Backing up the BBC

Well, if you’re British you heard about the BBC privatization news yesterday. It is of course a distraction from Boris’s various outrages, but well, there you go. I know it’s been a right-wing mouthpiece for years now, but plenty of My Stuff is there (Doctor Who, Call the Midwife, Noughts & Crosses etc) and I want it back.

So I guess I figure, in the spirit of this blog… That if you have the ability to back up anything on the BBC that is/was helpful or useful, now might be a good time to do it. Download shows and websites and get them on a hard drive, because, you know, the BBC itself is famously bad at that.

Honestly… I’m also furious on behalf of the disabled children who watch CBeebies, which is incredibly diverse and inclusive. I don’t expect it will be spared from any chopping block that’s coming because we know how the Tories treat disabled children already.

20 May

It turns out that the Tories threw another big party in May 2020, probably attended by Boris Johnson, while the rest of the UK was on strict lockdown.

I’m all out of emotions because I know nothing will come of it and no-one will be punished. That’s the country we live in now. But I do remember that around that same time a 13-year-old boy named Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab died alone in hospital of COVID, and he was buried by men in hazmat suits, and his family couldn’t give him a proper funeral.

Because they were obeying the rules.

Downing Street party: No 10 staff joked about party amid lockdown restrictions — BBC News – Home

The video obtained by ITV comes after days of questions about the event that took place last year.

Downing Street party: No 10 staff joked about party amid lockdown restrictions — BBC News – Home

Honest to god, I’m surprised the BBC are even reporting this. Not that it will matter, of course. There’s footage of the Tories laughing at the rest of us while they break their own rules, and it won’t make an iota of difference. They will still win in a landslide next election.

Woman exposes self in public; complains people saw

Perhaps you’ve seen this story going round from, where else, The Daily Mail:

So here’s a little point-by-point summary of the actual story, which you can view on to avoid giving hits to the Mail:

-Woman is shocked to find men in what she “assumed” was a female changing room, without considering that maybe she assumed wrong. (All changing rooms have their own booths, so no-one would be changing in front of anyone else anyway.)

-Later this woman couldn’t find a changing room in Zara (unsurprisingly they tend to be pretty full around Christmas shopping time???) so decided to get changed outside one, which is a communal space.

-She refers to this as her being in a “safe space” which is weird because I remember the Daily Mail claiming safe spaces were for SJWS and snowflakes.

-She was shocked! SHOCKED! that people were walking around in this communal space while she was changing, and even more shocked that none of the men were actually paying attention to her.

But again SHE CHOSE to get changed in an area where everyone could see her!

-Later on in the article she brings up shops in areas which “are home to a large Arabic community” as if that has anything to do with anything.

-Apparently it is all transgender people’s fault that she was late to her office party, rather than her own poor planning.

I’m sorry, Charlotte, but this safe space you want doesn’t exist. And safe spaces are bad, remember? The people you work for have made that quite clear.


Female Doctor Who robs boys of role models, claims Tory MP — BBC News – Home

MP Nick Fletcher suggests boys are turning to crime because male characters tend to be criminals.

Female Doctor Who robs boys of role models, claims Tory MP — BBC News – Home

Absolutely the FUNNIEST thing I have seen today. Also unbelievably insulting to boys, which I’m sure wasn’t his intention. What, the only thing standing between your average boy and a life of crime was David Tennant and his sonic screwdriver?

Thread to read

This began as one horrible story but then many equally horrible stories were added onto it, and more, and more, and more.

I can’t even add any commentary beyond, “I despair of this country.”