Happy anniversary, Endgame

On this day last year, Avengers: Endgame came out. I saw it in a theater with a bunch of other cheering fans, a situation I’ve never really been in before, and it was so much fun.

Loki got the biggest cheer of all (there was one group of dudes who seemed to be big Loki fans), I cheered for Gamora because heck if Loki’s getting a cheer she gets one too, everyone went nuts when Cap caught the hammer, when the Black Panther crew appeared and at “Assemble!”

I know not everyone likes cheering in a cinema, but it was really honestly quite electrifying for me.

Marvel Cinematic Universe expands back and forth at Super Bowl (videos)

Eeeek! Exciting stuff! I wonder what the brief flicker of Scarlet Witch’s comic book costume is all about.

Sci-Fi Bulletin: Exploring the Universes of SF, Fantasy & Horror!

Trailers for Black Widow and the new Disney+ Marvel shows were highlights of the trailers at this year’s Super Bowl.

At some point we all have to choose, notes Scarlet Johannsen’s Natasha in the Black Widow trailer.

And there’s the first proper glimpse of the Falcon and Bucky in action, a new take on the Scarlet Witch and Vision – and a vengeful Loki in the Disney+ trailer

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Have people realized that after Loki says “Odin’s son” and looks at Thor teary eyed then drops his gaze and says “swear to you my undying fidelity”, he’s actually saying that to Thor? It was around the same moment the knife appeared in his hand. He decided he was dying for his brother then, and he wanted to settle all the history between them and he wanted him to know he was loyal to him until his dying breath. The look in Thor’s eyes shows that he understood what it means and he’s so goddamn scared. It fucks me up.


Favorite MCU Character Journeys: Tony Stark, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor Odinson, Loki Odinson, Dr. Stephen Strange, & Nebula