Epic Rant Time — Meerkat Musings

The UK has one of the highest number of deaths from Covid-19 of any country on earth (7th), as a direct result of Tory incompetence. Billions have been spaffed up the wall on Track and Trace systems that have taken forever to actually work (and Tory cronyism has seen the mates of Tory ministers get…

Epic Rant Time — Meerkat Musings

I agree with this rant. What an incredibly disheartening day it’s been. :(

Boris Johnson said bodies ‘could pile high’ during lockdown discussion — BBC News – Home

The BBC has been told Boris Johnson made the remarks during discussions in No 10, which the PM denies.

Boris Johnson said bodies ‘could pile high’ during lockdown discussion — BBC News – Home

So there’s a fair amount of discussion at the moment about “Did he really say that? Those exact words?” and yes, I absolutely and thoroughly believe he said that in those exact words.

I also absolutely and thoroughly believe the Conservatives will win in another landslide next election.

Grenfell Tower Inquiry: We Had No Escape Route, Say Disabled Residents — Tory Britain!

Originally posted on Same Difference:

Disabled residents of Grenfell Tower have told a public inquiry that no-one discussed with them how to escape the 24-storey building in an emergency. One woman said it took her 30 minutes to walk down from her 20th floor flat when lifts were not working. Lawyers for residents and the…

Grenfell Tower Inquiry: We Had No Escape Route, Say Disabled Residents — Tory Britain!

More details of the Grenfell Tower case. It’ll be four years since it happened come June. And I can’t even describe how angry this part of the story makes me.

Prince Philip

Turned on the TV around noon and got-

I was like, what happened?! Was there a terrorist attack? Did someone get assassinated?! So I turned over and turned out Prince Philip had died. Of natural causes.

(Also, wait, does the BBC actually own the Dave channel? Who knew.)

ANYWAY yeah, I’m surprised he didn’t make it to 100 but there’s not that much to say about a guy who lived by all accounts a very full life and died at 99. And, you know, he wasn’t exactly a great ambassador for the UK at the best of times. I wish the TV (it’s showing very little else except Prince Philip right now) would stop describing his racist comments as “gaffes” since that implies he didn’t mean to say them while he very much did.

That’s… pretty much all I got. Please enjoy this very bad photograph I took in 2014 of a moving car that had Prince Philip in it.

The Sarah Everard vigil/protest

You’ll probably hear more about it tomorrow. Based off Twitter alone, what happened (officially, the protest wasn’t supposed to go ahead due to pandemic fears, or that’s what I heard) was really, really bad. It almost feels, looking at these photos, like the police took it personally since it’s one of their own accused. I hate this.

The Sarah Everard case

Front page news in Britain today is, a woman named Sarah Everard walked home alone last week and was abducted. And, as I figured was depressingly inevitable from the moment I saw the headline, murdered. They found what they’re pretty sure is her body just yesterday and the person arrested for the murder is a cop.

It stings. Not just because the woman in question shares my first name, though that doesn’t help, but also because there’s just so many of these stories. And even then those are just the ones the media reports on. There must be countless, endless names we don’t know.

I remember there was a not completely dissimilar story in Leicester not all that long ago. It happened in a park near where lots of my friends lived back then. A teenager raped a woman and attempted to beat her to death with a paving slab. It made the national news, you can read it for yourself if you have the stomach. The victim lived, thank god, but will have scars forever. The whole thing was horrific.

And women just… don’t go alone to that park anymore. I don’t, I loop around it via the road way, even knowing how unlikely it is that the same thing will happen again. You don’t want to be hurt in any way but you also don’t want people telling you “What did you expect, going to that park alone?” I’ve noted all the fury about the response to Everard’s death being framed that way, women being told not to go out at night when it’s not women who are the problem. Some pent-up rage has been unleashed and I hope it will last.

But no matter what I just feel so sorry for Sarah Everard, and the unnamed victim in my hometown, and all the other women before and after.

NHS pay: More health unions join backlash against 1% pay rise — BBC News – Home

Health staff “have literally kept the country alive for the past year”, says the British Medical Association.

NHS pay: More health unions join backlash against 1% pay rise — BBC News – Home

And yet here we are.

New lockdown rules

As read to me by some a-hole who won’t brush his own hair.

Schools back by March 8, then outdoor entertainment, then indoor entertainment, seems to be basically how it goes. Theme parks can reopen April 12 which is somewhat baffling because theme parks are the germiest, grossest places you could possibly imagine.

If all goes well we could be out of lockdown by June 21 and back to almost normal lifestyles again, which my mind can barely even fathom at the moment.