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James Gunn and co on Guardians of the Galaxy 2

The Guardians of the Galaxy crew did a watchalong of the second movie just like I wanted, and it was at 2am my time. Aw no. But, just like last time, I decided to put all the most substantive tweets together!


James Gunn and co on Guardians of the Galaxy 1

Apparently there was a watch-along of the first GOTG yesterday and James Gunn and the cast shared some stuff! I missed it all being in the wrong timezone and all, but here’s the highlights! I had a blast reading them, I hope they do Vol 2 next.

(Awww. :( )

I really don’t like that Quill ran out on his grandparents, never have, but it does make for good fanfiction fodder I guess. I doubt they were close.


James Gunn is Using Custom Michael Rooker Toilet Paper — Nerdist

Toilet paper wouldn’t have been our number one guess for which items would be hardest to come by during a global pandemic. (Well, depending on the global pandemic, of course. If a violent strain of the stomach virus were going around, we assume buying Charmin would be similar to living inside Mad Max: Fury Road.)…

James Gunn is Using Custom Michael Rooker Toilet Paper — Nerdist

*long pause*

That is quite something.

Sorry, James Gunn Never Said He’s Considering Silver Surfer or Galactus in Guardians 3 — MCU Cosmic

Earlier tonight James Gunn did one of his usual Instagram Q&As, and not long after it a fake image from it was being sent to websites claiming he said that he’s had conversations about Silver Surfer and Galactus in Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 3. The image doesn’t appear anywhere in his Instagram Q&A, but […]

Sorry, James Gunn Never Said He’s Considering Silver Surfer or Galactus in Guardians 3 — MCU Cosmic

I should have guessed really, I’ve never seen Gunn use a smiley-face emoji in my life.

Oh hey,

A major Doctor Who star just shaved their head for a role in a James Gunn comic-book ensemble film!

…No, not you Karen! You were FANTASTIC though.

Peter Capaldi is going to be in Suicide Squad! I’m so excited to see who he’ll be playing. I feel like it’d be just Gunn’s style to have him play one of the (apparently many) DC villains whose title is “Doctor”.

I do understand Disney firing James Gunn. On a fundamental level I guess I do. Even if the whole thing started as a right-wing campaign originating from a despicable racist. We know what Disney-the-corporation is like.

But I don’t understand how Ricky Gervais can make ableist jokes, transphobic jokes, a joke about masturbating to the slaughter of Jews in the Holocaust (it’s on one of his stand-up DVDs), and still get to be in Disney’s Muppets franchise.

And I don’t understand how Jack Whitehall can make homophobic jokes, ableist jokes, and pedophilia-implying jokes that specifically reference Disney, and still play Disney’s first gay main character.

And I don’t understand why Johnny Depp, a man accused of violence towards people including his wife, gets to still be one of Disney’s biggest stars.

And I don’t understand how Sarah Silverman can make ableist jokes about disabled children, tell a pedophile joke similar to Gunn’s ones but without a later apology, wear blackface (she did apologise for that one) and still be promoting Wreck-It Ralph 2 right now.

I just really, genuinely don’t get it. I once caught my mother crying at one of Gervais’s wheelchair jokes.

You just get the feeling that if Disney can fire James Gunn from a family film for making pedophile jokes ten-odd years ago, they can probably fire the guy who said,

I would say that I’m homophobic like I’m arachnophobic. I’m not scared of spiders, I’m not scared of gays, though I would probably scream if I saw one in my bath.

– from playing a “camp” gay character in one of their movies, you know?

(Or if it has to be pedophile jokes Disney will fire you for rather than homophobia or Whitehall’s/the entire British comedy industry’s old fallback of ableism, jeez, just dig up Bad Education.)