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Random cool IW detail


Remember back in CA:CW how Bucky reacted with surprise and horror when he realized that the guy under the Spider-Man mask was a kid?

Notice how Peter Quill didn’t react that way in the slightest? Didn’t even flinch from holding a gun on him?

I loved that. Heck, I don’t even know if it was intentional, but even if it wasn’t, it was such a neat little bit of characterization. Because Peter Quill grew up in a world where kids are combatants from the time they’re big enough to physically hold a gun. For him, it wouldn’t seem odd to discover that the person attacking him is only 16 or so. It certainly wouldn’t be a reason to go easy on him. No one went easy on him, after all.



I just had this hyper-realistic dream and like. I don’t even know what to make of this lmao 

I was sitting in this park, on a bench, looking up at the night sky and all the stars and stuff, and I blinked and suddenly the entire sky was different. I’m talking different constellations, the sky absolutely packed with billions more stars, some so close they’re massive. I’m like wtf and suddenly I realise there’s an old man sitting next to me, dressed in like 1940s clothing, also looking up at the sky.

before I can ask him if he’s you know, noticed, he speaks, without looking away from the sky.

“this is what the universe really looks like,” he tells me.

“oh,” I say. a pause. “…can you put it back?”

he smiles and nods. I look up. the sky has gone back to normal.

“what do I do with this information?” I ask, looking at him again.

he turns his head and, smiling, looks me dead in the face. "be careful.“

hey op im pretty sure you mightve just met god or something like that


Happy 1st of September!

19 years later is today!