My favourite easter eggs/details/etc in Wandavision

I screencapped it over the last week or so and I discovered lots of fun things I missed while watching it first time round.

The Stark toaster light is the only splash of colour in the whole of episode one (until the stinger anyway) but it’s subtle enough that I didn’t actually notice it at first. Red for Scarlet Witch, red for Iron Man, and of course red for danger.

Hayward is almost certainly perving on this woman I think, which is 100% in character for him.

Norm’s real name, Abilash Tandon, is given in one of the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it research scenes. And his driver’s licence is dated 2026, the year I’m pretty sure the MCU is at now taking the lost five years into account.

I love how both Wanda and Vision are looking at the camera at the end of episode four, especially since that’s the episode it’s revealed people in-universe are watching them.

Vision’s newspaper says, “More dramatic details about the lights in the sky.” That would’ve been the drones SHIELD were flying in, I think.

Wanda’s bedsheets are, of course, all hexagons…

I’ve pointed this one out before but I love this split-second message in the opening credits of episode 7. It’s a message from Agatha, perhaps, or from Wanda’s own subconcious.

The news screens at SWORD read “celebration for the returned” and “families reunited” i.e. the exact two things Wanda isn’t getting to do.

Vision’s body is being kept in room 101, appropriate seeing as his death and dissection was Wanda’s worst fear. (I put this one on Reddit, we’ll see how that works out.)

[EDIT: Not well. Despite how often it comes up in political discourse, turns out far fewer people than I thought have read 1984.]

I might have mentioned this before as well, but I love the little Wizard of Oz reference here.

“The power of mother earth” seems to sum up Agatha’s witchiness nicely. (Or what little we learned of it, I’m still not exactly sure how her magic works.)

Mr Hart’s choking foreshadows what’s to come, Wanda accidentally choking all the townspeople. Maybe she accidentally did it to Mr Hart too.

An interesting juxaposition here since essentially a “big red” thing “kidnapped” everyone in the town. And another Wizard of Oz reference… which doubles as a meta reference since Sam Raimi directed Oz the Great and Powerful and he’ll be directing the next movie Scarlet Witch appears in!

Some great Wandavision creations

One of the other good things about Wandavision is that it seems to have unleashed a lot of creativity, so here’s some of my favourite artworks and the like that I’ve seen on Reddit!

Gosh there’s a lot of it! Sorry!

Wandavision episode 9

The last one! I had a lot of fun watching that but I feel it was a little too MCU-by-the-numbers for me. You know… “hero cleverly defeats villain/touching goodbye/sequel hook” bit. Not that the goodbye wasn’t touching, of course. I’m so glad they kept Vision dead (well, more or less) otherwise it negates the whole point of the show, which is that you have to move on past your grief and you can’t bring back the dead.

I’ll miss him though. I loved his weird brand of superhero-mythology philosophising.

There’s a part of me that almost feels like Agatha didn’t need to be in this show. I’m very glad she was (heh, I loved the Wizard of Oz reference, man Katherine Hahn is a shoo-in for the Wicked Witch if they really are remaking that movie isn’t she) but… I dunno, towards the end she felt a bit suplus to requirements, like Marvel realised audiences were expecting a big-budget flying battle and threw a couple of them in. I do like that Wanda did something pretty much… geniunely terrible to defeat her though. That has implications that are really interesting for the character going forward. As does the loss or maybe “loss” of the twins. Losing her children was what triggered the original comics version of House of M if I remember rightly?

God I LOVE Wanda’s Scarlet Witch costume. It was just really, really well done. And not sexualised! Look:

As a big fan of superhero costume design WandaVision might have been worth it for that alone?

Moving on… the Pietro reveal was, uh… disappointing. So no X-Men universe after all, unless something’s going to happen in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Which this last episode really felt more like a prequel to, not that that’s neccessarily a bad thing. It’s just… Weird. That was a weird choice. I’ve seen people online expressing A LOT of disappointment about that and I can’t really blame them.

Oooh I have other questions which I guess might be answered in future stories too – Was Monica’s Skrull friend the friend she made in Captain Marvel, all grown up now? And she was the aerospace engineer, right? I’m not quite sure. Is it Nick Fury who wants to see her?

Also WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BEEKEEPER?! We never found out. Justice for the beekeeper.

