Anti-Semitism is so bad in Britain that some Jews are planning to leave

Anti-Semitism is so bad in Britain that some Jews are planning to leave


“I just want to get out of here. It’s a massive thing to do but I’ve actually had enough,” Lewis said. “People might dislike me in Israel because of my political views, might think I’m too right-wing or left-wing or whatever, but they are not going to dislike me for being Jewish.”

Two people have previously been imprisoned for threatening to murder him for being Jewish, Lewis said. Now, he said, he’s reached the stage where he’s “almost being desensitized to the threats” — from both right and left — such is their regularity.

The couple’s decision comes as accusations of anti-Semitism dog Britain’s main opposition Labour Party and its leader, Jeremy Corbyn. At the same time, incidents of recorded anti-Semitism are near record levels.

Definitely not terrible times round here, oh no


Ugh, all this “lol everyone who died is staying dead!” stuff from the Russo brothers is starting to piss me off. I have nothing against them personally I suppose, but…

In all honesty I’m gearing myself up for Gamora to be really thoroughly dead, not returning ever except in flashbacks etc. Then at least I’ll be less disappointed when GOTG3 rolls around either with her appearing just in flashbacks, or as a movie set post-IW. I am so disillusioned with the MCU right now, it’s unbelievable.









“Her appearance is a major factor in why I’m with her, to be honest.”
“The real reason women get a reduction is for the sake of their own vanity.”
“I’m only 27 and the thought of having a woman with small breasts for the rest of my life is impossible”

So you’ve been with a guy two years, mention you’re thinking of getting a breast reduction, get all that fanfare and suddenly realise that guy was only with you for your boobs. I have no words.

These poor women. :(

Men are trash.




this is so disgusting. yall males having trust issues bc ‘makeup’ we be having bonding and trust issues bc ur gonna leave us when we put our health first.

they dont love their girlfriends. when you love someone their health really matters to you more than their appearance

With attitudes of ownership towards female bodies like this, it’s no wonder society struggles with the concept of ‘my body, my choice’ with regard to abortions.

If a woman you supposedly love is being given pain and discomfort by a part of her body, and you can’t imagine why that is more important than your own appreciation of that part of her body – the least complex situation re. bodily autonomy I can think of –

How can we expect this kind of man to even begin to grapple with the nuanced and emotive issue of pregancy termination?

I think a lot of the problem pro-choice people have in the debate over abortion is the opposition often LITERALLY don’t understand what women mean when they say ‘my body, my choice’. OK the examples above are hopefully extreme examples, but I think indicative of the commodification of female bodies generally. If a man can think (about a women he loves with seeming sincerity) ‘my enjoyment of large breasts trumps her right to comfort’ how the hell is he going to get past ‘the right of an unborn fetus trumps her right not to be pregnant ifshe doesn’t want to be’.

Reminder that the TV show New Girl literally had this as a plot line, where a guy was upset that his ex-girlfriend (who broke up with him for cheating on her) wanted to get a breast reduction. It involved him “saying goodbye” to her breasts, giving her noise cancelling headphones as he did so, because it was not about her, and his goodbye was so touching, she decided not to get the operation even though in the beginning of the episode she said she was getting it done because she had back pain. That is how ingrained this belief is.

Doctor Who writer hits out at ‘tr*nnies’ and ‘rainbow cult’

Doctor Who writer hits out at ‘tr*nnies’ and ‘rainbow cult’







I hope this fucking tranamisogynistic and homophobic garbage person never gets rehired to write SHIT again. OF COURSE he wrote a bunch of doctor who episodes while Moffat was in charge. Im not fucking surprised.

Gareth Roberts has worked with Russell and Moffat so lets not shift the blame from those actually at fault, it doesn’t do anyone any good!

Also Gareth Roberts is actually a gay man which annoys me to no end, he should know better. Us folk who identify as LGB are not automatically guiltless of transphobia and it needs to be stamped out in our community too

he’s actually worked MORE with RTD (quite a lot more, actually) than Moffat so yeah let’s not shift the blame from a transphobic piece of shit onto someone who is (in this instance) not at fault in the slightest.

I wasn’t aware Roberts is gay, there’s definitely bigger issues here than peoples’ Moffat-hate coming into play with every little thing. Us LGB folks need to step up when we see transphobia and actively combat it rather than trying to brush it under the rug or use it as some kind of bargaining chip in other, unrelated debates.

he hasn’t worked on the show since 2014, given certain islamaphobic and disparaging comments that were made about the show in 2015 he would have been very unlikely to ever return to writing it.

as a trans person with a burning hatred of gareth roberts, it enrages me that people are using this to further their obviously ingrained moffat hate: this wasn’t public knowledge, nor was moffat originally the one who hired him. fucking just blame the man himself and move on.

The ****ing lengths people will go to to overlook the transphobia which slid in under RTD.

yeah let’s not forget that Torchwood ep by Whithouse that had Jack say some super OOC transphobic bullshit, RTD let that happen too

Yeah, I’ll forever be pissed off at that one. :(


Lewis & Erica








yeah so there’s a neo nazi/white supremacy rally going on in charlottesville where they are literally chanting “blood and soil!!” (an actual nazi saying) and the police are doing absolutely nothing about it. no tear gas, no national guard, no heavy police force,, these TERRORISTS are getting away with spreading hatred towards the marginalized and i am absolutely sickened 

spread this like wildfire

Is that an actual picture of the event bc wtf that looks like half the campus

unfortunately yes, here are some more photos from the terrorist rally:

thankfully a lot of the students are against what’s happening on campus, but there’s something very wrong with this photo. the good guys are hiding their faces and the bad guys are not. this world is getting uglier to the point where human decency has to be hidden.

Those are the counter protesters. The got surrounded and maced. A Huffington Post reporter was threatened when the KKK-kids saw them taking pictures.

It was allegedly about 150 people vs. a handful of counter protestors who got trapped at the statue’s base. Police stepped in when the nazi jackasses started swinging the torches at people. There’s also been reports of them throwing lighter fluid on the counter protesters, and a woman in a wheelchair getting maced. Mot businesses closed except for a few that stayed open as safe spaces for people fleeing the KKK if they were out and the march was coming.

This is fucking scary.