yondu udonta

There was one big thing I was kinda ‘meh’ on in GOTG2, actually (cut for huuuuge spoilers)

I thought the Ravagers showing up at Yondu’s funeral was a bit overblown, a bit cheap even? He did kill a bunch of them (albeit they were mutineers) and the Sylvester Stallone faction of them didn’t seem the type to go back on exiling someone. It just seemed like overdoing things, I guess, since everything that happened prior to that was emotional enough on its own without Stallone showing up to go “ah yeah guess he turned out a good guy after all”, especially since they themselves seem basically just to be a bunch of amoral bloodthirsty dicks.

(Also, if the Ravagers show up with fireworks after time one of their number dies, they must go through an awful lot of them)

I think it would’ve been more touching with just Peter and the other Guardians there, especially since I really don’t remember there being much indication beforehand that the Ravagers were supposed to be a sort of family unit who had any sort of love or honour among them. (I’m really not even sure Peter and Yondu were/did either, on Peter’s side at least and very reasonably, right up til the end.)


Yeh he’s cool… but an umbrella would’ve been nice.