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HomeCon 2.0: Michael Rooker Panel — Cape & Castle

Homecon 2.0 was off to a great start with an Orphan Black panel followed by an Anime Voice actors panel! Another exciting panel of the day was the Michael Rooker (Yondu, Guardians of the Galaxy) Panel! We were so excited to hear what he had to say! So keep reading for the panel highlights! Michael’s Favorite Roles […]

HomeCon 2.0: Michael Rooker Panel — Cape & Castle

Ahh thank you for writing this up! This sounds like it was great!






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Better not acknowledge the fact that we just crossed the galaxy to come save the boy. Better just GRUNT at him. Great plan, A+ non-verbal conversation skills.

I mean what do you say?



Pfft. Too much emotion, can’t handle it. might swell up and die.

Much better to just grunt and acknowledge him and be done with it, y’know?

Peter’s utter bafflement in this scene really gets to me. Finding out that Yondu might be involved in rescuing him just completely threw him for a loop, and I have a lot of feelings about that.

Oh man, I know. Peter is just so completely confused by everything about this–not just that Yondu might be involved, but how the hell Yondu even got here. How did Yondu know where this place was? How did Yondu hunt him down, is Yondu magic, how did Yondu know he was even visiting Ego at all??? 

And then on top of that: Yondu’s turned up with no crew he sees, a weirdly small chunk of ship, having clearly come here for himself and not part of any crew initiative. Yondu looks weird, too, that fin being a visual shock. 

And Yondu is above all else deliberately trying to pull him out of trouble? Having expended that much effort to find him and help him?

Honestly, I’m startled that Peter isn’t even more baffled and bewildered. I sort of wanna hug both of them. 

James Gunn and co on Guardians of the Galaxy 2

The Guardians of the Galaxy crew did a watchalong of the second movie just like I wanted, and it was at 2am my time. Aw no. But, just like last time, I decided to put all the most substantive tweets together!


Kevin Smith Wanted Michael Rooker To Play Lex Luther in the SUPERMAN LIVES Movie

WHAT. Oh my gosh that would’ve been… kinda amazing, actually.

(I didn’t know they knew each other. That explains that video of Smith, bless him, crying his eyes out over Yondu’s death scene back in 2017.)

Entertainment Updates:

michael rooker yondu2.jpg

Way back in the 1990s, actor and director Kevin Smith was hired to write the script for a Superman movie called Superman Lives. The movie was being produced by Tim Burton, who was also set to direct. Nicolas Cage was famously in line to play the Man of Steel, and while all these big names were attached, the movie never came to be, and fans have always wondered what would have come of it.

All these years later, Smith was recently participating in a Mallrats viewing party, where he mentioned that Michael Rooker, who played Svenning in the movie, was his first choice for the role of Lex Luthor in Superman Lives.“When I wrote my Superman Lives script, Rooker was who I saw in my head as Lex Luthor. So his head shaving became yet another comic book reference.?

He even said that was why…

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Michael Rooker Open To Returning For Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3, But Not As Yondu — Entertainment Updates

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is still a ways away from seeing theaters, but one actor from the franchise is open to returning. Just not as the same character. Michael Rooker, who played Yondu Udonta, is always keen to work with director James Gunn. So when asked on the Inside of You with Michael […]

Michael Rooker Open To Returning For Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3, But Not As Yondu — Entertainment Updates

No-one’s floated the idea of him returning as Yondu in a flashback/vision/whatnot? That’s what I wanna see. Hey, he was a ghost on the GOTG ride even!

silvre-musgrave:Reblogging because Yondu has a freakin knife on…

silvre-musgrave: Reblogging because Yondu has a freakin knife on his left wrist bracer! I never noticed. Goes to show that Ravager captain is prepared for anything!

silvre-musgrave:Reblogging because Yondu has a freakin knife on… — 80’s Trash

I know nothing about how wrist bracers work but that one looks like, if Yondu ever wanted to actually use it as a weapon, it would have to be pulled out blade-first.

Which is incredibly in-character.

James Gunn and co on Guardians of the Galaxy 1

Apparently there was a watch-along of the first GOTG yesterday and James Gunn and the cast shared some stuff! I missed it all being in the wrong timezone and all, but here’s the highlights! I had a blast reading them, I hope they do Vol 2 next.

(Awww. :( )

I really don’t like that Quill ran out on his grandparents, never have, but it does make for good fanfiction fodder I guess. I doubt they were close.



Here’s Peter almost getting eaten by a monster again, plus Yondad and Kraglin trying to clean up the resulting mess. If you’re home for Thanksgiving this week, I hope you have fun and that things are less dysfunctional in your family than in this one. (Let’s be real: saying “I don’t hate you” is about as close as these guys get to saying “I love you.”)

MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

I had an absolute blast reading this. I DO want a Ravager spin-off SO DAMN BADLY and also that “jerk-off” line should have been in the movie.

Toni Watches:

Well if it isn’t the Guardians of the Galaxy, back for another funny, action-packed comedy adventure, shockingly rooted in deep, painful and beautiful emotion. On a scale of 1 to MY HEART EXPLODED, how awesome was it to see the gang again? The sequel was highly anticipated after the success of the original, which, let’s be honest, was a bit of a gamble in itself.

Sequels are hard, especially when the original was so beloved. But, Vol 2 knocked it out of the park, bringing us everything we have come to expect from this rag-tag group of lovable dickheads.

AND it solved the mystery of Quill’s parentage!

The movie began with a peek into the whirlwind romance of Peter’s parents, with her being awesome and him being CGI. He showed her a glowing flower-type thing in the forest (I’m sure it’s nothing), and then they made out a bunch.


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