BritSciFi con pics

I have thank god now recovered from my most recent bout of mental illness. Somehow, in the middle of it, I was able to drag myself to BritSciFi con at Leicester’s National Space Center and meet some people I’d always wanted to meet. Chief among them being Danny John-Jules:

We also got to talk to him a little and he sang part of the “Da-Doo” song he sings in Little Shop of Horrors. (Yes he was a background singer/dancer in that movie before landing Red Dwarf!)

We also got to talk to Peter Davison, David Bradley, and Norman Lovett, all of whom were lovely and humble. (Lovett said he didn’t even expect anyone to turn up for him, aww.) I asked Peter Davison if he was definitely going to be in Good Omens season 2 and he said yes, but under a lot of makeup so he might not be recognizable!

Here’s the autographs I got from them:

I also met some Daleks who were trundling about the place. The National Space Center did a really good job with this con!

RIP, the Disneyland Paris giant squid

I have known that squid since I was a child, so to speak. It was one of the things that triggered my lifelong fascination with animatronics. But Disney has for whatever worthless reason gotten rid of it and apparently replaced it with a boring screen showing whales. RIP, giant squid. Your face in the window of the Nautilus haunted my dreams once.

This being Disney I imagine they’ve thrown it into a scrapyard somewhere, like they did with the pieces of the original Nautilus ride. You deserved better, you horrible tentacled creep.

Rolf Harris died

And this was trending on Twitter all afternoon:

I remember a transcript of something connected with his sentencing – the interview maybe? – leaked onto the internet at one point and I looked at it out of curiosity. To this day I wish I hadn’t. He absolutely one hundred percent did not deserve to live to 93.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3

I am still not very mentally well but I did manage to see GOTG 3, a film I’ve waited so long for. It’s very, very good. (Spoilers from here on!) I admit I did really want Gamora’s Infinity War death to be “undone” in some way, I’m still bitter about that even after all this time, but at least she’s alive and has a family of her own and is on good terms with the Guardians now.

I REALLY REALLY LOVED that Gamora told Nebula “There are little girls like you all over the galaxy, we can help them” back in Vol 2 and this movie ended with both of them helping little girls escape a monstrous god-like being. OH my heart.

I have no idea what Adam Warlock is like in the comics, I gather nothing like how he is in this movie, but he was hilarious and I wish he was in the movie more. I have a newfound appreciation for Will Poulter’s comedy skills.

I loved Peter Quill in this movie, I have loved him in every GOTG movie despite him being played by Chris Pratt, and I’m very glad that he’s going to stick around in the MCU for a little bit. I really want him to be bisexual now like he is in the comics. Genuine suggestion: since there was that big and touching scene at the end of Adam Warlock saving his life, why not pair him up with Adam?

ALSO: Shout out to the taxi driver who drove us to the cinema who was a fellow theme park history enthusiast! That was super nice, I hadn’t had a fun conversation with a stranger for a while really.


So my mental health relapsed for absolutely no reason. It’s awful. My only solace is that it isn’t half as bad as it was last time, thank god. But rough. :(

I should have gone to see GOTG Vol 3 this week. Instead I just lie on the sofa feeling like death. If I only knew what had caused it I could take steps to prevent it happening again, but I have NO IDEA, you know?


It seems like the New York Post wrote “Shocking video shows NYC subway passenger putting unhinged man in deadly chokehold” instead of, you know, “Killer murders a homeless man on subway and, so far, has gotten away with it.” But the comments, dear god, there’s so many comments on Elon Musk’s Twitter talking about how the man must have deserved it (he wasn’t even armed) and how it’s perfectly acceptable to kill someone if you feel mildly threatened, and I just feel like I’m in bizzaro world. I’ve seen countless “unhinged” people throughout my life, everyone has, and it’s a basic fact of humanity that you don’t kill someone for being “unhinged”? God. What is going on.