Disney thoughts:

You can’t make blanket statements about the quality, ethos, or artistry of Disney-owned media, because the Disney company has existed for a literal century, buys up everything they can get their hands on, employs 195,000 people as of 2022 according to Wikipedia, and spans the entire globe.

“Disney” doesn’t make things, they just own them, and they buy the rights to more and more media every single day. There are countless people with genuine talent and heart making the media that Disney slaps their label on, and adopting the black-and-white mentality of “Disney = bad, therefore all Disney media = bad” is incredibly reductive and unfair to all the artists that Disney exploits.

Yes, the corporate Disney overlords censor the artists and water down the art, but doesn’t that mean we should be supporting the artists even more, and showing them that we see them, their art, their passion even despite the corporation’s meddling? There are so, so many artists working for Disney who are active right now on Twitter, talking in depth about the horrors of the company, but begging people to please still support their art, because Disney didn’t make the art and the art still deserves to be seen. There are countless artists in a position of, “make it with Disney money or don’t ever get to make it at all, because making art is fucking expensive.”

Should we throw up our hands and say, sorry, Dana Terrace, you’ve made a delightfully charming show about a queer Latina witch girl, but it’s got the Disney label on it, so fuck you? Fuck Howard Ashman while we’re at it, he poured his queer experience into The Little Mermaid, but we can’t talk about that because Disney Bad. Domee Shi directed a heart-filled movie about a Chinese-Canadian girl coming into her own and navigating generational trauma? Eh, it’s Disney, so obviously it’s not authentic, so fuck Turning Red, and fuck Encanto while we’re at it! Yeah, representation matters, but Disney Bad!!!

Disney the company is evil. Disneyowned media is case-by-case. Chapek isn’t sitting in his office pushing the “make movie” button. For every shitty cash-grab nostalgia-bait remake they churn out, they’re still a company that owns half the world and employs countless artists trying like hell to tell genuine stories. You’re not obligated to engage with them, you’re not required to like them, but the bullshit take of “Disney bad, therefore everything Disney slaps its name on is just as evil” is the most asinine thing I have ever heard.

That’s not even getting into their other media divisions, like book publishing or video games. They have their fingers in every single media pie that exists, and you can’t solve industry-wide problems with “Disney bad, never engage with anything that has their name on it.”

Some fucking nuance, people, I beg you.

If a very rich man buys a poor man’s artwork, puts it in a frame worth more than the poor man’s house and tells the world it belongs to him now, does that then render the artwork worthless?

the new disney announcements

…Or that’s how it felt? Like my first thoughts weren’t “Wow a load of new toys!” but “How the hell am I meant to find time to watch THAT MUCH STUFF, especially if I want to keep up with the basic MCU story?” I’m getting old.

That being said…

  • Marvel’s What If looks pretty good. It’ll be nice to see Yondu again.
  • The I Am Groot shorts and the GOTG Holiday Special excite me, but since the Special is coming out in 2022 I guess that’s confirmation we won’t see GOTG 3 until 2023 at least. Also, how on Earth are they going to do it without Gamora, who is still AWOL in-canon? :/
  • I guess the third MCU Spider-Man really will be a multiverse and I don’t know how to feel about that.
  • Fantastic Four? In this economy?
  • omg Xochitl Gomez (Dawn from The Babysitters Club) is playing America Chavez! I’m super unfamiliar with the character but she’s such a good young actress, I’m so happy for her!
  • Oh a Buzz Lightyear thing! I guess that means Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (I used to love that show as a kid) isn’t canon anymore? That’s a shame. I am pettily delighted that Chris Evans has basically taken over from all-round asshole Tim Allen though.
  • Honestly the news that T’Challa won’t be recast is kind of really saddening, to me at least. That means he as a character is dead in-universe, after cheating death a couple of times already. He was a great character even without the superheroics and now he’s just gone. I get it but man, how absolutely crushing.
  • Oh wow a Tiana/Princess and the Frog show! Wow finally Disney are paying attention to her. It only took what, ten years after the movie?
  • Obviously Hayden Christensen back as Anakin is the big exciting news!! for me, but the other Star Wars stuff looks good too. It’ll be nice to have a Lando show. (I was kind of hoping it’d be Old Lando looking for his daughter rather than Young Lando though.)
  • I wonder if they can sneak Hayden into the new Ahsoka show as well.

Note that all these announcements happened around 1am my time.

Unexpected Gamora

I decided to screencap Wreck-It Ralph 2 and I realised one of the little avatars walking around is Gamora!

There she is in the middle! And that’s Darth Maul poking his head out at the bottom and Iron Man is in the crowd too.

Though that does rather raise the question, since the little square people are meant to be “real” internet users in the movie, why are all these characters who are also presumably fictional in Ralph’s world walking around using the internet? Unless in the terms of this movie all Disney IPs are in fact real characters/people who just happen to live on the Internet? (See: the princesses.) But in that case why are Gamora, Maul etc square avatar thingys instead of looking how they do in their respective movies?

(My head hurts.)

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“Live-action/CG hybrid”


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Disney Reveals Its First Ever Animated LGBTQ Character with Lena Waithe Voicing Role in Onward — PEOPLE.com

This is good. I think this is good? I keep hearing different things on Twitter. Well done Disney, although man it’s taken so long