Some Spider-Man: No Way Home cosplays!

While eagerly awaiting No Way Home I spoiler-blocked everything, but some cosplays that people wore to the premieres and midnight showings slipped through the cracks. And hey, there’s no spoilers involved here, so check them out!

(Reddit doesn’t embed properly, sorry. Still worth clicking through though.)

And this one’s my favourite:

Some great Wandavision creations

One of the other good things about Wandavision is that it seems to have unleashed a lot of creativity, so here’s some of my favourite artworks and the like that I’ve seen on Reddit!

Gosh there’s a lot of it! Sorry!

Some good halloween cosplays I saw online this weekend

(Since there was obviously no Halloween this year.)

Wreck-It Ralph 2

It came out like… two years ago? But I finally saw Wreck-It Ralph 2. It was good! Very much a metaphor for what takes place in a parent’s mind when their kid moves out, I think.

(It completely tramples over a pretty major plot point from the original though, the question of what happens if a character isn’t in their game, but eh we’ll ignore that.)

This film is basically Ready Player One for kids, PACKED full of references. However the one I laughed the most at was this one during the credits:

I wonder if they got permission from the BBC for that but actually it’s much funnier if they didn’t.

Anyway… I would absolutely love to cosplay as Shank one day.

I actually have almost those exact same jeans and that exact same jacket! Stroke of luck!

some good MCU cosplays

Hey remember how I posted a bunch of good Star Wars cosplays for May 4? Well, I’m gonna stick with that idea! Here’s a bunch of equally good MCU cosplays I found on Reddit.

(My gosh, there’s a lot of good Black Widows)