Kevin Smith Wanted Michael Rooker To Play Lex Luther in the SUPERMAN LIVES Movie

WHAT. Oh my gosh that would’ve been… kinda amazing, actually.

(I didn’t know they knew each other. That explains that video of Smith, bless him, crying his eyes out over Yondu’s death scene back in 2017.)

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Way back in the 1990s, actor and director Kevin Smith was hired to write the script for a Superman movie called Superman Lives. The movie was being produced by Tim Burton, who was also set to direct. Nicolas Cage was famously in line to play the Man of Steel, and while all these big names were attached, the movie never came to be, and fans have always wondered what would have come of it.

All these years later, Smith was recently participating in a Mallrats viewing party, where he mentioned that Michael Rooker, who played Svenning in the movie, was his first choice for the role of Lex Luthor in Superman Lives.“When I wrote my Superman Lives script, Rooker was who I saw in my head as Lex Luthor. So his head shaving became yet another comic book reference.?

He even said that was why…

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