Happy anniversary, Endgame

On this day last year, Avengers: Endgame came out. I saw it in a theater with a bunch of other cheering fans, a situation I’ve never really been in before, and it was so much fun.

Loki got the biggest cheer of all (there was one group of dudes who seemed to be big Loki fans), I cheered for Gamora because heck if Loki’s getting a cheer she gets one too, everyone went nuts when Cap caught the hammer, when the Black Panther crew appeared and at “Assemble!”

I know not everyone likes cheering in a cinema, but it was really honestly quite electrifying for me.


T’challa, a weary sibling, testing new gear: is this a prank

Shuri, ignoring the 42 hidden 360° cameras, 26 hidden audio recorders, her YouTube livestream, her Instagram livestream, the camera she hid in his shirt for a first person pov, Peter Parker on the ceiling, the camera in her hair, Nakia behind the door, and all the Dora Milaje staring through the window: no


#she’s gonna show him a shit ton of vine compilations via @yawpkatsi






And what are these?

she’s right. Open-toed shoes are against lab safety regulations.

you look me in the eye and tell me shuri’s lab doesn’t have a low-grade stasis field that stops dropped objects 8 inches above the floor

you look me in the eye and tell me that’d make shuri be careless about the sacred, consecrated rites of lab safety.

you are correct and i was a fool



As a Disney Princess, Shuri could use a wisecracking animal sidekick, and I hereby nominate Rocket! He might be into it—I think these two will become friends over their shared love of inventing stuff. Also in this comic, Shuri is asking some of the many questions I have about aliens in the MCU. (Seriously, I would 100% watch a movie that’s just Shuri doing science and hanging out with the GotG.)

I’m reblogging this because Shuri is the best and we get to see all these characters in Infinity War in just a few days!!! (Also, I firmly believe that Rocket is the sort of person who tries to mess with his friends the second he feels the least bit comfortable around them. Here though, Shuri and Mantis don’t fall for it.)



Tag yourself, I’m Vision.

I love that Bruce is looking half-intrigued and amused more than blindsided or offended.

He’s not angry that this girl came up with something seemingly so SIMPLE they didn’t think about – he’s intrigued that someone comes up with that and makes it sound so easy.