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Let’s do the MCU!

who i will protect at all costs: Natasha, Sam, and Jane Foster
who deserves better: Poor, poor Wanda. I hope we check in on her at some point before the next Avengers movie just to see if she’s okay
who was killed off too early: QUICKSILVER. I mean, it’s sort of obvious why I suppose – the Marvel Studios folks didn’t want their Quicksilver to have to compete with the X-Men Quicksilver….but still. And he didn’t even get a mention in Civil War. >:(
who i used to hate but now i love: I used to be ‘meh’ on Hawkeye…he was just there…but I love him now. I’m a massive sucker for Fictional Dads
who i used to love but now i hate: Not hate, but Tony slid down in my estimation after the whole ‘let’s throw this untrained teenager into a war zone!’ thing.
who needs to be killed off asap: The MCU is getting so crowded that they’re going to have to start killing off major characters eventually (especially since I’m sure a lot of the actors are getting to the end of their contracts), but I have no idea who
who is unfairly hated: JANE FOSTER, who has committed no crime beyond being a passionate and intelligent woman
who is unfairly loved: …..I don’t know
who needs to sort out their priorities: Goddamn Tony
who needs a hug: After CACW, almost everyone. But, Wanda. Poor Wanda. If she’d even let me hug her…
who needs to get out of their current relationship: The characters seem to be doing a good job of that themselves, heh.
who the writers love: Captain America. Which is good because hopefully they WON’T MAKE HIM HYDRA, MARVEL
who needs a better storyline: I wish Jane was coming back and getting a storyline. :( Also, I want a Black Widow movie and a Falcon movie, neither of which we seem to be getting
who has an amazing redemption arc: Almost Loki
who is hot af: Everyone. All of them. They’re all hot
who belongs in jail: ……..Tony, sorry Tony, but…..
who needs to be revived from the dead: It’s probably a bit late to revive Quicksilver now. But it would be worth it to make Wanda happy!



Wired Magazine, June 2016

It doesn’t take long for the media to get their grubby noses in Rhodey’s business, so he decides to talk about his disability on his own terms.

The trash rags, meanwhile, focus on the fact he’s standing on the cover, and as you can imagine, become obsessed with finding evidence he’s faking his injury.

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I thought, since I don’t have a tumblr and you seem to be quite aware of race in MCU and willing to talk about it, I would just point out something about CACW I haven’t seen anyone mention – when Tony goes to visit Sam in the weird prison thing, Sam says Tony will need to bring a bad cop – ‘you’ll need to go Mark Fuhrman on my ass’ is the line. Idk if fandom is a little too young to get the reference or if ppl just didn’t hear it? Anyway, I thought it was interesting, if maybe a throwaway line


(2/2) The Fuhrman line is sort of interesting too bc (idk if you saw it) ‘The People Vs OJ Simpson’ brought Fuhrman back into the public consciousness recently – though possibly the CACW scene was filmed before the show aired

Haha friend I try to avoid painting a target on my back on the internet, but sure, let’s go with being aware of race in the MCU.

If anyone’s unfamiliar with the context of Fuhrman, he more or less torpedoed the prosecution of OJ Simpson by lying repeatedly on the stand about about horrifically racist statements he’d made between 1985 and 1994, as a consultant for a novelist writing a screenplay about the LAPD.  Some “highlights” of the transcript are here, but let me caution you before clicking, it’s real, real bad.  Fuhrman did make direct references to torturing black suspects on the tapes:

“Why don’t you give them the 77th lie detector test? You know, everybody–and a bunch of guys will laugh–old-timers, you know. And then one kid will ask his partner, ‘What’s that?’ You keep choking him out until he tells you the truth. You know it is kind of funny. But a lot of policemen will get a kick out of it. Anyway, so you are in the shadows like that. Now you’re–when you are talking to somebody it is not like you are really listening into their words because you’ll key on what is the truth and what isn’t. First thing, anything out of a n—–’s mouth for the first five or six sentences is a f—— lie. That is just right out. There has got to be a reason why he is going to tell you the truth.”

Fuhrman later pleaded no contest to charges of felony perjury, and served three years, and now is a regular guest on Fox News in stories involving (justifying) use of force by police officers. 

The LAPD did conduct an investigation into Fuhrman’s claims of institutional racism and sexism, and found one of these things to be credible – but I’ll let the fact that anti-black police brutality is still a conversation we’re having literally twenty years later speak for itself.

So that is a super interesting reference for Sam to make.  Not only is Sam drawing a direct comparison to Tony as a representative of a corrupt justice system, but a specifically anti-black one.  Does that mean Sam thinks that the Accords are anti-black?  Doubt it, but it shows the lens through which Sam sees the world: not just as a super hero, but as a black super hero.  He doesn’t divorce himself from being a black man just because he puts on a bird suit.  That’s a lot of complexity and characterization in an otherwise throwaway line.