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Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks

An interesting mishmash of the RTD and Chibnall eras! I appreciated the shout-outs to Rose (man, who would have thought we’d still be getting those in the year 2021?) and to Gwen Cooper. Oh and seeing some of the old rogues gallery was fun as well. Wonder what that one Weeping Angel in particular did to get itself thrown in prison? Maybe it’s the one that turned into the Statue of Liberty.

Jack was really the highlight of this episode for me at least, I assume based on his lack of a real goodbye to the Doctor that he’ll be back? I hope so. I loved the scene between him and Yaz. Guess Thasmin (or whatever it’s called, I quite like Yazteen) might really happen after all?

Hooray, Graham didn’t die! I’ve been expecting him to do so for a very long time but he didn’t! He and Ryan left in the best way they could’ve done really. I never really thought Ryan enjoyed the space adventures that much, why would he, one of ’em killed his gran. Oooh it was good to see Grace again too, even if just for a few seconds. A nice way to bring everything round full circle.

Oh and now there’s about to be another companion on board!

So that’s interesting. And lastly…

I appreciate that this episode got political but I don’t think they pushed it anywhere near hard enough. The concept of government-sanctioned security Daleks killing protestors, that’s huge, enough for a whole series of its own. And what with Robinson and PM Jo representing the worst parts of the American and British political systems respectively… I dunno, I just thought there’d be more. Don’t forget, the Daleks were straight-up stand-ins for Nazis originally.

John Barrowman will never, ever apologise to bigots for Doctor Who’s pioneering omnisexual time agent Captain Jack Harkness — PinkNews – Gay news, reviews and comment from the world’s most read lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans news service

As Captain Jack Harkness, the omnisexual immortal Time Agent, John Barrowman blazed onto screens in the 2005 revival of Doctor Who and has never looked back. Fifteen years later – via headlining the show in spin-off Torchwood – Jack’s back to battle Daleks on New Year’s Day in the festive special “Revolution of the Daleks”.…

John Barrowman will never, ever apologise to bigots for Doctor Who’s pioneering omnisexual time agent Captain Jack Harkness — PinkNews – Gay news, reviews and comment from the world’s most read lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans news service

Even as a teenager watching Jack I knew he was important in a way I couldn’t even describe. God, there are problems with 2005 era Doctor Who, but Jack isn’t one of them.

I really hate how it’s been forgotten now what a HUGE GODDAMN impact John Barrowman and Russell T Davies had on a particular generation of British kids. I still see Jack’s character being labelled as “queerbaiting” and it makes me so fucking angry. Barrowman and RTD were two gay men who put their careers at risk to create Jack and that was how they were thanked.

(It’s, uh, a bit of a sore point with me.)

The Doctor Who s4 finale rewatch (2/2, Journey’s End)

You’ve read the first one right? Let’s crack on.

Aww bless them.


The Doctor Who s4 finale rewatch (1/2, The Stolen Earth)

Okay so the rewatch of the Doctor Who season 4 finale was a BIG undertaking and loads of the cast and crew joined in! And some wonderful person actually put them all together in a list so the whole watchalong was made easier! Woo!

However, I’m gonna do the same thing I did for some of the other rewatches and put all the most interesting tweets together and in order. (Also I added Georgia Tennant’s tweets because they were friggin’ hilarious.) So first I’ve done The Stolen Earth and tomorrow I’ll do Journey’s End. There’s a wealth of fascinating information in there and well, this blog isn’t called Overly Devoted Archivist for nothing.

(Freema is utterly and totally delightful throughout all of this)

(I absolutely love all the Noel-Freema interactions here. Hey hope springs eternal Mickey and Martha will be back one day…)


Everything that appeared in that one scene from The Timeless Children

You know the one.

Honestly, whatever you think of the episode… WHAT A SCENE. Over five decades of Doctor Who history (Whostory?) packed into a few seconds. With the theme tune! I loved it to pieces.

So being me I’ve gone through it frame by frame to pick out everything that appeared. (This gets pretty long, as you may have expected, sorry)


The Big Thing (Doctor Who spoilers)

So, uh… I was right on one count? But then. But THEN! The appearance of Captain Jack frickin’ Harkness turned out to be merely a red herring for the REAL plot of the episode. My god! There was a past Doctor our Doctor doesn’t even know about. And she was a black woman. This episode is arguably the most important episode Doctor Who has ever produced, and I’m so glad I got to see it live. I’d never even heard of Jo Martin before this episode, but seeing “Jo Martin as The Doctor” in the end credits blew my mind. How’d they keep all this under wraps?! Wow.

Jack’s appearance amounted to little more than a cameo in the end, but I was so thrilled to see him. I think lots of people were. And it was heavily implied that he would be back! Looks like a lot of pieces are moving into place for ONE HELL OF A season finale.

It’s a whole new era for Doctor Who now. A more experimental, more progressive, more diverse (SPACE FOR ALL!!!) era. I haven’t been this excited about the show in ages.

[Also, it’s strange – the first ever episode of Doctor Who was marred by the assassination of JFK. This mini-reboot of sorts is right now marred by the unexpected death of Kobe Bryant. History repeats itself.]

Last minute Who predictions

Twitter is ablaze in speculation about what the Big Thing in this episode is gonna be. Man I haven’t been this excited about a DW episode in ages! So here’s my guesses for returning character:

AMY! Based on that picture I reblogged a few ago. Who knows if it’s even legit? But that’s the one I want the most.

MARTHA! The Judoon are back for this episode and they debuted alongside Martha, so I figure it’s a reasonable guess.

JACK! A lot of people seem to think it might be Jack. I dunno why, but hey! Maybe it’s him.

RIVER! Well, she’s connected to Amy and there’s still that photo to take into consideration… and I really want Thirteen to meet her, and I think lots of other people do too.

Man! This is even more intense than The Masked Singer.