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Shooter #32723

Six or seven mass shootings ago I saw an idea being floated around. It was along the lines of, “After a mass shooting the killer’s name should not be reported. No name, no age, no race, no gender, definitely none of their manifesto, absolutely nothing. Just call them “shooter [date]” and focus on the victims.”

I really really wish we would start doing that.

Thank you, Pokefriends

Today the very last Pokemon episode with Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu aired. It’s like bidding farewell to old friends. Seems like a lot of people feel the same way?

When I was a small child using the name “pokeprincess” online (I was among the first generation to grow up on the internet, for better or worse, I mostly survived it) Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu were EVERYTHING to me. Look! Look at these terrible, beautiful “drawings” I did as a kid!

My room would’ve been a shrine to Pokemon if my parents had allowed it. But check out the posters!

My 35th birthday is just over a week away. It’s the 1st April and I discovered just yesterday that Ash’s first Pokemon episode aired in Japan on the 1st April too. So all this time I’ve been sharing a birthday with Ash Ketchum! What a great way to end the journey! Thank you guys. You really were the very best, like no-one ever was.

Twitter Responds To All Email Inquiries From The Press With A Poop Emoji, 51-Year-Old Owner Elon Musk Reports — Deadline

All inquiries from members of the press directed to Twitter’s official press email now receive the same automatic reply: a poop emoji. Elon Musk, who bought the social media company for $44 billion last year, relayed the update on his own Twitter feed over the weekend. The 51-year-old billionaire’s report drew 80,000 likes and thousands…

Twitter Responds To All Email Inquiries From The Press With A Poop Emoji, 51-Year-Old Owner Elon Musk Reports — Deadline

I like the shade thrown at Pedo Guy in this headline but god, when is this guy going to finally, rightfully, lose everything he has?

Some stray thoughts on The Last of Us finale

(spoilers ahead, obviously)

I see a lot of people saying “It doesn’t really matter that the science behind killing Ellie to create a vaccine makes no sense, you’ve just got to accept that that’s how science works in this world.” But it does matter! Because anyone presented with the choice Joel was presented with – keeping your daughter alive or creating a vaccine that could save millions – you would ask about said vaccine! You would demand to know every bit of the science and whether the makers of this potential vaccine really, REALLY thought they could save even a small portion of humanity by ripping upon your daughter’s brain. And in this case, the Fireflies clearly don’t know every bit of the science they’re willing to sacrifice a child for. Jumping straight to “let’s cut her brain out” is MAD.

Ellie deserved a choice! Heck, Joel outright says this in episode 6, nice bit of foreshadowing there-

And I think Ellie would absolutely have chosen to die for a shot at saving the world. But it would’ve been for nothing. In Joel’s mind I’m sure he thinks he sacrificed the whole world for Ellie and he’d do so again, but from an outside perspective, the world was beyond saving. The only real way out was to rebuild.

Things British people are mad about today

-Meghan and Harry baptizing their daughter with the title “Princess” which she would have had anyway seeing as she’s a granddaughter of a king?? Royalty is an opt-out system and she’s too young to opt-out. WHY is this news.

-Gary Lineker calling the government out for using Nazi-like rhetoric. There’s calls to get him fired from his job at the BBC, because now the Daily Mail believes in cancel culture all of a sudden, what a surprise.

A Labour MP including a trans girl’s name on a list of women murdered by men this year. Yes. This is really and truly a thing TERFS are mad about. Not the actual murder, just the murder victim being included on a list under her preferred gender. That is where we are currently at.

Huge sonic boom heard throughout Leicestershire and beyond — Leicestershire Live – News

Fire control received several calls but think it was a plane causing a sonic boom

Huge sonic boom heard throughout Leicestershire and beyond — Leicestershire Live – News

Leicester has been sonic boom’d. How fun! I heard it and thought it might be a car crash on the nearby road but thankfully no, just a fighter plane doing fighter plane things.

life updates

So things are a lot better this year than last year. I’m a freelance writer with The Mary Sue now which is fantastic! And I’m pretty sure my mental health has improved. Fingers crossed I can keep that up. I really, really hope so.

I stumbled across this old tweet thread I made, initially a stray thought on a Pokemon plushie sales tweet, and weirdly it seems to sum things up quite well.

Leicester vigil for Brianna Ghey

I came away with it with some anger because of all the hecklers who went past and shouted things. I overheard some guy shouting “Protesting doesn’t work!” obviously trying to pick a fight, some lads outside the crowd clapping sarcastically, and some absolute asshole walking past screaming “TRANS WOMEN CAN’T HAVE CHILDREN,” and continuing to scream it even as he was roughly turned away. Wtf?!

I heard a bottle was thrown at one point, I didn’t see it but holy fuck. I hope it was a plastic bottle and not a glass one?!

Many of the speeches were also drowned out by a guy down the road preaching religion with a very loud sound system. I have no idea if he was doing it on purpose, he did stop eventually, but it did rather feel like he was doing it on purpose.

As usual, it’s absolutely absurd and obscene that trans people have to put up with this. The actual memorial is beautiful but it should never have had to exist.