peter capaldi

Oh hey,

A major Doctor Who star just shaved their head for a role in a James Gunn comic-book ensemble film!

…No, not you Karen! You were FANTASTIC though.

Peter Capaldi is going to be in Suicide Squad! I’m so excited to see who he’ll be playing. I feel like it’d be just Gunn’s style to have him play one of the (apparently many) DC villains whose title is “Doctor”.


A few more great shots of Peter’s GreenpeaceUK photoshoot by David Mirzoeff.


Everywhere I go, I am The Doctor, and everyone smiles at me – they are pleased to see Doctor Who, who’s far more exciting than I am.


Happy birthday, Peter Dougan Capaldi! (b. April 14, 1958)

I don’t remember ‘Doctor Who’ not being part of my life, and it became a part of growing up, along with The Beatles, National Health spectacles, and fog. And it runs deep. It’s in my DNA.