Wandavision episode 4

AAAAAAAAAAAAh that was a wild ride. I wish they’d found a way to keep every episode in the sitcom format but I can accept that would be kinda difficult I guess.

Hey it’s Darcy! I knew she was on the cast list but I had no idea how/when/why she’d show up. I’m amused that she seems to kept the same wooly hat for ten years.

But seeing the aftermath of the un-Blipping was probably the highlight of me this episode. I’ve wondered about that for years, I think every MCU fan has, and now we finally get to see the impact it had on normal non-superpowered people. It’s so great to see Monica as an adult but with it comes the relevation that Maria is dead, and not only that but she died believing her daughter was probably dead too. That’s really quite saddening. Great fanfic fodder of course but man, Maria deserved better. Carol would have been alive so was she with her at the end? (Also, I know Brie Larson is probably busy but I kinda feel like SWORD ought to have contacted Carol about all this. Or called Hulk or any of the surviving Avengers. How about Hawkeye? He already knows and has a strong connection with Wanda.)

Lots more questions posed this episode. Why doesn’t Agnes have a real-life counterpart? Neither does Dottie either I think. Why did Wanda see Vision as a corpse? I think we know the answer to that admittedly but is her reality finally starting to break down? What happens when it does?

I noticed that right at the end of the episode Vision is sitting next to Wanda but staring right at the camera, like he’s pleading with us to get him out of there.