Does anyone know what those three little arrows on Yondu’s jacket are meant to represent, or am I free to make something up?

I made this post so long ago BUT, I just remembered, someone asked Michael Rooker this at the Birmingham Comic-Con!

………They’re for playing darts with.

I honestly wonder if it was so that either

a) Yondu would stop trying to use his Yaka arrow while drunk to play darts with, because oh boy, you don’t want to know where that arrow ended up with when its user tried to whistle it around while being dead-ass drunk


b) The mini arrows are mostly to getting lil’ Peter to stop trying to steal the Yaka and still give him something to fiddle with


c) give Yondu something to throw at and puncture people that he actually likes without killing them in the process.

Or all of it. Or nothing. Ignore me, I’m just running wild with this because I just find it so funny. XD

Actually.. I thought those would have been his badges that represents his Captain’s role

Ohh, like stars on a general or something! I like that. Maybe I should mention Kraglin having a new uniform or something in Vital Part 2, and he had 2 of those little darts on his shoulder.

A ‘pin the tail on the yondu’ game went wildly awry?

I’m sorry I’m just wheezing at the idea of Yondu having this symbol on his jacket, everyone he meets speculating about what they mean, how he earned them, what badass adventure he must’ve gone on to be decorated with three arrows and then one night the crew is just hanging out and he throws them at a dartboard



actually ive decided that infinity war just needs to be 2.5 hours of peter parker trying his best to address various adult superheroes as politely as possible and struggling a lot. attempts range from “your majesty mr panther sir” (accepted with only a small twitch of the lips & shuri giggling a lot) to “starlord”, which earns him 2 hours of riotous mockery from a talking raccoon