okay i have a loki question

how the fuck did odin sneak him into asgard?

like, heimdall saw that shit right? odin comes back through the bifrost and heimdall is just “…………….”

heimdall: that’s a baby

odin: yes! he’s my son! ………..loki. i’m going to dress him in green and black, because that worked great last time

or odin comes back and is trying to figure out, how to play it, and heimdall and frigga are just waiting for him and completely deadpan

frigga: ah, husband! you have returned from war in time to meet your newborn son. who i had. after being pregnant. secretly.

odin: what



loki: *baby noises*

odin: right

honestly, i just need heimdall going up to frigga like “you won’t believe what your husband just did”

odin: he’s a replacement for the child I had to lock away in the shadow realm.


odin: I’ll do better by this one.  I know I will.


heimdall: You mean Frigga will.

Odin: Please can we keep it? It’s cute and changes colours and smiles at my empty eye socket. I promise I’ll take care of it I’ll feed it every week and I’ll dress it in green and black and I’ll teach it to throw knives and it will be great!

Heimdall: Frigga, he stole a baby. Say something.



Post-Ragnarok Thoughts (Includes Spoilers): 

Thor, post-Ragnarok, doesnt really know what to do with himself. he’s lost. so he pushes some buttons and manages to space-skype-call steve rogers. thor relates to steve what went down, and basically goes. im king even though i didnt really wanna be, not really sure what to do please help

and steve goes hey have you ever heard of democracy

 so thor, having found a way to maybe not have to be king of asgard or at least be king with a lot more explicit support, delightedly calls a shipwide meeting. he explains the concept of voting (maybe not like. super clearly) and issues ballots. the vote goes like this:

Everybody who’s not really sure what’s going on with this voting thing just votes for thor. that seems like a safe call. some of the really confused ones just write in their own names. a fair number of other asgardians, who actually understand what’s happening, vote thor on purpose, but a lot of it is confusion.

Loki votes for himself. he doesn’t really want to be in charge of this mess but honestly he can’t help himself. Several of the escaped gladiators also vote loki, mostly because they didn’t really follow the whole loki-thor dynamic and loki summoned a giant flaming magma man to kill a planet, which was pretty cool. that guy seems to have a handle on stuff.

the Valkyrie votes “Thor, lord of sparkles.”

Every child votes hulk. they were all issued ballots because nobody realized they maybe shouldn’t be. dr banner votes Hiemdall. 

literally every person who has a good grasp on the situation votes heimdall. thor votes hiemdall.

hiemdall loses to thor by one vote. it was heimdall’s. he voted for thor.

This I can accept.

Thor: Ragnarok is a good and smart film, but if I could change one thing about it it would be this:

It would end with Thor giving up his kingship entirely, since the whole Asgardian system of monarchy has pretty much proved itself to be built on bones, and suggesting the Midgard system instead.

Heimdall becomes the new, elected, Asgardian ruler. (Valkyrie plans to run in the next four years.)