A few pics of my Starlordy self chillin’ out at Comic Con

My tickets to the Birmingham Comic-Con are BOOKED! Hooray! Now I just have to plan my Star Lord cosplay.

I have a passable jacket, trousers and boots already. The t-shirt is…. actually not expensive! Hooray!

Walkmans are HOLY SHIT EXPENSIVE?!?! but luckily I already have an old Walkman? Unfortunately it’s bright red. But I could paint it blue! (I wonder if it would still work.) Orange headphones are actually pretty easy to find and also quite cheap. (Would be handy to have a spare pair of headphones too.)

Turns out Star-Lord guns exist in plastic toy form and I guess I could paint one black? Unfortunately they’re £15 which… feels like too much? Oh well. We’ll see.

I have a plastic Groot to bring with me and my nails will be painted like STARS, wooo

Is anyone else going to Birmingham? Well if you see a female Star Lord walking around it could well be me