Wandavision episode 6

Well I think we’re hurtling towards the end! Still no surefire answers though. Poor Vision, I’ve come out of this show really liking him. I can’t see him making it out alive though.

This new Pietro is fascinating because WHAT IS HE? He’s not exactly the X-Men Quicksilver and he’s definitely not the MCU one. And he knows stuff neither version should know, like that Vision is supposed to be dead. Who is he? What is he? Did Wanda rip him out of his own universe and just fill his head with the bare minimum she thought he should know?

Rest of the thoughts are in bullet-points cos I’m lazy:

  • There was a reference to Kick-Ass in there!! In case you don’t know, both Quicksilver actors (Evan Peters and Aaron Taylor-Johnson) were in that movie.
  • Heh this episode is riffing off Malcolm in the Middle which I just started watching during lockdown! Same font for the title and everything. Billy and Tommy are much less obnoxious than the kids in that show though.
  • And now Darcy is in the sitcom world so I suspect the next episode will be a riff on 2 Broke Girls, the sitcom Kat Dennings was actually in!
  • So many hell and demon references in this episode, plenty of them from Pietro’s mouth, hmmm.
  • The 90s Claymation ad was so unsettling but I wonder what it’s referencing, maybe Wanda’s subconscious realising this whole magic thing isn’t going to work?
  • Wanda to Pietro: “I’ll turn you into a pickled herring.” Or… a red herring?
  • When Vision is dying his only thought is to save the innocent people inside the Hex, no wonder he could lift Thor’s hammer.
  • It was weirdly touching seeing that brief flashback of original Quicksilver.
  • I noticed the movie theater was playing, “The Parent Trap” and “The Incredibles”… Hm, like a sign that maybe someone is trying to trap Wanda into producing incredible children…
  • Who is the person Monica is calling in?! They’ve built that up too much now for it not to be someone big.
  • Wanda to Hayward and his soldiers: “You are not a clown. You are the entire circus.”