Spider-Man: No Way Home

I saw it! Small spoilers, then big spoilers beneath the cut:

This film is one hundred percent fan service (references to the comics, the games and even the memes are all included) and it’s all the better for it. A absolute crowd-pleaser, even in the subdued and quiet cinema I went to (ya gotta avoid that Omicron) there were some muted cheers at a few points.

You all ready for some spoilers? Tobey and Andrew Spider-Man both play big roles and oh it was so good to see them and neither of them died! Hooray! And Tobey’s Peter has a moment in this film where he really proves what Spider-Man should stand for which was wonderful to see.

My boy Harry got a mention, which was more than I hoped for and I’m so glad about that, definitely space for a fanfiction there.

And DAREDEVIL was there! He actually showed up! I never expected that in a million years, but wow, there he is!

I’m confused about what happened to the villains after they were “cured” and sent back. Does this mean that their home universes changed? That whole timelines changed? Did Tobey-Peter and Andrew-Peter return to find their lost loved ones alive?! Even MORE fanfiction fodder, the movie seems terribly vague on that point. I can’t really see a way where Otto survived, considering the point at which he was “taken” and his character arc in this. Norman I like to think had his time in the multiverse in the second just before this happened, returning to that exact point-

-which… probably doesn’t make a lot of sense? Oh man I have no idea.

But yeah! Do go see it if you’re a Spider-Man fan, even a casual one, you should be able to follow along apart from points like the aforementioned one. One comment for the non-casual fans though: god, I never thought in a million years they would do a movie adaptation of One More Day and do it right.