Why movie crew was spotted filming in Leicester city centre — Leicestershire Live – News

The production was spotted in Friar Lane

Why movie crew was spotted filming in Leicester city centre — Leicestershire Live – News

So that Richard III movie is starting to happen now! I wonder if there’s a way I could get to town while they’re filming and watch a few scenes. Probably not, I dunno how they schedule these things.

But I am SO HAPPY to hear Sally Hawkins will be in it, playing Phillipa Langley! I’ve loved her ever since the Paddington movies.

what’s happening in leicester

Currently protestors in Leicester are occupying a drone factory which is supplying weapons to the Israeli Defense Forces. I don’t know how far the news about this has spread but the protestors are being treated appallingly, being denied food and water and forced to drink the rain off their tents.

There have been some displays of solidarity-

-and peaceful protests in schools, making the actions of the police towards the protestors even more inexcusable I think. It’s disgusting, as is what the Elbit factory is doing.

I’m always so proud of my adopted hometown which is why it’s so galling to know an arms factory is here in the first place.


Palestine Action stage a protest at the Elbit factory in Leicester, chaining the gates shut. The group says “it’s within our power to stop the production of brutal machinery which is fueling war crimes in Palestine”

The Israeli-owned Elbit says its drones are a “backbone” of the IDF.

Palestine Action said: “While Israel continues to bombard Gaza, our government funds and profits from the bloodshed.”

went Out

I ventured out to Leicester town center via the bus. Not the most cheerful place to be, unfortunately. Most shops I used to casually just hang out, all gone. Empty unit after empty unit. And there are memorial signs for Prince Philip EVERYWHERE?!

It wouldn’t have felt so dystopian if not for all the shops that had signs up saying, “At 3pm we’ll be holding a one minute silence for Prince Philip” as if people couldn’t possibly have better things to do.

The St Margaret’s bus station has gone now, and it was pretty rubbish but it’s still weird it not being there.

It was at least sunny, and I got to hang out in Abbey Park for a bit.

non-election news from Leicester

Firstly, everyone is incredibly miserable about lockdown, a no-brainer there.

Secondly okay what the fuck there was a would-be SERIAL KILLER trying to murder children this year?! 2020 is so unbelievably goddamn crazy I shouldn’t even be surprised but I am. And everyone survived thank god. This kinda doubles as a good-news story in a way I guess. But HOLY SHIT!

Thirdly, in another very on-brand story for 2020, three-legged robots are currently screaming at people.

The discovery of Richard III from someone who was sort of in the vicinity

So there’s going to be a movie about the finding of Richard III, starring Steve Coogan. I’m curious as to how this will go, not least because it was actually a woman called Philippa Langley who lead the project, and her story is fascinating but the biggest name attached to the film is playing… her husband…?

But I thought with that news fresh in everyone’s minds I could share a few photos/details of what it was like to be in Leicester when all that was going on!

A couple of days after the news that Richard III’s bones had been found in the car park, I went to check it out! There wasn’t much going on though. I guess because the actual bones had been taken away already?

That was in 2012. Flash forward a year and his reconstructed skull (not the real one) was in the Leicester Guildhall along with a bunch of other Richard III stuff.

It’s all been relocated to the Richard III museum now I think.

Then in 2015 there was the actual reburial ceremony…

I still have that pamphlet. At the uni it was absolutely packed, it’s lucky I was able to see anything at all. Oooh look I took a video as well!

So me/the crowds followed the coffin in the car back to the town center….

…and then I had to leave and go to work. But you get the idea!

In the days after that every business in Leicester was using Richard III to advertise their services. It was great for tourism.

Someone also put flowers on Richard’s statue. (This used to be in the park opposite my halls of residence, I think it was moved to its current spot before the reburial.)

And Richard III’s tomb now chills in Leicester Cathedral. You can drop in and see it anytime!

(Well, maybe not now, but still.)

The young volunteer stepping up to help at Muslim funerals — Leicestershire Live – News

He put himself forward to support when elders and family were unable to attend due to Covid-19

The young volunteer stepping up to help at Muslim funerals — Leicestershire Live – News

Something a bit good-er (the word ‘nicer’ doesn’t seem right) from my neck of the woods, in an attempt to counteract all the awful things going on today.