fourteen favourite shots: WandaVision

The MCU is pretty same-y aesthetic wise, but honestly I don’t care because I love the dramatic shots of people flying in the air. Also WandaVision bucks some of the more recent superhero movie trends and gives us bright colours! Really bright colours! Hooray!

Two thoughts I had while making this:

a) I really wish there was more Claymation in the MCU, it can be used to such unsettling effect!

b) Every time Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda looks directly at the camera I feel like I’m about to die.



So, this is still Loki.  This is Loki who is about a thousand years old, who lived his entire life on Asgard, who is 99% the same Loki that Thor and Frigga and Odin knew.  In every way that matters, this is the same Loki.

And he has to watch his parents die on what’s already the worst fucking day of his life and he doesn’t even get to say goodbye to either of them.  I cannot BELIEVE that the MCU made me watch Loki have to hear that his mother died before he could make amends with her twice.  Twice!

Then they made him watch his father die as well, except Loki never knows the hurt and anger they went through after his attempt to take over Midgard, he never knows the seething pit of rage he descended into while locked in his cell, he only knows that he’s failed on Midgard and suddenly he’s in this horrible place and they’re telling him that his entire world–the world he never got to say goodbye to–has moved on without him and is gone.

Frigga died because Loki told Algrim to take the stairs to the left and he never got to see her again, he never got to tell her that she really was his mother.  He never got to make peace with his father as he died in Norway.  He never got to see Asgard torn to atoms.  It’s all just gone.  And the choice of whether to sink back into rage at them or make peace with them has been ripped from him, he can’t rail at them and he can’t tell them he’s sorry.

They’re just gone.

The one bright spot is that he came to acceptance with Thor on Sakaar, Asgard, and on the ship.  He was really there, Thor really could hug him, and you could see Loki’s face lighten, there was hope, even if their parents were gone, he and Thor still loved each other and could find space for each other in their lives.

Then Endgame happens and Loki realizes that this tremendous power he’s been trying to fight, the kind that makes paper weights out of Infinity Stones, has decreed that he has to die about five minutes after he finds his patch of sun. 

And he doesn’t get to say goodbye to any of it, they’re all just gone.

A few quick thoughts on “Loki”

Hm… A lot of this feels like setup for the upcoming Multiverse stuff (which I have increasingly mixed feelings about) more than anything else. Also man, it’s really pushed the MCU over into “needlessly convoluted and complicated” territory now, which I was always hoping they might be able to avoid for… well, a few more years at least.

I appreciate that Frigga (or well, her ghost) plays a large role here, and it amuses me no end that the much-maligned but actually totally one of my favourites Thor: The Dark World continues to be one of the most important films in the entire MCU.

One little throwaway line here, “You’re that criminal with the blue box!” strikes me as possibly being a nod to Doctor Who, but I could be wrong.

I enjoyed the D.B. Cooper bit more than I thought I was going to, but there is still only one D.B. Cooper conspiracy theory for me.

(Not sure if I’m gonna “review” this show every week, life is super busy, we’ll see.)

a different ending for TFATWS

No The Falcon and The Winter Soldier tonight, obviously. But I’ve noted that so many people were disappointed with the ending, it’s the first Marvel project in ages to get a bad RottenTomatoes score even, and I think I see where they’re coming from? It was great to see Sam become Captain America and Bucky find some peace, just everything else didn’t really work.

One criticism that stuck in my mind was something along the lines of, “Would Sam getting Isaiah a statue and a museum exhibit really change things? Especially since he wasn’t asked first and now his likeness is sitting in a room filled with reminders of a past and government he hates?” And I sort of wonder if that wouldn’t have been a better ending, going with that. Sam shows Isaiah and Eli the new Captain America room with its statue and Isaiah hates it, really hates it. He gives Sam a look that says something like, “how could you do this without even asking?” walks away and that’s it. A reminder that superheroes can’t fix everything and an even more crucial reminder to us the audience that something similar happened in real life and can’t be undone.

It would’ve been a really bleak ending, but still. Maybe Eli stays.