Marvel’s What If

SO much Marvel stuff going on the moment but okay, you guys have my attention. Interested in the Killmonger, Queen Ramonda and Yondu-T’Challa stuff going on here. And of course anything involving the Guardians and weird stuff in space. I thought I saw Ego in there, ooh. And also what I think was Scarlet Witch turning into an unstoppable glowy thing? I love unstoppable glowy things!

It’s SO NICE to see Yondu in full murdermode again, since obviously he won’t be in GOTG 3!

The poster also came out and I hope Gamora’s presence on it means they have something big planned for her.

A few stray “Loki” thoughts

(spoilers ahead!)

-It’s nice to have Loki confirmed as bi, a good step forward, but I have a dark feeling this will never be mentioned again and he’ll never be in a same-sex relationship, because Disney.

-Whoa Sif?! She hasn’t been in anything since Agents of Shield and I dunno if that’s even canon anymore. Is she even going to be in the new Thor movie, I can’t remember.

-So it seems like Natasha won’t be in this after all which I find terribly disappointing, like lots of people I was sure I saw her in the trailer but no that was Sylvie instead, who has a similar hairstyle.

-But that being said I love everything about Sylvie! Love her look, her fighting style, that cool little crown that doubles as a weapon, everything. I would definitely watch a Sylvie prequel show.

Why can’t I get MY hair to go like that?

-I’m not sure if I’ve got this “TVA kidnapping variants” thing exactly right but what if everyone working at the TVA is a variant of someone we already know? Like there’s Tony Starks and Black Panthers and Steve Rogerses running around there plucked outta their timelines and we don’t know cos they look different?!

-If this show is going the way I think, Loki having to become the best version of himself after facing everything he did wrong, I’m gonna start calling this show “MCU does The Good Place.” Cos, you know, quite a few similarities already.

-Oh my gosh a crocodile Loki! I’m gonna call him Crocoloki.

fourteen favourite shots: WandaVision

The MCU is pretty same-y aesthetic wise, but honestly I don’t care because I love the dramatic shots of people flying in the air. Also WandaVision bucks some of the more recent superhero movie trends and gives us bright colours! Really bright colours! Hooray!

Two thoughts I had while making this:

a) I really wish there was more Claymation in the MCU, it can be used to such unsettling effect!

b) Every time Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda looks directly at the camera I feel like I’m about to die.

A few quick thoughts on “Loki”

Hm… A lot of this feels like setup for the upcoming Multiverse stuff (which I have increasingly mixed feelings about) more than anything else. Also man, it’s really pushed the MCU over into “needlessly convoluted and complicated” territory now, which I was always hoping they might be able to avoid for… well, a few more years at least.

I appreciate that Frigga (or well, her ghost) plays a large role here, and it amuses me no end that the much-maligned but actually totally one of my favourites Thor: The Dark World continues to be one of the most important films in the entire MCU.

One little throwaway line here, “You’re that criminal with the blue box!” strikes me as possibly being a nod to Doctor Who, but I could be wrong.

I enjoyed the D.B. Cooper bit more than I thought I was going to, but there is still only one D.B. Cooper conspiracy theory for me.

(Not sure if I’m gonna “review” this show every week, life is super busy, we’ll see.)

a different ending for TFATWS

No The Falcon and The Winter Soldier tonight, obviously. But I’ve noted that so many people were disappointed with the ending, it’s the first Marvel project in ages to get a bad RottenTomatoes score even, and I think I see where they’re coming from? It was great to see Sam become Captain America and Bucky find some peace, just everything else didn’t really work.

One criticism that stuck in my mind was something along the lines of, “Would Sam getting Isaiah a statue and a museum exhibit really change things? Especially since he wasn’t asked first and now his likeness is sitting in a room filled with reminders of a past and government he hates?” And I sort of wonder if that wouldn’t have been a better ending, going with that. Sam shows Isaiah and Eli the new Captain America room with its statue and Isaiah hates it, really hates it. He gives Sam a look that says something like, “how could you do this without even asking?” walks away and that’s it. A reminder that superheroes can’t fix everything and an even more crucial reminder to us the audience that something similar happened in real life and can’t be undone.

It would’ve been a really bleak ending, but still. Maybe Eli stays.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 6

Aannnnd that’s the end! For now anyway. I admit I found this series a bit muddled at times. So many things seem to be glossed over, I guess? For example Sharon kills a dude using a face-melting weapon so horrific it must be a war crime, and she does this while working with the good guys and it just… isn’t mentioned again. Sam hears the words “mercury gas” or whatever it was but he doesn’t ask any follow-up questions. Maybe it will come up again eventually (I’ve heard a strong theory that this Sharon is a Skrull, which I like because she is absolutely nothing like the Sharon I remember) but I kinda feel like that moment encapsulates (enCapsulates?) a lot of the MCU’s biggest flaws, like, it shouldn’t even be entertaining the idea that maybe people on the “good” side can do that sort of thing and it’s okay cos it serves a greater purpose? Am I reading too much into that? I probably am, but… Eh.

And while we’re talking about flaws here’s one that isn’t the fault of TFATWS itself but an unlucky consequence of how the MCU works. When the “previously on” was catching us up on what past bits were important one of the clips used was Isaiah talking about his wife, and a little lightbulb in my head went “Wait, time travel exists in this universe. Reality warping exists in this universe. Are they going to bring Isaiah’s wife back to him?!” And they didn’t, and they shouldn’t because this isn’t that kind of story, but… It’s always gonna be a question in MCU stories going forward I think and that’s an impossible balancing act. Blending fantasy with the worst kinds of reality is just… Hard.

But anyway – I’m glad this show had a happy ending, seeing Sam and Bucky together with Sam’s family at the end was lovely. This whole thing was such a great showcase for those two characters and said a lot of very important things, I just wish it had been a little more consistent I guess?

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 5

Another incredibly hard-hitting episode. Sam’s saying “the legacy of that shield is complicated” sums it up about as well as it could ever be summed up I guess. That scene between Sam and Isaiah is probably one of the best-acted and most important ones the MCU has ever done.

Sort of jumping off that in a way, I’m geniunely kinda surprised the government in this show actually DID dismiss John Walker as Captain America because I have a depressing feeling they probably wouldn’t in real life. God knows you can probably find all sorts of modern-day examples of similar behavior that went unpunished, sigh.

Back to the MCU rather than reality:

I had no idea who that was Julia Louis-Dreyfus was playing but it turns out it’s someone from Latveria! Setting up for the Fantastic Four movie I guess? She was a big surprise.

It was nice to see Sarah again, also I realised recently that she shares that name with Steve’s long-dead mother, I wonder if Sam or Steve ever knew about that. (I am also a Sarah.)

I like that Wakanda had a new outfit created for Sam but oh man I can’t imagine how, after Bucky said “I need another favour,” the next words out of Ayo’s mouth weren’t something akin to “Oh fuck off Bucky.”

John Walker constantly screaming “I am Captain America!” sounded like a dark mirror of “I am Iron Man” in a way. Guess Walker is a dark mirror for a lot of people.

I really wish we’re gotten to know more about Lamar/Battlestar before he was killed off, I kinda want to hear his story and how he and Walker became so close.

Hm I think that’s all I’ve got coherent-thought wise, but this show has made me appreciate all over again how probably Sam’s biggest superpower is Being A Decent Person and man there really need to be more superheroes who have that as their power.