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Marvel Cinematic Universe expands back and forth at Super Bowl (videos)

Eeeek! Exciting stuff! I wonder what the brief flicker of Scarlet Witch’s comic book costume is all about.

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Trailers for Black Widow and the new Disney+ Marvel shows were highlights of the trailers at this year’s Super Bowl.

At some point we all have to choose, notes Scarlet Johannsen’s Natasha in the Black Widow trailer.

And there’s the first proper glimpse of the Falcon and Bucky in action, a new take on the Scarlet Witch and Vision – and a vengeful Loki in the Disney+ trailer

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My completely bizarre, incomprehensible MCU crackship is Kraglin/Bucky

I’m also convinced Valkyrie had a one-night stand with Aleta at some point

*chinhands* I buy both of these. Tell me more.

Weeeeeell I figure that Kraglin and Bucky would just sort of get each other, both of them carry one hell of a lot of guilt, both are loyal almost to a fault, they’re both soldiers in one way or another… plus damn do both of them deserve a loving, normal relationship…

As for Valkyrie and Aleta, I kind of imagine that Valkyrie spotted her one day and for juuuuuuust one second almost thought she was seeing Hela, because their aesthetics are pretty similar. Aleta noticed her brief discomfort and they struck up a conversation/verbal sparring match which ended in a one-night stand. (Lots of drink was probably also involved.) This was either before Aleta got married to Stakar or they just have an open relationship. (They probably do.)

(Dammit I kind of want to write that last one now, although I might have watch Ragnarok with a focus on Valkyrie a bit more first.)