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‘Gravity Falls’ Creator Alex Hirsch Calls Voter Fraud Hotline, Reports Hamburglar-Like Theft In His Characters’ Voices — Deadline

Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch decided to honor his civic duty by reporting a theft to the voter fraud hotline set up by the Trump campaign. The campaign aimed to collect evidence of “voter suppression, irregularities, and fraud” from the public. . The 35-year-old Hirsch decided that reporting a Hamburglar-like individual stealing ballots in a […]

‘Gravity Falls’ Creator Alex Hirsch Calls Voter Fraud Hotline, Reports Hamburglar-Like Theft In His Characters’ Voices — Deadline

God I love Alex Hirsch. Listen to the video at the link, you won’t regret it.

Happy birthday Gravity Falls!

Gravity Falls first aired eight years ago today. I epically regret not watching it as soon as I found out it existed, it would have been so much fun to solve the mysteries alongside everyone else. But hey, I’m here now! Here’s some of the best Gravity Falls fanart I’ve seen posted on Reddit over the past few months.

(This is the fanart which finally made me like Pacifica a little:)

There’s so many and they’re all SO GOOD, but this post is getting long, so the rest are under this cut:


Happy International Women’s Day!

To celebrate the occasion, here’s some of my favourite ladies from fiction!

Row 1: Amy Pond (Doctor Who), Sephy Hadley (Noughts and Crosses), Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy/MCU), Rose Tico (Star Wars), Elsa (Frozen/Disney), Melissa Chartres (The Last Man on Earth)

Row 2: Eowyn (The Lord of the Rings/Middle Earth), Quinn Ergon (Final Space), The Thirteenth Doctor (Doctor Who), Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time), Jane Foster (Thor/MCU), Amy Santiago (Brooklyn 99)

Row 3: Brook Soso (Orange is the New Black), Nebula (Guardians of the Galaxy/MCU), Erica Dundee (The Last Man on Earth), Kitty Winter (Sherlock Holmes), Rose Tyler (Doctor Who), Briony Tallis (Atonement)

Row 4: Meredith Quill (Guardians of the Galaxy/MCU), Missandei (Game of Thrones), Rey (Star Wars), Donna Noble (Doctor Who), Carol Pilbasian (The Last Man on Earth), Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame/Disney)

Row 5: Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones), Ash Graven (Final Space), Tiana (The Princess and the Frog/Disney), Sophia Burset (Orange is the New Black), Misty (Pokemon), Clara Oswald (Doctor Who)

Row 6: Bill Potts (Doctor Who), Mary Brown (Paddington), Mako Mori (Pacific Rim), Gwen Stacy (Spider-Man), Jackie Tyler (Doctor Who), Ursula Ditkovich (Spider-Man)

Row 7: Yaz Khan (Doctor Who), Mary Jane Watson (Spider-Man), Marceline (Adventure Time), Michelle (10 Cloverfield Lane,), Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow/MCU), Mantis (Guardians of the Galaxy (MCU)

Row 8: Eponine Thenardier (Les Miserables), Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls), Sandra Kaluiokalani (Superstore), Padme Amidala (Star Wars), Martha Jones (Doctor Who), Jasmine (Aladdin/Disney)

Row 9: Beru Whitesun (Star Wars), Nakia (Black Panther/MCU), Diana (Wonder Woman), Chummy Browne (Call the Midwife), Rosa Diaz (Brooklyn 99), Leia Organa (Star Wars)

This amazing Bill Cypher fanart, which turned out to not be Bill Cypher fanart

I found this on a Gravity Falls forum being marked as fanart of Bill Cypher’s true form, and I thought right away HOLY SHIT THAT’S AMAZING!

So I went back through various image searches to find the artist and turned out it wasn’t Bill Cypher at all! The piece is actually called Chronos, by FrankVenice.

But my gosh, it is also my headcanon for what Bill “really” looks like.