Wandavision episode 6

Well I think we’re hurtling towards the end! Still no surefire answers though. Poor Vision, I’ve come out of this show really liking him. I can’t see him making it out alive though.

This new Pietro is fascinating because WHAT IS HE? He’s not exactly the X-Men Quicksilver and he’s definitely not the MCU one. And he knows stuff neither version should know, like that Vision is supposed to be dead. Who is he? What is he? Did Wanda rip him out of his own universe and just fill his head with the bare minimum she thought he should know?

Rest of the thoughts are in bullet-points cos I’m lazy:

  • There was a reference to Kick-Ass in there!! In case you don’t know, both Quicksilver actors (Evan Peters and Aaron Taylor-Johnson) were in that movie.
  • Heh this episode is riffing off Malcolm in the Middle which I just started watching during lockdown! Same font for the title and everything. Billy and Tommy are much less obnoxious than the kids in that show though.
  • And now Darcy is in the sitcom world so I suspect the next episode will be a riff on 2 Broke Girls, the sitcom Kat Dennings was actually in!
  • So many hell and demon references in this episode, plenty of them from Pietro’s mouth, hmmm.
  • The 90s Claymation ad was so unsettling but I wonder what it’s referencing, maybe Wanda’s subconscious realising this whole magic thing isn’t going to work?
  • Wanda to Pietro: “I’ll turn you into a pickled herring.” Or… a red herring?
  • When Vision is dying his only thought is to save the innocent people inside the Hex, no wonder he could lift Thor’s hammer.
  • It was weirdly touching seeing that brief flashback of original Quicksilver.
  • I noticed the movie theater was playing, “The Parent Trap” and “The Incredibles”… Hm, like a sign that maybe someone is trying to trap Wanda into producing incredible children…
  • Who is the person Monica is calling in?! They’ve built that up too much now for it not to be someone big.
  • Wanda to Hayward and his soldiers: “You are not a clown. You are the entire circus.”

Wandavision episode 5

Ah, TFW that Disney+ show no-one thought would have too much of an impact ends up uh REWRITING THE ENTIRE MCU? This is the biggest thing Marvel’s done in ages. Massive MASSIVE spoilers from this point on:

The X-Men are now officially a Disney property and Evan Peters’ Quicksilver is here! The universes have officially merged! I feel slightly taken in, but in a good way. I was expecting the MCU Quicksilver right up til the last moment.

I remember during the last or second-last round of Marvel news Kevin Feige or whoever said they’re not making a X-Men movie for a while, but I guess the key word there was movie because hey! Now we have a whole X-Men TV show that they snuck in under our noses, damn.

This raises so many questions, is Magneto “canonically” Wanda’s father now? Man does that open up a can of worms.

But I noticed they actually mentioned and named “our” Wanda and Pietro’s parents for the first time ever in this episode. They gave the father’s name as Oleg, and the mother’s as Irina. Neither name is associated with Wanda’s (now apparently very convoluted) family in the comics I think? “Irina” means “peace” and “Oleg” means “holy” which I think is interesting…

…Might just add to the idea that something outright demonic is going on I guess? It’s a very popular theory that Mephisto might show up. Maybe the dickish SWORD director is really him? Or he has some important role to play at least. You know what, I’m gonna bet his first name is “Ralph.”

Non-multiverse-related stuff I noticed in this episode:

I love the trio of Woo-Darcy-Monica, I hope they become friends. I bet Monica starts manifesting superpowers before too long. Also she sounds mad at Captain Marvel I can’t help but notice. Did she promise to be there for Monica after Maria’s death and then never show up?

Monica also mentions contacting “an aerospace engineer” in this, folks seem to think it might be Reed Richards? If they cast him already and kept it quiet I’ll be dead impressed.

Wanda’s accent is back! My gosh she ran the credits to get out of an argument, ahahah. The scene between her and Vision was legit quite frightening for all the implications it has. She claims to love him but she might well have taken away all his agency and consent just to get the family she dreamed of. Man, Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany are absolutely killing it in this, I love how they can effortlessly switch from comedic scenes to horrifying ones at the drop of a hat.

Back to the multiverse: Please don’t mess this up, Disney. Don’t start rewriting the stuff that didn’t happen under your jurisdiction just cos now you have the rights to it okay? I trust you for now but only for now, I mean… you’re Disney. If frickin’ Tobey Maguire shows up next episode god only knows what I’ll do.

Wandavision episode 4

AAAAAAAAAAAAh that was a wild ride. I wish they’d found a way to keep every episode in the sitcom format but I can accept that would be kinda difficult I guess.

Hey it’s Darcy! I knew she was on the cast list but I had no idea how/when/why she’d show up. I’m amused that she seems to kept the same wooly hat for ten years.

But seeing the aftermath of the un-Blipping was probably the highlight of me this episode. I’ve wondered about that for years, I think every MCU fan has, and now we finally get to see the impact it had on normal non-superpowered people. It’s so great to see Monica as an adult but with it comes the relevation that Maria is dead, and not only that but she died believing her daughter was probably dead too. That’s really quite saddening. Great fanfic fodder of course but man, Maria deserved better. Carol would have been alive so was she with her at the end? (Also, I know Brie Larson is probably busy but I kinda feel like SWORD ought to have contacted Carol about all this. Or called Hulk or any of the surviving Avengers. How about Hawkeye? He already knows and has a strong connection with Wanda.)

