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The Brianna Ghey trial

The trial of the teenagers accused of killing Brianna Ghey starts today and there are details all over Twitter. It’s horrific. I read some and I desperately wish I hadn’t. I want to know but I don’t want to know.

My only hope is that once the details do become publicly known, they will horrify enough people to actually spur them into action.

Hobbit Hole

The other day Blogspot sent me a message saying that I once had a blog with them, decades ago, and did I still want it. I looked and it was this:

The title “Hobbit Hole”, some nice shade of green, and some HTML. I wonder what I was planning to do with it.

An interesting use of language

This headline says that “dozens” of far-right “counter-protesters” were arrested at the London pro-Palestine march, but I feel like describing that number as “dozens” is really downplaying how bad the far-right violence was. This headline reads as though there was a small number of neo-nazis causing trouble in comparison to a large number of pro-Palestine marchers causing trouble, but according to The Standard, “Some 126 people were arrested throughout the day, with at least 92 of them being counter-protesters.” Think of “dozens of” and you think of 12 people, maybe a little more, but not 92. Of all the people arrested at the march, most of them were far-right agitators. (I know plenty of marchers were detained, but a detain is different to an arrest, so the point still stands I think.) If Sky News can put in the article that there were 82 arrests of the far-right at the time the post was published, why not put that in the actual headline?

“Show some respect”

Here’s the front page of The Sun today, covered in poppies. God, Britain really has ruined that beautiful flower.

“War heroes last night called for pro-Palestine marches on Remembrance weekend to be cancelled, demanding ‘show some respect.'” It’s wild. As if calling for a ceasefire of another war couldn’t be the highest possible respect you could show to people who lived through WW1.

(Also, all the actual heroes of that era, the ones the poppies are supposed to be in remembrance of, are dead. We don’t know what they would have thought, although I doubt it would be “continue to bomb innocent people.”)

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

I’ve waited YEARS for this game! I played it all weekend, barely stopping to do much else if I’m honest. Didn’t get much sleep. Oops.

The game itself is rather glitchy unfortunately, I encountered a few rather frustrating problems. Including a graphical one where all the characters took on Mr Negative’s white glow, which was quite funny actually. And a few mission locations disappeared, and so on.

But none of that took away from the enjoyment of the story. I loved all these characters (except the ones I loved to hate.) But if you’ve read this blog enough you’ll know Harry was the main draw for me. I’ve written him so much that he half feels like my own character, you know? So here’s what I thought about his arc:


Bee-lieve it or not my attempts at luring bees to our garden were actually successful! We have a WHOLE NEST of BEES!

They’re cellophane bees aka probably one of the best kinds of bees you can have! They don’t sting (unless really provoked) and they’re pollinators. They don’t make honey but they do make a sort of plastic-y substance that I hear scientists are looking into as a plastic substitute? Amazing! Well done, bees.

Since they’re in the front garden facing the street I put up a sign to let people know they won’t sting.

Here’s a little video of them in action!

I love them so much.