fourteen favourite shots: Avengers Endgame

For the FIRST EVER! edition of Fourteen Favourite Shots I decided to do Avengers Endgame.

…which is in many ways a very ugly movie. I’M SORRY! But when I was screencapping it it felt like, so many scenes have this weird grey filter over them? Why?

However since I’m enhancing all the colours I suppose that doesn’t matter much.I still found it much harder than I expected to get a whole 14 shots I really loved though.

But! I do really love how the scenes on Vormir are lit. And that shot of Gamora on the top right is possibly my favourite shot of her ever – this tiny figure facing down the whole world.

I also totally love how there are two shots in here of a man staring at the woman he loves from the wrong side of a timeline.





*wakes up in a cold sweat* 

M’baku said they’re vegetarians, but then he says their fishermen pulled T’Challa up with their nets. If they have fishermen then they eat fish which means they’re pescatarian. OR they catch fish, and use it as fertilizer or something but don’t eat it. OR they just eat everything and M’baku is fucking with them 


They keep the fish as pets! Every mountain tribesman has a personal aquarium. They’re very proud of them.

Alternatively, M’Baku’s children are his woodland gorilla friends and he’s speaking for them with “we” but not necessarily for all his human clansmen.

Or he’s fucking with them.

it’s definitely that one

I got bored and decided to whip up a bunch of characters on Lego Marvel Superheroes. From top to bottom: Harry Osborn, Kraglin, M’Baku, Liz Allan, and MJ!