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fourteen favourite shots: Avengers Endgame

For the FIRST EVER! edition of Fourteen Favourite Shots I decided to do Avengers Endgame.

…which is in many ways a very ugly movie. I’M SORRY! But when I was screencapping it it felt like, so many scenes have this weird grey filter over them? Why?

However since I’m enhancing all the colours I suppose that doesn’t matter much.I still found it much harder than I expected to get a whole 14 shots I really loved though.

But! I do really love how the scenes on Vormir are lit. And that shot of Gamora on the top right is possibly my favourite shot of her ever – this tiny figure facing down the whole world.

I also totally love how there are two shots in here of a man staring at the woman he loves from the wrong side of a timeline.

Nebula & Rhodey

Every so often I’m reminded of how much I liked the relationship between Nebula and Rhodey in Endgame. It was completely unexpected but it makes so much sense. Both are pretty stoic, not prone to suffering fools, and of course both have cybernetic parts.

They spent five years, more or less, as friends. Nebula cared about/liked/respected him enough to use the nickname “Rhodey” even. What happened once everything was over? Did she give him a wary hug, like she’d once done with her sister, and run away?

If we assume Nebula ages in human years there’s a pretty significant age difference between them. When Nebula was at her lowest – sister gone, Thanos gone, old life gone, world gone – did she start seeing him as the closest thing she’d ever had to a proper father?

Some Avengers: Endgame concept art I ran into

(…like, a month or two ago)

Gaaah so there was a version of the movie with Nakia in it (even just at the end) and we didn’t get it? >:(

(also fuck yeah Gamora!)

This one’s by Phil Saunders and he said: “It would have been revealed, however, that [Rhodey] was actually piloting it remotely as he was still suffering from PTSD from his crash during the events of Civil War. I liked the character arc of him eventually having to get back in the suit, but we’d already done a similar reveal in Iron Man 3, so it felt like a repeated beat.” Hm I guess, but it wasn’t that similar, I’d have liked a lil more of Rhodey handling his PTSD I guess.

Cool hat, The Ancient One! Something to make all the other girls go “ooh, that’s nice.”

Aw man I can see why they didn’t use Ant Man’s Giant Ants, too much else going on, but a gun being fired off the top of one amuses me.

Alternate Captain Marvel scene. Oh man I gotta buy this book just so I can see those panels properly. (Nakia’s in the background of this one too, when was she cut out of the movie?!)

Aw dang this is a tiny image but that’s meant to be Thanos’s biological family! (I guess they’d have appeared in a flashback or something?)

These weird looking dudes, okay I can see why they were cut out, way too much going on in the final battle without throwing them in as well

ROCKET WEARING A PIECE OF GROOT! Oh man, that’s just too sad. I gotta go lie down.



Wired Magazine, June 2016

It doesn’t take long for the media to get their grubby noses in Rhodey’s business, so he decides to talk about his disability on his own terms.

The trash rags, meanwhile, focus on the fact he’s standing on the cover, and as you can imagine, become obsessed with finding evidence he’s faking his injury.

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Thanks so much to everyone who helped me find this image, you are all amazing <3