Lots more questions posed this episode. Why doesn’t Agnes have a real-life counterpart? Neither does Dottie either I think. Why did Wanda see Vision as a corpse? I think we know the answer to that admittedly but is her reality finally starting to break down? What happens when it does?

I noticed that right at the end of the episode Vision is sitting next to Wanda but staring right at the camera, like he’s pleading with us to get him out of there.

Wandavision episode 3

I guess it’s only single episodes from here on? Ah well. I was totally spoiled for one thing because this morning “Pietro” was trending on Twitter, but it turned out to be a mention of him rather than his return! Well that’s good too. This is the first time he’s been mentioned since like… Age of Ultron, which is pretty daft really considering how important he was to Wanda.

Anyway this episode was packed with clues as to what’s really going on. Vision’s “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players” is 100% accurate, they’re all players in Wanda’s imaginary world. Herb’s cutting through the concrete wall is played for laughs but I took that as the part of him that’s aware of what’s going on trying frantically to get out. (Brrr.) Geraldine was an intruder so she has to go. I really expected Wanda was going to straight-up kill her so it was somewhat of a relief that she didn’t.

The advert this time was “Hydra Soak: Release the Goddess Within” which manages to have even more chilling implications than it would have done anyway, because if Wanda can rewrite reality and even create new life (the twins) who’s to say she’s not a literal goddess?

I see speculation ramping up that this mysterious unseen “Ralph” might be Mephisto and that the stork was also him, because otherwise why was there a random stork walking around unaffected by Wanda’s powers? I wonder.

I’m REALLY enjoying all this as you can probably tell. Also shout out to the outfits! Geraldine’s blue outfit with the fish and the blue waistcoat was a DELIGHT, did everyone dress like this in the 70s? Why did they stop?!

Wandavision episodes 1 and 2

I had no idea what to expect with this show and I’m glad I didn’t! Really, really good so far. Just the right balance of creepy-funny and funny-creepy.

Most of all I’m enjoying trading theories with people about what the hell is going on! It seems Vision has very little agency in this world (see: that incredibly unsettling choking scene) so I’m willing to bet that the “real” Vision is still dead and Wanda has just created an illusion of him. The other people in Westview I’m not sure about. I suspect Wanda might well have trapped some innocent people in her illusion and they have no choice but to play along. Apart from Agnes! There is obviously something more to her and I’ve heard two theories both of which I like, one is that she’s Agatha Harkness from the comics (whom I am not familiar with but she looks interesting) and the other that she’s Mephisto aka Comics Satan. We’ll see I guess! I haveta admit I can’t see Marvel introducing like THE DEVIL as a television character because, whole can of potentially problematic and/or offensive worms there, but hey I’ve been wrong before.

Many people have pointed out that the “commercials” we’re seeing on the show are actually representations of Wanda’s traumas. The “Stark” brand toaster which beeps alarmingly = the Stark bomb which nearly killed Wanda and her brother. And the “Strucker” watches = Baron Von Strucker and HYDRA experimenting on the twins. Oooh that was a clever way of doing things.

I think I’ve enjoyed this more than any other ongoing superhero property from the past six months.

star-lord is bi!

In the comics at least. Oh, I’m under no illusion that this’ll make it into the movies but I can cling on to a fool’s hope I suppose. Currently Twitter is laughing that Chris Pratt, who attends an anti-LGBT church it turns out, has actually been playing a bisexual character for years.

I spent so long liking Chris Pratt it was a terrible blow when he turned out to be a dickhead. But I will always love Peter Quill, who would NEVER attend an anti-LGBT church, NEVER vote for Trump in a million years and now is canonically bi and polyamorous! Which frankly makes a lot more sense for his character than being straight does. Sorry, or alternatively “suck it,” Chris.

the new disney announcements

…Or that’s how it felt? Like my first thoughts weren’t “Wow a load of new toys!” but “How the hell am I meant to find time to watch THAT MUCH STUFF, especially if I want to keep up with the basic MCU story?” I’m getting old.

That being said…

  • Marvel’s What If looks pretty good. It’ll be nice to see Yondu again.
  • The I Am Groot shorts and the GOTG Holiday Special excite me, but since the Special is coming out in 2022 I guess that’s confirmation we won’t see GOTG 3 until 2023 at least. Also, how on Earth are they going to do it without Gamora, who is still AWOL in-canon? :/
  • I guess the third MCU Spider-Man really will be a multiverse and I don’t know how to feel about that.
  • Fantastic Four? In this economy?
  • omg Xochitl Gomez (Dawn from The Babysitters Club) is playing America Chavez! I’m super unfamiliar with the character but she’s such a good young actress, I’m so happy for her!
  • Oh a Buzz Lightyear thing! I guess that means Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (I used to love that show as a kid) isn’t canon anymore? That’s a shame. I am pettily delighted that Chris Evans has basically taken over from all-round asshole Tim Allen though.
  • Honestly the news that T’Challa won’t be recast is kind of really saddening, to me at least. That means he as a character is dead in-universe, after cheating death a couple of times already. He was a great character even without the superheroics and now he’s just gone. I get it but man, how absolutely crushing.
  • Oh wow a Tiana/Princess and the Frog show! Wow finally Disney are paying attention to her. It only took what, ten years after the movie?
  • Obviously Hayden Christensen back as Anakin is the big exciting news!! for me, but the other Star Wars stuff looks good too. It’ll be nice to have a Lando show. (I was kind of hoping it’d be Old Lando looking for his daughter rather than Young Lando though.)
  • I wonder if they can sneak Hayden into the new Ahsoka show as well.

Note that all these announcements happened around 1am my time.

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