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Some Avengers: Endgame concept art I ran into

(…like, a month or two ago)

Gaaah so there was a version of the movie with Nakia in it (even just at the end) and we didn’t get it? >:(

(also fuck yeah Gamora!)

This one’s by Phil Saunders and he said: “It would have been revealed, however, that [Rhodey] was actually piloting it remotely as he was still suffering from PTSD from his crash during the events of Civil War. I liked the character arc of him eventually having to get back in the suit, but we’d already done a similar reveal in Iron Man 3, so it felt like a repeated beat.” Hm I guess, but it wasn’t that similar, I’d have liked a lil more of Rhodey handling his PTSD I guess.

Cool hat, The Ancient One! Something to make all the other girls go “ooh, that’s nice.”

Aw man I can see why they didn’t use Ant Man’s Giant Ants, too much else going on, but a gun being fired off the top of one amuses me.

Alternate Captain Marvel scene. Oh man I gotta buy this book just so I can see those panels properly. (Nakia’s in the background of this one too, when was she cut out of the movie?!)

Aw dang this is a tiny image but that’s meant to be Thanos’s biological family! (I guess they’d have appeared in a flashback or something?)

These weird looking dudes, okay I can see why they were cut out, way too much going on in the final battle without throwing them in as well

ROCKET WEARING A PIECE OF GROOT! Oh man, that’s just too sad. I gotta go lie down.

Captain Marvel Freehand Colored Pencil and Marker Drawing

This is really good, I love the colours.

With the buzz over the first female-led Marvel movie last March, I set out to create this mixture of marker (as a base) and colored pencil drawing of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel. I’m a purist, so I prefer using just one medium at a time, but for a drawing like this, I definitely liked how the mix turned out.

Etsy link for prints:

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I saw Captain Marvel yesterday! I feel I guess kinda odd about the fact that the film’s main message is (spoilers) “Your commanding officers have lied to you: your enemies aren’t monsters, just terrified refugees who need your help” BUT the film is sponsored by the US Army. It’s a very good film (it’s essentially an out-and-out female power fantasy) I just dunno what to make of that.