‘Star Wars’ Fans Raise Money for Transgender Youth in Honor of Padmé’s Influence — The Mary Sue

Star Wars is a series that helps to inspire hope among fans. Whether it is through Leia’s determination to lead or Padmé’s willingness to do what she thinks is right, the women of the Skywalker family have inspired children for decades, and we’re just talking about the Skywalkers! That’s not even getting into the rest…

‘Star Wars’ Fans Raise Money for Transgender Youth in Honor of Padmé’s Influence — The Mary Sue

In a week of horrible news, this is a really nice story.

meeting Obi-Wan Kenobi again

Oh wow. I got chills when Duel of the Fates kicked in, it’s still one of the most stunning pieces of music I’ve heard anywhere, not just in Star Wars.

WHAT a day it’s been for prequel fans! I always wondered if it would come. It seemed terribly unlikely in the days where people preferred actors, directors, and teenage fans to kill themselves but it’s nice to know there were always some people out there who wanted to build. My fourteen-year-old self who posted endless fanfiction on theforce.net message boards is SCREAMING right now. (Her username on there was female_obi_wan.)

Casual ableism

J.K. Rowling and Julie Bindel dropped this yesterday:

…and it’s a joke, of course it’s a joke, and a pathetic one at that, but as someone with a mental illness I find this sort of thing so frustrating. (‘Section’ refers to being sectioned under the Mental Health Act.) I’ve gathered from retweets that these two are making fun of one particular person, who I do not know, but it doesn’t matter because if you’re making fun of someone’s X characteristic you’re also making fun of everyone else who has X characteristic.

I mean, I’m long past the days of expecting better from the British TERF society, but… yeah. Uh, happy international women’s day.

The Shame Of Britain — beetleypete

Originally posted on REDFLAGFLYING:

News today of an incident at Calais that rightfully shames the current despicable government running this country. 150 Ukrainian refugees escaped from their war-torn country. They spent days heading West, crossing through Poland and Germany into France. Their aim was to seek refuge with members of their families who were already…

The Shame Of Britain — beetleypete

As usual, I have no words, just the same old crushing disappointment and shame.

Happy Pokemon day!

So yeah turns out we’re getting a WHOLE NEW GAME very soon!

Oh my gosh I love them. I think I like the fire lizard?? frog??? best. He’s shaped like a friend.

Anyway I also spent some time today playing Pokemon Go and Pokemon Arceus, naturally. (lucky that Pokemon Day fell on a Sunday right?)

Arceus is SO GOOD! I’m taking my time with it. I just love running around and exploring the world.

In fact, it’s…

Unhappy Trayvon Martin Day 2022 — The Psy of Life

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On 26 February 2012, Trayvon Martin was mercilessly gunned down in cold blood. Take a moment to remember the young man’s death that sparked the Black Lives Matter movement and to renew your commitment to fighting for justice, equality, and democracy.

Unhappy Trayvon Martin Day 2022 — The Psy of Life

God, it’s been ten years. Ten years and so little has changed. The cops who let George Floyd be murdered were found guilty a few days ago, but only one cop is being charged in the death of Breonna Taylor, and that’s for endangerment. Not murder.