The Doctor Who s4 finale rewatch (2/2, Journey’s End)

You’ve read the first one right? Let’s crack on.

Aww bless them.


Freema Agyeman returns to the Doctor Who universe

I am overjoyed about this, and I am also overjoyed that Freema answers interview questions with “aw mate.”

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Tenth Doctor companion Martha Jones returns to the world of Torchwood in January next year. Freema Agyeman (Doctor Who, Sense 8, Line of Duty) starred in series 3 of New Doctor Who and its spin-off show, Torchwood, before going on to a huge career.

Big Finish Productions is delighted that Freema is reprising her role in this new Torchwood story, which explores what Martha did after her adventures with the Doctor.

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Doctor Who writer hits out at ‘tr*nnies’ and ‘rainbow cult’

Doctor Who writer hits out at ‘tr*nnies’ and ‘rainbow cult’







I hope this fucking tranamisogynistic and homophobic garbage person never gets rehired to write SHIT again. OF COURSE he wrote a bunch of doctor who episodes while Moffat was in charge. Im not fucking surprised.

Gareth Roberts has worked with Russell and Moffat so lets not shift the blame from those actually at fault, it doesn’t do anyone any good!

Also Gareth Roberts is actually a gay man which annoys me to no end, he should know better. Us folk who identify as LGB are not automatically guiltless of transphobia and it needs to be stamped out in our community too

he’s actually worked MORE with RTD (quite a lot more, actually) than Moffat so yeah let’s not shift the blame from a transphobic piece of shit onto someone who is (in this instance) not at fault in the slightest.

I wasn’t aware Roberts is gay, there’s definitely bigger issues here than peoples’ Moffat-hate coming into play with every little thing. Us LGB folks need to step up when we see transphobia and actively combat it rather than trying to brush it under the rug or use it as some kind of bargaining chip in other, unrelated debates.

he hasn’t worked on the show since 2014, given certain islamaphobic and disparaging comments that were made about the show in 2015 he would have been very unlikely to ever return to writing it.

as a trans person with a burning hatred of gareth roberts, it enrages me that people are using this to further their obviously ingrained moffat hate: this wasn’t public knowledge, nor was moffat originally the one who hired him. fucking just blame the man himself and move on.

The ****ing lengths people will go to to overlook the transphobia which slid in under RTD.

yeah let’s not forget that Torchwood ep by Whithouse that had Jack say some super OOC transphobic bullshit, RTD let that happen too

Yeah, I’ll forever be pissed off at that one. :(





i understand the criticism of danny pink and bill being converted and the unease but i do think it’s relevant to remember that rory was turned into an auton, activated and forced to attack against his will and i think this is in a similar area

@xingshining said: Rory was turned into an Auton, Amy was turned into a Flesh duplicate and a wooden doll, Clara was turned into a Dalek TWICE (once permanently and once temporarily)…

exactly, i am receptive to the criticism that conversion specifically is something that happens to black characters/companions, and in no way is it invalid (though in danny’s case as he was written and cast colour-blind i wonder what impact it would have on the discussion if he’d been cast white, i don’t think that he’d be written differently but that’s irrelevant because he wasn’t)

but i just wonder a bit how common people think the idea of the ‘monstering’ of companions is in the moffat era, because to read some of the reaction you might think danny and bill were the only ones to experience it

This is the point where someone should definitely mention Jane’s wonderful writing on the monstering of Doctor Who companions: The Monstering of Amy Pond, The Monstering of Clara Oswald, and a general essay on beauty and monstrosity on Doctor Who.

I think the question is not so much “Does this happen only or primarily to black characters?” because the answer would be no, although the correlation with Cyberconversion is particular is pretty high. The question is “Is this really the same thing, with the same connotation, when you do it to a black character, when you do it to a black body?”. And that’s something I’m not at all qualified to answer, as someone who is white.

Ages ago I remember reading a really good post or essay in relation to the Torchwood episode “Cyberwoman” (which again featured a black woman who’d been ‘converted’) and I wish I could find it, because I figure it’s pretty relevant at the moment.


Doctor Who and Torchwood – “Search-Wise” Search Engine

Do they use a fake search engine because the BBC aren’t allowed to show (and therefore technically advertise) Google? I think the search-wise page has shown up in a few other BBC shows too.