I’m into thorquill specifically because I think it’s hilarious to stick it to chris pratt, but the more I think about it the more I’m on board. hear me out:

1. rivals to lovers

2. peter’s excited “here it comes” before thor gave his catchphrase

3. thor stalling as much as possible bc he wanted peter to tell him he loved him too

and, most importantly,

4. uncle peter

Thor: Love and Thunder trailer!

LOVE (and thunder) it. This might be one of the best teasers I’ve ever seen from the MCU actually, it captures a Vibe without revealing much of the plot. And it’s SO GOOD to see the Guardians of the Galaxy again!

However, the best bit was when Lady Thor showed up and my husband said, absolutely thrilled, “That’s her! That’s Jane Fonda!”


“…and I wondered if he missed me, if anyone else did.”

thor: love and thunder set pics

The Daily Mail posted a bunch of them, but I don’t want anyone to have to go to the Daily Mail site (FUCK no) so I grabbed a few to post here. The better option, I promise.

Whatcha wearing there, Thor?

Hating Chris Pratt as a person but loving Star-Lord is really hard, it suuuuucks.


KRAGLIN! Is it weird that I’m almost more exited to see him than any of the other GOTG, since he sat out Infinity War and all? I wasn’t expecting him to even be in this movie! I have no idea what role he’ll play here but I hope it’s something big.