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Lucy Letby is found guilty

Speaking as a white British cisgender woman in her thirties, I guess it’s time to put a stop to white British cisgender women in their thirties working in hospitals. Or ideally around babies at all. It’s an issue that needs to be dealt with because we’re just too dangerous. Look at the absolutely horrific thing this one did.

…Wait, is that not how it works? Has everyone been lying to me the past few years?



Madames and Monsieurs. Poirot has seen much evil in the world, but the evil of this man is in a category all it’s own. His crimes are those of which Poirot cannot speak of in polite company, and they stretch the limit of discretion and manners. And he flees his persecution but cannot resist to remind the world of his existence. To brag about the money his filth has brought him. To try and, how you say, “flex” on a girl who’s concern is for the future of this planet by touting his many fast cars. But she is not so easily cowed and came back strong against his crude message with one of her own. Poirot may not condone the language, but he cannot deny it may have been called for. And there, there he let his hubris lead him to make his mistake. In his video, there, there is his pandora’s box. It does not look like much, it is after all a pizza box and such food is popular among the masses today. But this box…this box proved where he was hiding away. What hole this rat crawled into!

I claim no deductive prowess on my part, Watson. Our quarry is a braggart and a fool and he has proclaimed his location for all the world to see. But the prey is still afoot, dear doctor, and we must be swift. Bring your pistol.

OCD vs Coronavirus

Passing along. (My OCD is not really germ-related, but my god, with what’s in the news I cannot imagine the hell a lot of people are going through right now.)

OCD Girl

cropped-cropped-ocd-girl-cover.jpgby Zoe Butcher (OCD Girl’s alter ego)

Ah, an epidemic. That special time when everyone suddenly realises that maybe, just maybe, they should be washing their hands more often (apparently a lot of folks seem to view this practice as optional rather than essential). Whilst sufferers like myself sit back in the smug knowledge that we’ve been washing our hands properly, not shaking hands and opening doors using bits of kitchen paper for years, the rest of the world has a nasty case of sudden-onset OCD.

If you arelike me, a long time OCD suffering germ-phobe with emetophobia to boot then you probably don’t need to be told how important it is to wash your hands properly.


For those of you though, that think hand washing is a waste of time and that germs somehow just ‘bounce’ off you harmlessly due to some hitherto unknown superpower you have –…

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Today there was some rather bleak news regarding a culture of antisemitism at a family member’s workplace. As in, people doing the kinda stuff you would absolutely be fired for if someone found out. (The offenders don’t know my family member actually is part Jewish, and now they never will.) So – yeah, a depressing snapshot of life right now I guess. And that’s without getting into the news headlines from the past two days.


An important reblog.

Bookish Leftish Gibberish

deportation protesters PA

There are many things wrong with the recent mass-deportation to Jamaica.

Recently ex-Chancellor Sajid Javid said: ‘We will always do what we can to protect the public. These are all foreign national offenders – they have all received custodial sentences of 12 months or more. They are responsible for crimes like manslaughter, rape, dealing in class A drugs.’

In a previous deportation to Jamaica last year, he’d also claimed that all deportees were convicted of ‘very serious crimes… like rape and murder, firearms offences and drug-trafficking.’ The article continues: ‘But the Home Office said on Wednesday that of the 29 people deported, just one had been found guilty of murder, while 14 had been convicted [f]or drug offences and one was jailed for dangerous driving.’

Similar patterns with the recent case, as the Morning Star reported leading up to the flight:

[A] man who has lived in…

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