I might write a few more things later in other posts, but there’s a part of me that thinks, even accepting a few bits of this finale were quite disappointing… I’ve had SO MUCH FUN watching it. Not just the actual watching part either, the bit where everyone goes online afterwards and screams theories at each other and just gets excited like we’re all leaving a movie theater. Seeing as how, you know, no movie theatres and precious little human interaction right now that’s really been quite a big deal to me. So thank you, WandaVision makers.

Wandavision episode 6

Well I think we’re hurtling towards the end! Still no surefire answers though. Poor Vision, I’ve come out of this show really liking him. I can’t see him making it out alive though.

This new Pietro is fascinating because WHAT IS HE? He’s not exactly the X-Men Quicksilver and he’s definitely not the MCU one. And he knows stuff neither version should know, like that Vision is supposed to be dead. Who is he? What is he? Did Wanda rip him out of his own universe and just fill his head with the bare minimum she thought he should know?

Rest of the thoughts are in bullet-points cos I’m lazy:

  • There was a reference to Kick-Ass in there!! In case you don’t know, both Quicksilver actors (Evan Peters and Aaron Taylor-Johnson) were in that movie.
  • Heh this episode is riffing off Malcolm in the Middle which I just started watching during lockdown! Same font for the title and everything. Billy and Tommy are much less obnoxious than the kids in that show though.
  • And now Darcy is in the sitcom world so I suspect the next episode will be a riff on 2 Broke Girls, the sitcom Kat Dennings was actually in!
  • So many hell and demon references in this episode, plenty of them from Pietro’s mouth, hmmm.
  • The 90s Claymation ad was so unsettling but I wonder what it’s referencing, maybe Wanda’s subconscious realising this whole magic thing isn’t going to work?
  • Wanda to Pietro: “I’ll turn you into a pickled herring.” Or… a red herring?
  • When Vision is dying his only thought is to save the innocent people inside the Hex, no wonder he could lift Thor’s hammer.
  • It was weirdly touching seeing that brief flashback of original Quicksilver.
  • I noticed the movie theater was playing, “The Parent Trap” and “The Incredibles”… Hm, like a sign that maybe someone is trying to trap Wanda into producing incredible children…
  • Who is the person Monica is calling in?! They’ve built that up too much now for it not to be someone big.
  • Wanda to Hayward and his soldiers: “You are not a clown. You are the entire circus.”

Wandavision episode 4

AAAAAAAAAAAAh that was a wild ride. I wish they’d found a way to keep every episode in the sitcom format but I can accept that would be kinda difficult I guess.

Hey it’s Darcy! I knew she was on the cast list but I had no idea how/when/why she’d show up. I’m amused that she seems to kept the same wooly hat for ten years.

But seeing the aftermath of the un-Blipping was probably the highlight of me this episode. I’ve wondered about that for years, I think every MCU fan has, and now we finally get to see the impact it had on normal non-superpowered people. It’s so great to see Monica as an adult but with it comes the relevation that Maria is dead, and not only that but she died believing her daughter was probably dead too. That’s really quite saddening. Great fanfic fodder of course but man, Maria deserved better. Carol would have been alive so was she with her at the end? (Also, I know Brie Larson is probably busy but I kinda feel like SWORD ought to have contacted Carol about all this. Or called Hulk or any of the surviving Avengers. How about Hawkeye? He already knows and has a strong connection with Wanda.)

Lots more questions posed this episode. Why doesn’t Agnes have a real-life counterpart? Neither does Dottie either I think. Why did Wanda see Vision as a corpse? I think we know the answer to that admittedly but is her reality finally starting to break down? What happens when it does?

I noticed that right at the end of the episode Vision is sitting next to Wanda but staring right at the camera, like he’s pleading with us to get him out of there.

Marvel Cinematic Universe expands back and forth at Super Bowl (videos)

Eeeek! Exciting stuff! I wonder what the brief flicker of Scarlet Witch’s comic book costume is all about.

Sci-Fi Bulletin: Exploring the Universes of SF, Fantasy & Horror!

Trailers for Black Widow and the new Disney+ Marvel shows were highlights of the trailers at this year’s Super Bowl.

At some point we all have to choose, notes Scarlet Johannsen’s Natasha in the Black Widow trailer.

And there’s the first proper glimpse of the Falcon and Bucky in action, a new take on the Scarlet Witch and Vision – and a vengeful Loki in the Disney+ trailer

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I love that Bruce is looking half-intrigued and amused more than blindsided or offended.

He’s not angry that this girl came up with something seemingly so SIMPLE they didn’t think about – he’s intrigued that someone comes up with that and makes it sound so easy.