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Because no matter where you are, on a desert planet… or a frosty world of ice… there will always be dark times.


Foes may appear when you least expect them.  And trusted confidants may turn against you.


You might find yourself thinking, I’ve got a bad feeling about this…


Or It’s a trap!  When life seems cold and lonely…


Hang in there. Don’t back down.  And never give up your dreams.


“A Special Self”

by Momo Black

this was
my final project for a history course I took this past semester. I had
no idea how physically tiring (and painful!) making a comic with 100%
traditional art was (cutting screentones! not easy!), but I’m very happy
to have had the chance to make it.

a note: 同志社, Dōshisha, is the name of the university. In Chinese, though, 同志 has the connotation of “gay (person), homosexual”

Lala is a term similar to the English “lesbian”

The dialogue of the people at the women’s meeting is quoted from Queer Women in Urban China by Elisabeth L. Engebretsen

you want all of the bibliography and historical notes that go with this
comic, then you’re in luck! I will be putting it up with the 8 pages of
notes on GumRoad for pay what you want, $1+. If you just want to
download the comic, it will be pay what you want $0+

also, I am offering commissions! please consider, thank u