The British Miracle Meat

I saw a trailer for this show, assumed it would be about lab-grown animal meat, made a mental note to watch it and then forgot to watch it. Only the next day did I learn it was a hoax documentary! And a very clever one, I think. If I’d watched it live where would the penny have dropped for me? Hopefully at the “pain is subjective” part with the blatantly evil CEO. After that things start to get so over the top it’s obvious it’s a satire but on the other hand the past few years have felt like a satire as well.

Anyway, right now in Britain the cost of living crisis is still going on, but all the newspapers seem to care about is Nigel Farage’s bank account. Maybe we should just eat him.

Things British people are mad about today

-Meghan and Harry baptizing their daughter with the title “Princess” which she would have had anyway seeing as she’s a granddaughter of a king?? Royalty is an opt-out system and she’s too young to opt-out. WHY is this news.

-Gary Lineker calling the government out for using Nazi-like rhetoric. There’s calls to get him fired from his job at the BBC, because now the Daily Mail believes in cancel culture all of a sudden, what a surprise.

A Labour MP including a trans girl’s name on a list of women murdered by men this year. Yes. This is really and truly a thing TERFS are mad about. Not the actual murder, just the murder victim being included on a list under her preferred gender. That is where we are currently at.

The Home Office doesn’t want you to watch this video

Recently a Holocaust survivor had some fully justified harsh words for Suella Braverman, and the Home Office was predictably not happy about it.

The people who posted the video have already said they won’t take it down, but I figured I’d save it just in case and upload it to my own webspace. (I encourage you to do the same!) Here it is.


Hello everyone,

Let’s start off the New Year with some good news. This is Thor the Walrus. It is a wandering walrus who took a break on the shore of a city in England. That city was so adamant about protecting Thor that they cancelled their fireworks for New Years to not frighten it. Thor is happy and well.

Welcome to Doctor Who, Millie Gibson!

“Ruby Sunday” is a fabulous name for a companion. I have literally never seen Millie Gibson in anything before so I look forward to seeing what she can do. So far she’s giving me Rose Tyler crossed with Clara Oswald vibes.

I saw her announcement live on Children In Need, a fundraiser I haven’t actually watched in years (though I do put money in the buckets when I see them. I saw one today accompanied by a Mr Bean impersonator, so apparently that’s a job.) It’s so emblematic of this broken country. I just feel like, surely the BBC can cut out the middleman and give money directly to the families involved rather than paying out for a studio, a crew, and the celebrities? You know? Mel Giedroyc just began a sentence with “due to the cost of living crisis…” and I so badly wanted her to finish it with, “we’ve strapped a rocket launcher to Pudsey and are heading for 10 Downing Street.”


also there’s no pithy, Tumblr-friendly way of simultaneously saying ‘Rishi Sunak being a man of colour doesn’t let him off the hook for the crappy Tory policies he’ll undoubtedly install’

and ‘the left needs to make sure that their criticism of Rishi Sunak does not veer into racism because directing racism at Tories does not make said racism acceptable’ 

and ‘Britain having its first British Asian PM is a big freaking deal and is going to be significant to Brits of colour across the political spectrum’ 

and ‘the fact that Rishi Sunak has not been elected by the general public in such a time of political upheaval is just plain appalling, ‘mandate from the people’ my arse’

but that doesn’t mean it isn’t all true