sean gunn

Sean Gunn <3

He got a lot of shit for this from the usual suspects (maybe… don’t click through to the whole thread), but I’m so proud of him for standing up to JKR and her constant slow drip of bigotry. It’s nice when actors you admire turn out to be good people.

James Gunn and co on Guardians of the Galaxy 2

The Guardians of the Galaxy crew did a watchalong of the second movie just like I wanted, and it was at 2am my time. Aw no. But, just like last time, I decided to put all the most substantive tweets together!


James Gunn and co on Guardians of the Galaxy 1

Apparently there was a watch-along of the first GOTG yesterday and James Gunn and the cast shared some stuff! I missed it all being in the wrong timezone and all, but here’s the highlights! I had a blast reading them, I hope they do Vol 2 next.

(Awww. :( )

I really don’t like that Quill ran out on his grandparents, never have, but it does make for good fanfiction fodder I guess. I doubt they were close.




Kraglin: Hey lets get married
Yondu: yeah totally we just need one thing… Quill, come here!

(Congrats to Sean!!! How exciting ❤️)

Oh my gosssssh I’m so happy for him <3


I wish to put an Opinion out there: Sean Gunn is the most underrated actor in the MCU. We don’t appreciate him enough. Dudes, as well as playing Kraglin (a role which required a heavy costume and plenty of make-up) he did all of Rocket’s motion-capture in both movies. He had to spend all day on set crouched down in a blue/green skintight suit making raccoon poses. According to James Gunn (yeah, he was directed by his older brother as well) he
had to do “a lot of strange physical things.” Yuh-huh.

AND he often had to play Rocket and Kraglin IN THE SAME SCENE, which required all sorts of camera trickery and impressive physical accomplishments. He had to play a scene where one of his characters is climbing on his other character’s back, guys!!!

He also acted one of the most heartwarming and devastating scenes in the entire two-hour span of the heartwarming and devastating GOTG 2, namely the bit where the Ravager captains return for Yondu’s funeral and Kraglin just collapses into near-hysterics:

And he didn’t even get his name on the top of the poster! Bah.