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Unexpected Gamora

I decided to screencap Wreck-It Ralph 2 and I realised one of the little avatars walking around is Gamora!

There she is in the middle! And that’s Darth Maul poking his head out at the bottom and Iron Man is in the crowd too.

Though that does rather raise the question, since the little square people are meant to be “real” internet users in the movie, why are all these characters who are also presumably fictional in Ralph’s world walking around using the internet? Unless in the terms of this movie all Disney IPs are in fact real characters/people who just happen to live on the Internet? (See: the princesses.) But in that case why are Gamora, Maul etc square avatar thingys instead of looking how they do in their respective movies?

(My head hurts.)

Wreck-It Ralph 2

It came out like… two years ago? But I finally saw Wreck-It Ralph 2. It was good! Very much a metaphor for what takes place in a parent’s mind when their kid moves out, I think.

(It completely tramples over a pretty major plot point from the original though, the question of what happens if a character isn’t in their game, but eh we’ll ignore that.)

This film is basically Ready Player One for kids, PACKED full of references. However the one I laughed the most at was this one during the credits:

I wonder if they got permission from the BBC for that but actually it’s much funnier if they didn’t.

Anyway… I would absolutely love to cosplay as Shank one day.

I actually have almost those exact same jeans and that exact same jacket! Stroke of luck!


Then and now.

(friendly reminder that all disney princesses went through a redesign only so they could fit the animation style of Ralph Breaks the Internet)


#My two moods



What kind of a princess are you?

Tiana is holding Aurora back! She’s like, “Aurora honey, no.”


Walt Disney Animation Studios Announces Wreck-It Ralph 2 (via ComicBook.com

“Rich Moore came online in a live facebook broadcast Thursday, starting by thanking fans for the success of Zootopia. He then brought out his co-director Phil Johnston for a special announcement. Before they could make the announcement, though, John C. Reilly, who voiced Wreck-It Ralph in the movie, which the two of them co-wrote, came on screen wearing over-sized Ralph toy fists.

Wreck-it Ralph 2 is officially coming March 9, 2018.”