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James Gunn is Using Custom Michael Rooker Toilet Paper — Nerdist

Toilet paper wouldn’t have been our number one guess for which items would be hardest to come by during a global pandemic. (Well, depending on the global pandemic, of course. If a violent strain of the stomach virus were going around, we assume buying Charmin would be similar to living inside Mad Max: Fury Road.)…

James Gunn is Using Custom Michael Rooker Toilet Paper — Nerdist

*long pause*

That is quite something.

Older stuff

Over the past few days I’ve been archiving lots of older stuff (from the bits of my old tumblr/twitter/facebook that the Internet Wayback Machine caught.) After all, the clue’s in the OVERLY DEVOTED Archivist name. So I thought I might post links to some choice older nonsense here, meticulously labelled, for your viewing pleasure.

Les Miserables

The saddest piecharts you will ever see (2013)
Long, rambling, very annoyed review of the BBC miniseries (2019)

Guardians of the Galaxy

Sean Gunn is the most underrated actor in the MCU! (2018)
A Theory about a GOTG scene (2018)
Ego and Yondu As Foils, Giffed (2017)
Snippets of interesting stuff from the GOTG Vol 2 commentary (2017)
The music of the GOTGs/Meredith Quill’s Subconscious (2017)
Yondu’s redemption arc (2017)


Attn: MCU on Harry Osborn (2015)
On Parksborn (2014)
How The Amazing Spider-Man 2 did Harry dirty (2014)
Gwen Stacy’s actual personality (2014)

Old But Surprisingly Good Fanfiction

What’s Left Of You (GOTG)
Goodnight (GOTG)
The First Casualty (Star Wars)
Pretty Dresses (Star Wars)
Humanity in the Abstract (Adventure Time)
Don’t Ruin It (Steven Universe AND Les Miserables! Yes really.)

Preview: Yondu #1 (of 5) — Graphic Policy

Yondu, lone Ravager and all-around scoundrel is about to hit the biggest pay day of his life when he stumbles upon a dangerous new weapon!

Preview: Yondu #1 (of 5) — Graphic Policy

Okay this looks really interesting, especially since I gather it’s about Pirate Yondu meeting his ancestor Original Yondu, and that multi-universe relation fix was a lot of people’s headcanon back in the day. But on the other hand Kraglin appears to be dead in this one, so eep, and also there’s no Peter and honestly the thing I care about most re Yondu is his relationship with Peter. (And also Michael Rooker’s performance, which obviously cannot be contained in a comic.) So… we’ll see! There’s quite a few comics I want to pick up next time I get the chance.

Tracking down Kraglin in Endgame

So it was afewdaysago o’clock that I learned Sean Gunn filmed some scenes for Endgame, and they got cut! I consider this an epic injustice. Look at this green-screen bit from the behind the scenes doc on the DVD. We almost got Peter and Kraglin fighting side-by-side!

And check out his look! He’s got a new fin and looks badass!

Here’s a shot of him aboard a space bike. (The Twitter account that first posted this has mysteriously gone, did the Mouse get them?)

Whether Kraglin was supposed to be besides Peter for the whole scene or on the space bike, I’m not sure. Apparently you can just about make out a space-bike-riding blob in the finished cut of the movie:

So maybe the scene of him on the battlefield was cut early on. I’d have really, really loved to see him there, though. Not only do I like the relationship between Peter and Kraglin and wanna see more of it, if the intention was for Kraglin to be wielding the Yaka Arrow (and he does look a bit like he’s whistling in the top image) that would have meant a part of Yondu was sort of present beside Peter in that battle as well. And that breaks my tiny GOTG-obsessed heart.

This is material ripe for fanfiction! After I’ve finished working on the post-Endgame fic I’m going at the moment, I reckon I’ll give something with Kraglin a whirl. I love that boy (and Sean too, meeting him at ComicCon was a true delight).


mcu meme – 15 characters: [2/15] Yondu Udonta

“I don’t use my head to fly the arrow boy, I use my heart.”


Now and again time on the Eclector went slow and someone would put on a shitty ‘classic’ alien film Peter knew nothing about, just to pass the time. 9 times out of 10 he got more entertainment out of Yondu’s constant grumbling snark than he did any of the movie.

The other 1 time it was probably some terrible porn

After weeks of melancholy consisting of very little to no art outside of work, finding the motivation to do an illustration is a happy surprise.  And all because I got a dumb doll in the mail haha


Kraglin: Don’t get me wrong, there were a lotta contenders.

Happy late father’s day, everyone!