Don’t Meep. Meep and you’re dead. They’re fast. Faster than you can believe. Don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. And don’t meep.
Good Luck.

One of our favorite pop culture mashups (previously featured here) has been brought to life in glorious cosplay form. Behold, the Meeping Angel.

If you know who created this super awesome costume, please contact us so we can post proper credit.


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Here’s further awesome proof that cosplay is for everyone! Brazilian cosplayer Solange, aka Tia sol (“Aunty Sun”) has won the heart of the internet with her wonderfully accurate homemade costumes and convention appearances around her home city of Manaus, Brazil.

“A friend said that I wouldn’t have the guts,” Solange told BuzzFeed News. “I chose a character and had the costume made without saying another word.”

“I don’t miss a single event in my city. I’d really like to visit other ones, but have you seen the price of the fares?”


“I never thought that I would be well received among the young people, I’ve made a lot of friends during all of this.” Cosplay conventions have become a sort of a haven for Solange: “I can launch myself into the world of make-believe, where anything goes.” Her next event is coming up in December. “I’m finishing up the painting on my new cosplay, Granny Juju from Jorel’s Brother.”

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We need more old women characters in media


Wonder Woman by  Cutiepiesensei Cosplay

“ It’s about what you believe in. And I believe in Love.”

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Photo by @idruthat

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I was not elected to watch my people suffer and die while you discuss this invasion in a committee!

Padmé Amidala Cosplay; Star Wars (The Phantom Menace)
Kubota Gardens Shoot

Padmé Amidala: @tauntaunting [FB]
Photography: @sisterite [FB | WWW]


“I won’t fail you. I’m not afraid!”

Luke Skywalker cosplay (+lightsaber) is selfmade by @itsloki
Photography by @qubey

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