown (Paddington), Mako Mori (Pacific Rim), Gwen Stacy (Spider-Man), Jackie Tyler (Doctor Who), Ursula Ditkovich (Spider-Man)

Row 7: Yaz Khan (Doctor Who), Mary Jane Watson (Spider-Man), Marceline (Adventure Time), Michelle (10 Cloverfield Lane,), Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow/MCU), Mantis (Guardians of the Galaxy (MCU)

Row 8: Eponine Thenardier (Les Miserables), Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls), Sandra Kaluiokalani (Superstore), Padme Amidala (Star Wars), Martha Jones (Doctor Who), Jasmine (Aladdin/Disney)

Row 9: Beru Whitesun (Star Wars), Nakia (Black Panther/MCU), Diana (Wonder Woman), Chummy Browne (Call the Midwife), Rosa Diaz (Brooklyn 99), Leia Organa (Star Wars)

Billie Lourd played Leia during that flashback scene in The Rise of Skywalker!

Oh this is a really lovely detail.

Star Wars Thoughts

Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) do incredible visual effects work on Star Wars and other franchises, and that was certainly the case in The Rise of Skywalker.

Recently, ILM released a video detailing some of their work on the film, and it’s a fascinating look at the process. We get a chance to see a number of different iterations of certain scenes, and one of the more incredible parts of the process is how General Leia Organa was brought to life in the film.

Check out the video:

One of the coolest things, though, was the chance to see how that beautiful flashback sequence was made. In the film, Luke Skywalker tells Rey about how he trained Leia Organa in the ways of the Force. We get to see the two of them training at night on Ajan Kloss – Luke with his green lightsaber and Leia with her…

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The Full Set of Posters for ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ in Homage to the Original Trilogy

These! Are! Fantastic!

(I really like old-style movie posters.)

Phantasy Studio:

Star Wars has some of my favorite posters in cinema. Because I love them so much, I decided to recreate them featuring characters and themes from the Sequel Trilogy. And since I have paid homage to A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi, the full set is complete!


I am so happy that I was able to illustrate these posters. Creating them helped me understand poster design more, allowed me to illustrate a multitude of characters at once, and has inspired me to continue creating posters in the future.

I especially love the color palettes used in each piece. The first uses vibrancies in pink, blue, yellow, and green, while the posters in homage to The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi uses blue heavily but they still differentiate themselves from each other.

Until next time!

Art Credit 2020: Phantasy Studio…

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So – is there any point warning for Star Wars spoilers anymore? – at the end of Rise of Skywalker, this kiss happens.

(gif from here. I guess there’s a camrip of the movie already?)

I’m not a Reylo shipper, but it was effective, I guess. Adam Driver’s acting in that scene was stellar, which made it mostly worth it overall. Except. EXCEPT

Rey and Ben are related! (Probably.)

So in a canonical Star Wars comic from last year, this scene happens,

which seems to confirm the Palpatine = technically Anakin’s father theory that’s been in the air ever since Revenge of the Sith came out. Okay cool! But Palpatine is also Rey’s grandfather, and Anakin is Ben’s…

See? You see what I mean?!

Why’s the question mark there? Well, because some of the Star Wars story people (holy heck, that’s a job? Sweet) have come out and said Palpatine is absolutely not Anakin’s father and all that stuff in the comic was a vision or a metaphor etc etc etc, but… it’s Star Wars. There’s pretty much no strict canon at all anymore, so heck, let’s assume that purely based on Palpatine’s Revenge of the Sith speech and the fact that he keeps calling Anakin “son” that he’s his, uh, I guess “Force Dad.”

So what does this make Rey and Ben? I have no idea, but let’s just say they’re closely enough related that they probably shouldn’t be kissing. (And that’s even without getting into the weirdness of Ben’s parents constantly serving as surrogate parents to Rey.)

Luke and Leia would be so proud.

I am fascinated by this Star Wars poster

That’s Luke’s face up there, but he’s dead in-universe. I actually have no idea the extent of Mark Hamill’s role in this movie. Why’s he on the ‘bad’ side of the poster, and why is his hair coming out of Kylo’s mask? Or is that meant to be Kylo’s hair?

This is a very pretty poster but it leaves me with a lot of questions.

I’ve been mulling my thoughts over about the new Star Wars for a few days. As a movie it looks great! But, I’ve said this before, the new Star Warses have really suffered from never acknowledging the prequels. And with this one, what with Palpatine being apparently back, and the title, and you know EVERYTHING, it will make absolutely no sense thematically if Anakin doesn’t show up. And yet I doubt he’s gonna. Sigh.

This trailer says “Every generation has a legend” but that just served to remind me that my own generation got the bit of the legend which everyone mocked and despised. Jeez, as if we didn’t get a short enough end of the stick already.

I wonder if this really will be the end of Star Wars movies or if we’ll see one again someday.

Some other thoughts:

  • That bit of Leia footage looks like it was edited from The Force Awakens. Man, I am DREADING how they’re going to deal with Carrie Fisher’s absence. On the other hand, her family have said they’re okay with everything so far and they’re really the ones who count.
  • LANDO! It’s so good to see him again but I hope we get an explanation as to where he’s, you know, been.
  • These new films will also make no sense thematically if Kylo doesn’t redeem himself, and I have no idea how that might go.
  • Knowing George Lucas was involved with this one actually makes me feel a lot better about what might happen. I know I KNOW the dialogue but the man can very much Story.
  • Awww, BB8 made a new friend.